Love in Air _ Ishqbaaz ff (Prologue)

hi guys this is my first ff im a big fan of I thought to write a FF for u all hope u enjoy my ff this story is about how anika and shivay fall for each oher and how their family ,om ,rudy ,somu,priyanku,and dadi make them realize that they have feeling for each other…….so the story line is same as the real one but more of anika and shiyai.
Obroi mansion ……………..
anika is busy doing preparation for billu’s wedding next week shivay is going to marry tia…. dadi and others are in om’s room and talking to each other
Rudy:what shall we do now we only have one week how can we make them realize that they love each other

om: this is going out of controll gays come on suggest some thing

somu; Idea ……. lets replase anika didi insted of tia in mandap

Rudy:somu keep your stupid ideas with u it make no sence

Somu: what ever …then you suggest any thing (make a funny face at rudy)

om:gays stop it we are in a fix only one week ……

pinku:dadi plz do some thing I want my shivay bhayya to be happy and I know that onli anika didi can make his life happy

Dadi ;fine I have an idea you know we realize the value of thatt thing when we are going to loose it like that shivay also realize anikas place in his life when he realize that he is loosing her for ever

om;but what is the plan

Dadi: listen to me carefully…….we have to bring some one els in Anika’s life so shivay coul realize his mistake we hav to make anika away from him and close to some one eles so he could be feel bad about of it….

Rudy: But how will help us in our plan

Somu :Idea I have mere bhayyki friend Prathap bahai,………..we can call him and ask for help

om: good idea soumya call him quick

somu:ok bhai…hello prathap bhayya…….me somu…. I want your help plzz come to Obroi mension as soon as you can plz bhayya…….

ok done he is comming … the real drama will start

precap : prathap came in to obroi house and saw anka and fall in love at first sight dadi and brothers make plans o get ani and shivay togather while prathap dream of anika

hats all gays ita just the begining it might sound booring but I promis next one will be Bang Bang so plzz keep reading and commenting to encourage me love u all

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  1. Hey?!!!!plzz continue!!!! Irs awesome

    1. Samee_123

      thanx dear for the nice feedback

  2. Yazhu

    Nice one samee…!!continue ur work…!!

  3. Jazz1

    It’s good. They want pratap do just acting but he fell in love anika wow. Plz continue

  4. Akshaya

    Nice dear. But it’s not gays , it’s guys.

  5. Nice… pls continue..

  6. Soo good…post next asap..

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