Love in Air _ Ishqbaaz ff (Part 2)


sorry guys….not for writing for few days now Im going to continue it….thanx for all the feed backs keep loving this ff thank you all for the encouragement

evening in Obroi mansion

somu: rudy now you have to convince bhai for this game…..

rudy : done….
om:ok guys… let the mission “Ishqbaaz” begin ….


shivaay’s room

rudy:bhai there are only few days left for your wedding

shi; so what…

rudy:bhai we plane some interesting game to night plzz bhai you have to come

shi: rudy you know im very busy right

rudy :ha bhai but plzz for me just for five mini…

shi: ok fine I will listen …..your fruit punch is not allowed for this party ok you got it …

rudy: ji bhai plz come ok

(rudi in his mind bhai there will be some thing much more than punch … fruit punch is nothing when you got our special treat tonight )


om’s room

rudy :oh guys…work is done somu is every thing ready

somu:ha rudy just wait and watch to night

everybody makes a circle and put their hands forward and say “Ishqbaaz”….


Night in the pool area…

Om: guys shivay is comming…..

rudy : sumoo bring anika di and prathap soon

somu : ok rudy……

after some time om say that bhai is here every one star to act normal

anika was very confued about others abnormal behaviour
suddenly she saw prathap and asked same about somu…..

somu:wo didi this is Prathap bahai my brothers best friend dadi invit him to stay with us for few days

ani: oh… hi … im anika…

prathap:hi… nice to meet you

shivay came there and rudy shout out bhai is here lets beging

shivay saw prathap and anika talking to each other and asked om about him

om: oh… he is anika didis boyfriend ….

shi: om …plz dont joke ok….no body will going to make this stupit girl as his GF

om:shivay why are you getting so hyper im just kidding he is dadis gust and will stay with us for some days that’s it

shi: hmm ok fine


rudy: ok guys lets start the game

somu: ok this is the game this bowl comtain names og some songs so you have to act the song and the person who identify that song shouid dance and sing that song …thats i

shi: such a wired game i have never heard about such thing

rudy: bhai we just now create that

shi: ok what ever start it son i dont have much time ….

somu: ok first chance goes to anika di…

anika took a chit and read it and start acting as per the plan prthap already new the song and he quickly say it …..every one clapped but not the angry shivay….

prathap started to sing and dance that song for anika he went to anika and took her to dance floor and they dance beautifully and magic create ……shivay was burning in anger and his anger was visible in his green eyes……..

others enjoy both dance and shivays expressions ……..

dance ends evey one shout one more anika is blushing while shivay shout ” this make no sence ,,, Im out ….you gus are gone made

Om; shivay kya huwa .

shi: nothing… I have work o complete You guys carry on……

shivay leave the place angrily all others are making hi fi and laugh …….. anika was still looking confused as unable to understand why they are acting abnormal ………….prathap is looking at anika and is lost in her world……………………anika……Dadi call anika so she leave the place…..others were extremly happy about the plane…..

om: guys…shh… they might here us …

rudy : so whats next ….

somu: thats all for day one but day 2 and plane number 2 going to be much more fun every one smiles with naughty faces while planing some thing big in their mind…..

shivay went to his room in anger and remove is jacket and throw it away he was so confused with him self ” why Im acting so wired she can dance or do what ever with anyone she want I simply dont care”
but he was unable to forget what he saw few mini.. ago and was cursing on poor prathap

precap: anika and prathap went shopping……..shivay to keep eye on prathap ……..ani and prathsp”s romantic candle night dinner………

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  1. Woww…..thts sooo cool…shivaay burning wid jealousy tooo gd…..

  2. ImmatureBookworm

    Shivaay still in the muje koi farak nehi padtha mode?

  3. nice one. please dont take this much time to post if possible.

  4. Goms

    It’s so cool ..

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