Love in Air _ Ishqbaaz ff (Part 3)


morning in Obori mansion……

anika was in the kitchen and arranging some sweet boxes to send to tia’s house suddenly shivay came their to make breakfast and they hit each other
shi: anika… cant you see and walk

ani: even you can do the same why me always…..

shi; oh stop your drama you always have a excuse

ani: oh Mr.billu muje koi shoke nehi hai ok

shi: what ever ,,,you always make me angry

suddenly prathap came their and greet anika

prathap: good morning lovely lady……….can I have some tea

ani: sure one mini… plzz

prathap: you may take your time Im here

shivay in his mind blame the poor prathap “lovely lady my foot he will soon know how lovely she is) shivay angrily leave the place rudy and om who was hiding near the kitchen smiled looking at each other

shivay hates when he saw anika with prathap but he try to play cool always…..

dadi: anika……

ani: ji dadi
im comming

dadi: anika billu’s wedding is comming so did you brought any cloths for it

ani; no dadi i have some cloths so I’ll wear one of it

Dadi: no you are going to wear a new one and its a gift from me you cant say no ok

ani: ok dadi …..

dadi : prathap beta…

prathap: ji dadi…

dadi : thum or anika dono aj shopping karingi and both of you buy cloth for wedding ok prathap take anika with u

anika: No dadi I’ll go dont worry

dadi : no n.. prathap make sure that anika get what ever she like ok

prathap: ji dadi

shivay was listing to this and ” is dadi gone made how can she send anika with unknown person this is too much yar I cant belive this)

well Mr.shivay …….. more than any thing you cant watch her with any one ele ahaa so admit it that you like her…no no typical shivay sing obroi….. he will not say it so easily)


om’s room

rudy : hmm first step is done

om: now we have to wait and watch till they go out

somu: I really hope bhai hear every thing

priyanku: guys…stay fingers crossed ….


anika and prathap is in city mall and shopping anika took a nice dress and prathap too

prathap and anika was busy selecing while shivay was following then suddenly anika fell hat some one was behind her and turn around to see but no one is there

flash:shivay was there and he try to call anika but suddenly aw prathap comming towards anika and hide near a dummy ……

prathap: why ani….

ani: no nothing…

prathap: ok lets go evey one might waiting for us
ani and prathap go and bill their cloths at that time shop keeper inform that they are their 50 000 customer so you are going to get a special candle night dinner to night

( well actually this was already planed by rudy and om )

they both hiding in the shop ans saw that shivay also their and make thumbs up……….


shivay think about a way to avoid anika from going to dinner but he has no fair enough reason for it

om: anika so how was the day

ani: superb….dadi you know what we won a grand gift too

dadi: are wa ….what is it

ani: candle night dinner she said in a loud voice both of u are going to night right

prathap : ha why not

shi: anika is not going is that clear

ani: apki problen kya hai……

shi: there is a wedding in house and you are the organizer here ok so you are going to handle things here

dadi: billu every thing is almost done let them go…

rudy : ha bahai….. its a matter of few hours

om :shivay whay are you been so protective towards anika

shi: No Im not we are paying her to do work …..not to enjoy ok….

dadi: anika ..prathap… you both go and ready you are getting late

shi: but dadi…

dadi: billu….

(shivay look helpless ……”I never feel so helpless in my life ….what can I do I cant let her go away from me” ” what the wak….even I dont need her in my life ” ” but I must go and keep eye on them ”

prathap and anika leave Obroi mansion

after a while shivay too leave the place making some excuses

every one exactly know where he went

anika and prathap wet to that place ……it was decorates so nicely prathap takes anikas hand and went inside shivay saw this and get angry suddenly he got a call by tia he disconnect the call and throw the 4n away ……he went inside the place and burn in anger as he saw them ………….and he angrily leave tha place…….

precap: anika in shivay’s room …….shivay blaming anika for last nigh incident …….

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