All were surrounded them; everyone is happy to see them finally he tied the mangalstura in her neck and placed sindoor on her forehead. Duo tiny drops falls on her pinkish cheek
NEHA was a music college girl, whose parents were divorced. she stayed with her mom. While her parents got divorce ,neha was sixteen. At that age she didn’t have maturity; he didn’t know whether to go with her mom or dad. she choosed to stay with her mom though she loved her dad. after her parent’s separation she started to feel lonely; she talked less with her friends; her marks were become low. her mom sinduja notice her activites. she asked her “what happened to you? now ah days you are looking too sad” before she finishes her sentence Neha started to crying she said that she is missing her dad badly. Her mom said “if you want to meet him you can go any time but within evening you have to reach home “. After hearing this she stared at her mom and then she hugged her and both of them cried. To get rid of her loneliness her mom sent her to the guitar class. From her childhood itself she like to play guitar but due to some evil eye she didn’t gone. Finally she got a chance to play guitar.

After that her interest in music reached its she is doing her last year in her music college in delhi…

“Neha get up its time; you have college na? today is the last day of your college “her mom screamed in the high pitch voice “Mira is waiting for you; get up” she shaken her she woke up in an irritaed manner. “today is your last day of college na? did you forgot that?” her mom asked. “oh! no, it’s already late; I have to be there within in half an hour” by saying soo she rushed to the washroom she came out within 10 minutes. She left her home without taking breakfast. She looks stunnig in her black saree with golden border. She was in loose hair, her long black hair was flotating in the gentle breez while she riding her scooty. All her friends and staffs were waiting for her, she reached and she apologized for her late. She started to move to the dice. Yes! She is the one who going to host todays program. She welcomed everyone. Welcome speech was given by her friend Mira; at the end of her speech neha got a call from an unknown number; she attend the call; the voice in the other end asked “is this is daughter of sinduja?”, “yes, who are you?” she asked.

“mam we are calling from city hospital” the voice replied and it also say that her mom was hospitalized due to mild attack in an hyper way. she informed to her staff and she flew in her scooty within a few minutes she reached the hospital; she enquired about her mother and reached the icu Mira followed her. Where Neha found her dad was standing and crying; she went near and asked her dad “what happen to mom? Say dad what happen to mom?”. “you..your..your ..your mom is dead” he finished by saying so her father’s tears flowed like a perrinial rivers. Her eyes too pooled with tears. She didn’t utter a word she fell down in the seat and stare at the same palce where it written icu. her mom’s body taken to her dad’s house , her funeral were done. all went back to their normal work. she didn’t know what to do. Neha didn’t eat for the couple of days; she didn’t utter any word to anyone even though to her dad and she didn’t come out from her room. She cried day and night.

“neha,neha ,”her father screamed; he opened the door and went inside. She layed on his lap and stared crying . Her father consoled her….
After few days all her things from her home shifted to her dad’s place she stayed with her dad.
“good morning dad “; “good morning sona; had coffee”; “yes dad “she replied. “sona, I have to talk to you about one thing “he said. “anything important dad?” she asked. “yes, take your seat” he said. She sat on her chair her father started “sona it’s all about you marriage” before he finishes she got up from her seat and said “dad please I’m not interested now” “but, it’s your mom’s last wish” he said. From her way she turned back she came near her father he said “yes; at the last moment she spoke to me she said that her last wish is to get marriage for you and also she said to take care of you”; her eyes pooled. With her pooled eyes in a low voice she wishpered yes.her dad hugged her and consoled her.
Neha’s marriage finished her husband Aprit and she was sitting in his room on his couch. Aprit started talking first “sorry” he said; she gave a puzzled look. He said “Neha, I know that you are not interested in this marriage you done this for your parents happiness”. “no, not like that; I’m interested in this marriage; it’s my own decision only” she finished. “don’t try to lie, your eyes say’s everything, I already know the truth; but only after our engagement, so I can’t do anything, so only I said sorry”. “it’s ok; it’s all fate ; slowly I will try to change myself all I need is little time “she said. “oh! sure take your own time because it’s your life you have all rights I will wait for you, because I’m your secret lover, really I love you and I like you” by saying so he placed a kiss on her forehead and went to study room to sleep. Neha is still in shock of what Aprit said, after that she to went to sleep.
She heared arguing sound in her halfclosed eyes she saw Aprit talking to someone in his phone in a hyper way, he cuted the call. “good morning, sorry to disturb you, I just came to take a file on that time I got a call from an annoying client”. “it’s ok “she said and got up went to washroom after 20 minitues; she dressed in sky blue salwar kameez. She was wearing a matching jumuka Aprit came inside to call her for eating. He got mesmerised in her look and stanted like a statue. She found Aprit standing behind her. she smiled, he still stand like a statue “what happen?” she asked. “ah! Nothing…I came here to call you for eating breakfast” he said. “can we move” she asked. “yes..yes”. he followed her. They came to the dining table where all were waiting for their arrival “good morning” she said, her in-laws greeted her with their warm smile. All were eating silenty; after that Aprit went office to see her uncle. Now Neha is alone in her new house, she remembered her conversation to Aprit about last night.

