Love is in the Air Epi-10


Next day ,
Laura goes 2 to louis place n enters his room he is sleeping n she caresses his hair n covers him with duvet but he thinks her 2 be pillow n drags her under him soon he realises arms n neck n waist n opens his eyes he sees laura under him n wakes up with jerk n asks “what are u doing in my room?” she calmly answers” i came 2 see u ,meet u as u love me n i love u”soon louis remembers the previous incident of him confessing his love 2 laura n says “i said that i luv u 2 save u from that jerk” laura feels angry n spill out”i know that u love me n whom u calling a jerk helped me 2 make u confess ur love but still u want 2 be stubborn about not loving me n if this is what u have 2 say that u dont love me so hear me out 2 that i love u ever since i was in my 4th staandard n will always love till my last breath but i cannot bear u pulling me close n then again pusshing me n so if u dont love me so better get engaged n i assure u ill leave u in peace” with tears rolling down her eyes she sat on her knees not knowing how louis would react but she knew she can no more hide the truth n never can hate louis even though if he does wrong 2 her she maadly loved him she would feel protected around him whatsoever n the peace n joy she would when he was around couldnt be compared 2 anything she loved him n wanted him 2 make her calm n protect her, be loyal 2 her,love her n be crazy about her.

Louis had no option but 2 confess” i love u n i lied so that u could stay away from me hate me coz im scared 2 hurt u n make u cry” he was crying but his words soothed her pain n she hugged him tight he 2 hugged back n kissed her head n carressed her hair n rubbed her back 2 make her feel calm but she cluthed on 2 his tshirt tight after a while she loosened her grip n composed herself.both were happy n now the first thing was 2 tell louis mom about this both went 2 his mom hand in hand n confessed anabella who was hearing everything screamed in excitement n hugged louis n laura.

Louis mom decided 2 get them engaged next week itself n called lauras mom n informed her everything.

At louis room,
Both were happily discussing about plans n everything for their engagement when louis took her hand n kissed her hand she blushed but it made him fall for her more n he leaned 2 kiss her but she put her hand as she couldnt bear his proximity he kissed her palm she then removed her hand n caressed louis hair which made louis understand she wanted 2 kiss n kissed her passionately as if it was their first kiss n they were lost in each other.

A sudden knock on the door ,made them break their liplock n they came back 2 the world n louis opened d door while laura tried 2 act was rosetta on d door who had got the news n came 2 congragulate but saw lipstick on louis lips n started laughing .louis got confused but laura saw it n through her eyes made him realise what rosetta was laughing at n he immediately wiped it .at this rosetta teased that that before marriage in fact before engagement their speaking through eyes n congragulated them n teased that she would come 2 c lipstick marks on their body at intervals n went away

Precap laura n louis engagement

Sorry for late update my exammss wl be der so wnt be updating n plz comment ur views r my very important fr me ??have fun n take care

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  1. Oh god finally both r confessing their love to each other

  2. Misd laura n louis, thanx 4 cuming bak 🙂 pls updt nxt part soooon,k…

  3. Nice episode finally they r getting engaged.

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