Love in Air _ Ishqbaaz ff (Part 1)


evening in the obroi house


anika is quikly completing her work for billu’s wedding she stood on a small bench and soing some frower decorations on the wall suddenly she looses her balance and fall…….she closed her eyes and suddenly felt that some one has caugh her she slowly opend her eyes and saw that Shivay is holding her

they had a sweet and cute eye lock
at the same time om and rudy turn up there and start to smile

then shivay in his rude voice say shut up both of u enough is enough

rudy: bhai you look like a hero in 80′ films

om: ya rudy look they look so romanic

then shivay slowly put anika down

shi: waht the wa…..?are u gays made or out of sence ….muje koi farak nehi partha

shivay start to leave the place and ome and rudy hint each other an leave anika alone

anika was blushing and was unable to undestans this new feeling of her mind she reminds the way he hold her and how she got lost in those blue eyes

Ani: Im going totally mad …what is happaning to me let me concentrate on my word eles tia and pinky aunty may blame me

anika start to do decoration again shivay also draming about anika about her big lovely eyes

shi: no… how can I fall for such a girl she is not a perfect girl I know tia is perfect for me

(well shivay lied to him self and his heart is know that he had some special feelings for this middle class girl bu is not accepting it )

few ours leater Prathap enters to the obroi house ….anika also in the living room alone and writting some thing on her diary…

suddenly a wind breezz and anika’s face coverd with hair and Prathap was unable to see her face then he came little close and then anika moved her hair away from the face prathap suddenly saw her cute face and unnowingly fallen in love with her………..(sweet romantic music play from the backgrund)

suddenly soumya came up shouting bhai…….

prathap went and hug soumya tightly without intoducing him to anika she (somu) drag prathap in to om’s room where every body waiting……………

somu: gays bhai is here

om: somu be quick and tell the plan to prathap….we are running out of time

somu: bhai you saw a beautiful girl in down stair right

prathap who was still dreaming of anika said “ha…bohoth sundar…”

every one looked and each other and prathap came in to sence and askes why ??? she is pretty so what….

that the girl we want in our shivay bahiyy’s life replied by priyanku

somu; ok…gays we are going to start plane no 1 to nigh and that i special romantic dance from prathap for lovely anika didi

precap: rudy and somu start a wired game……..prathap and anika dancing for a romantic song…….shivay is burning in anger

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  1. Nice one baby but improve your spellings and yah that was actually very nice waiting for next one. Post it soon

    1. Samee_123

      Thanx dr ya I’ll work on it

  2. Shaza

    Interesting…but u know it’s guys not “gays”?..anyway ..can’t wait for shivaye to be jealous but I hope later pratap don’t turn out to be villain ? the next one ASAP…

    1. Samee_123

      Oh….you are correct I will definitly try to minimize my mistakes

    2. Samee_123

      Thanx ya I saw it even after reading the comments sorry friends trying my best to give a better ff……..plz forgive me about my mistakes in hindi coz im from sri lanka

  3. Guess l am first to comment. Samee I loved your ff ☺?.Wow 80’s ka hero. U nailed it. Waiting for next update.

  4. Akshaya

    Super samee. But please change gays to guys.

  5. Cool! Keep writing. Jealousy tracks are fun 🙂

  6. Jazz1

    Yayyy jealous singh oberoi. Can u plz make it longer

  7. silent reader


  8. Super plz continue and post asap

  9. Nice one dear ..
    Keep writing. waiting fir next epi.

  10. ImmatureBookworm

    Cute ?but next time do change gays to guys?

  11. Awesome Didi

  12. next asap..

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