love is afterall love


Scene 1 : Hotel room
Kunj eyes her tensedly. Uth jaa na twinkle. Pls twinkle. Mai tera baadla lekar rahunga. Pls uth na. meanwhile doc comes.he checks twinkle. Kunj pleads doc to sav her twinkle. Twinkle dekh mai bilkul theek hun. Tu jo kahegi mai karunga….ba tu uth jaa na…..
The doctor eyes kunj tensedly. He says doc to save twinkle at any cost.he says twinkle uthna plz. He cries bitterly. Doc tells kunj that operation is necessary. He complies.he hands himover the cheque. Twinkle u have to live for me and for family.wake up siyappa queen. U cant leave me like this in middle of our martial life.
He takes herin the arm and reminices her wish to visit church and takes her there.he prays jesusto giveback life of her twinkle. He make her lie in one of the benches and takes a knife and ays if he cant spare one life he will have two. He is aboutto cut his wrist when twinkle says kunj….kk-ku-kku-kunj.he rests his head on her chest and cries. He takes her to nearest hospital.he cries and cries…he sees bappa idol and say… u already snatched my alishabut pls spare my twinkle. Twinkle….pls uth na……see m here……..i am fit and fine…open ur eyes……
Doc comes and does the operation
(after3 hours)
D: mr Kunj….ur wife is absolutely ohk. She is cont taking ur name.
T: Kunj….
K:Ssshhh..!!! chup ekdum chup. Mai ek dum sahi hoon tere saamne. Kya zarurat thi goli ke aamne aane ki???agar tujhe kuch ho jata to mai to bas mar hi ja….
She keeps her finger on his lips and says not to say anything like this again
T: agar tune aaj k baad aisa kuvh kaha to mai asli mai mar jaungi…
K: chup….tujhe kuch nahi hoga….ye tere kunj ka vada h
T:tum sahi salaamat raho…bas aur kuch nahi chahiye mujhe….

PRECAP- TWUNJ are dancing in mask party where kunj haves a drinks and he faint. Twinkle comes and shouts Kunj.

Credit to: RAKSHITA

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  1. I lv it more than mine one’s?????????? go a head rakhshita. But y did u post 3 epi’s today???

  2. thnx maha. actually i posted 2 yesterday and 1 today. i dodnt know if i would be able to write good epi or not. idont think that they are good. so u guys pls regularly update me if i need any modification

    1. Oh my God how could u say this i lv it Mr than mine ones yaar and they r perfect just don’t repeat this syaapa queen again and again lv it

  3. Maha don’t mind pls but can u tell me if u r a male or female….actually m really conscious.

  4. M so sorry maha but I am updating first time so I have asked this question….. Pls don’t mind na

  5. Rakshita ?????????????
    Keeep it up
    luv ur fanfictions????????
    let the goa track finish
    let them go somewhere alone
    just like ABHI-PRAGYA kidnapping
    a very gud situation for intimate scenes

    1. Hi renu dear, first of all I want to ask you, are you the same renu who used to comment on manmarzian written update page with your amazing review on the episodes and pov of characters? If you’re the same then I’m so glad to find you back here…I missed you a lotttttttttt. …

      You don’t know me, I was a silent reader at that time and visited the mmz pages after the show ended…actually I read the written update of the last episode and the 2074 comments on it and became huge fan of it then I watched show on Internet and read all wu.
      I always wanted to talk to you and want to be friend of you…I loved you reviews/comments for the show and serving you everywhere in this TU pages…

      Please reply me…in its you from mmz page or different renu…still want to be your friend deariiiiiiieeess. you loads and very very tight warm hug

      1. Typo – seaching you everywhere

  6. Awesome episode rakshita, thank God she saved…keep it up
    buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. …

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