(FB):”I have already seen you in our college; I too studied in the same campus; but different department, I studied CA; I saw you on our culturals; you were in sky blue clour salwar kameez, after that you became my crush, but I didn’t have guts to confess my love to you, really I afraid, but I didn’t see you again, but due to god’s fate we were united by our parents”he said “I know it’s not easy to accept me as your life partner, we shall be good friends till that” by saying soo he forwared his hands she too accept his friendship, (FB ends),she smilied. Her smile was catched by her mother- in -law, she came near her and blessed her, and she asked her” did you packed your things? to go with Aprit”; “no aunty; I have to” Neha said with a small smile. “pack it soon”she said and went. According to her aunt’s request she went to her room and packed her things to go to Mumbai with her ‘SO CALLED FRIEND’.

They reached the airport, they got the boarding pass and waited for the flight. Aprit left for loo and he didn’t return it’s been half an hour, they started annocing about their flight, all were sarted to board. she became tense because it’s her first flight journey she didn’t know what to do and her husband; so called friend is missing now, she tried to call his phone which has been busy for long time. Someone called her from back, she turned and found it was Aprit, her eyes filled with tears, she hugged him. He asked “what happen?”,she explained everything, he said “nothing will happen”. She wiped her tears and shaked her head. Both boarded the flight. It’s Neha’s first flight journey, she is too nervous finally the flight takeoff, she started fell some abnormalities happening in her stomach, she feels numbers of rats running in her stomach. She tightly holds Aprit’s hand and closed her eyes tightly. After few minutes she felt better. She sees the city through the window which looks like a school exhibit model, Aprit can able see the happiness dancing in her eyes. After an hour she slept. Within three hours they reached Mumbai. They reached Aprit’s new apartment, had their dinner and they slept.
Next morning through a gap between the unclosed windows Mumbai’s beautiful new sun beam falls on Neha’s face. The beam disturber her sleep; through her halfclosed eyes she can able to see Aprit getting ready to go to office. She got up and said “sorry; I was little tired, so that only I slept. “it’s ok; actually I too was too tired, but I have an important meeting today so only I got up early” he replied. “can I make lunch?” she asked in a cute apologizing manner. He smiled and said “don’t want I will eat in canteen”. “ok I will prepare dinner” she said. “ok I will come to home by 7’oclock; ok bye” he said. “bye” she replied with sleepy eyes. She finished all her household works and talked to her dad and to her mother-in-law also. After that she feels lonely she started to read newspaper; she came through an article which is about her favorite guitarist “NikilDzousa” live contest. She like to go there, so eagerly waited for arrival of Aprit to say about her wish. by 7’oclock he came to home; he refreshed and ate dinner. After that he was doing some of his office work Neha was sitting quietly. Aprit asked ”what happened? do you want to say something?”. She started “yes, the thing is I want to go to NikilDzoua’s live contest; will you agree to go there?”

she asked with an reticent way. Aprit looks her eyes and said “why are soo reticent, to ask this to me, I’m your husband and your so called friend, you can share your feelings to me, you can share your dreams with me”; she just stared Aprit . Aprit said “ok, we both can go to that contest” he said with a smile. she too smiled and both slept. Next day morning Aprit said” be ready, I will be here at 5’oclock we can move to the contest in our car” he said and left to office. Neha is also too exited to see her favorite guitarist. She got ready and waited for Aprit, he came by sharply 5’oclock he refreshed and they about to leave Aprit found that his phone is missing he searched everywhere but he didn’t get so, he asked Neha to dial his number she dialed his number; on Neha’s phone Aprit found that Neha saved his number as “FRIEND” he laughed, Neha become embarrassed. They left when they reached the program started but Neha’s luck her favorite guitarist performance didn’t over.

He took the stage all the people shouted, Neha saw Aprit he singhed; she too shouted. Aprit sees the happiness in her eyes. That night she enjoyed a lot, she thanked her friend and she hugged him. Aprit feels something special .while coming to home she explained lot about the music afterall, she is music student. After week of their marriage today only she spoken non-stoply with him or her friend. He admired her. They both slept, she slept with full happiness. Next day morning she got up early and packed lunch for Aprit and send him to office. She stared to see NikilDzouza’s music vedio in youtube.

After a week Aprit got leave so he taught to take her to a near by mall. They went they bought some household stuffs and some dresses, he left his key in the shop so he again went to the shop to take it on that time Neha was standing in front of a guitar shop, she just staring the guitar. Aprit called her from back but she just standed like a statue, he called once again after that only she came back to her memory. She said” yes, did you got the key? shall we move?” she asked. He asked “what happen to you?, I called your name two times but you didn’t response me”. “oh! sorry I was not feeling well so only I didn’t reply, really sorry” she apologizes. “Is, everything is all right?” he asked again. She said “yes”. They moved to the parking lot her leg slipped and she fall down. He asked again “everything is all right?”. She said yes, they move to their house and she slept first. Aprit was seeing something in his phone relating to his office work, his net was over so he took her phone to connect the hotspot, her wallpaper was her old pic with her guitar, he understood her intrest in guitar.
Next day Aprit was in home, he didn’t go to office. “Neha get up, its time” Aprit said.” Two minutes mom” she replied. Aprit smiled. “Neha get up, I’m not your mom; I’m your soo called friend”. Suddenly Neha got up from her sleep “oho sorry” she said . “it’s ok” he replied. “ok get ready we have to go to some place” he said. “ok, but where?” Neha asked in a confused manner. “that’s secret” he said and left the room. She got ready and came out of her room, she found Aprit done breakfast. She surprised to see but didn’t say anything she ate quietly and they reached their parking lot , Neha asked once again “where are we going?”. He didn’t say anything, he started the car. They kept silent through the way. Finally they reached their destination. Neha stepped out from the car, to her surprise it was an music academy, she stared Aprit with a puzzled look. He went inside without saying anything, she followed him. She kept quiet. Receptionist called his name and said”sir you can go now”. He went inside, she followed him. He said her to wait outside. She waited. He came back and they went to home, she didn’t ask anything. They reached her home she found a new guitar in her house.

She totally wonderstruck to see that, she turned and saw Aprit who was standing behind her with a cute smile at her corner of his lips. She was happy to see a new guitar . Now she understood what happened in the morning. With tears she asked “when is the class starts?”; “it’s not class, they joined you in their rock band group” he said. She was happy to hear the news. And also he said “New Rock Star in our house”. “it’s sounds nice to hear “she said with still tear filled eyes.

“THE BEST GUITARIST of the year goes to Neha”, the entire crowed applauded. She was holding her so called friends hand. Her hand started to tremble now, she hold his hand frimly, they called her name, he left his hand and signed to be confident, she went to the stage the sound of the applause increased as we are rising our tv remote volume while our favorite song is going on. Aprit is really happy to see her princess and betterhalf on the stage. She got the award from her favorite guitarist NikilDsouza. She got the mike and she stared to speak “thanks to all for showhing me this much love, but here is a man who shows me unconditional love all the time; my so called friend”. Aprit laughed form down. “so, you are all eagerly waiting to know who is my so called friend?”, all replied yes. “it’s none other than my husband”. The crowd applauded. She continues “yes! He is my husband; I’m also a girl from a middle class family who lost her mom at an age of 21, I’m not ready for marriage after my mom’s death, but due to my father’s compulsion I got married, before marriage lots of people gave me advices as we are girls we should compromise our dreams for others, we should adjust everyone, we should not do according to our wish, we should not try to achieve our dream as like going for job etc…

but when I got married it’s totally upside down he said to me “you can adjust with all of my family members and you can compromise with all others, but to me you don’t want to compromise or adjust with me you can fight with me for your dreams, you can do what feels right to you, you can share all your feelings with me, I know that you were not interested in this marriage so atleast you can accept me as your friend”, he said like this I was totally shocked to hear this from him, I thought I was too lucky to have a friend like this, but even though I didn’t say anything about my interst in the guitar but somehow he found it and joined me till the date he started to motivate me, he stand with me in my failures, bring pride to him is not only the best gift I can give to him” by saying so she went down and kneeled in front of him and removed her favorite ring and proposed him “so called friend be my husband?”, ” yes!” he said with a tears filled eyes, she got up she hugged him.

Now the so called friend changed to sweetu husband ….
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