love after marriage season 2 (part 5)


My this fiction is based on my best friend Aishwarya and Arvi(pet name) there love.. They are my favourite couple.. She is same like Aishu of my first season and he is like this fiction Arvi character.. I think you will also like them..after reading this fiction.. Thank you for your comments and love..especially for spending your precious time reading this fiction..
Aishu is angry with ankith.. She leaves form there.. Tapu says ankith.. He says sorry and runs behind aishu.. He says sorry my cutie pie..sorry.. She says I don’t want your sorry get lost.. He says ok..i wont tease you..sorry..ill do whatever you want.. Aishu asks really? He says promise.. She smiles.. Goes with him.. She says something to tapu.. Tapu and friends leave.. Vinaya,aishu and ankith are there.. Aishu asks them to sit in car.. They both nod.. Aishu starts driving.. Vinaya asks aishu where we are going? Aishu says silence..please.. She rides to Vinaya’s home.. Ankith and Vinaya see each other face.. Aishu smiles.. She goes inside.. They both follow her.. Vinaya parents smiles seeing ankith and Vinaya.. Aishu asks how is this? Ankith say aishu… Vinaya mom say you’re engagement is fixed on next month 15th.. Ankith says my parents.. Ankith’s mom hold his ears and say we are here.. Tapu comes there with all things required for engagement process planning.. Aishu says ankith and Vinaya I want to see you both getting married before I join masters.. Ankith say aishu ill marry after you’re marriage.. Aishu glares at him and say my parents will decide about it.. Amma says we already decided.. Aishu gets shocked… Tapu and Madhu smile seeing her..
Aishu says amma don’t start telling some story ok.. Ankith and amma together say it’s not story ok.. Aishu see’s her papa.. He smiles seeing her.. She goes and hugs him say what amma and ankith said.. Papa reply her its truth aishu.. Aishu says papa you also.. Ankith say tomorrow that guy is coming to meet you.. Aishu says please and leaves from there.. Tapu and Madhu go behind her.. Aishu says tapu see everyone wants me to get married..tapu hugs her and say you should dear.. Aishu say you know me na.. Madhu says for that we are asking to.. Ankith comes there.. Tapu and madhu leave aishu and go.. He asks what happened? Aishu says I dont to get married.. He smiles say who asked you to marry..just meet that guy tomorrow..if you feel ok..then engagement will happen ok..after that you’re parents will decide about marriage.. She says how can I meet him without knowing him.. Ankith say for what im there? She looks at him.. He smiles and give her a pen drive say it contains info about him.. She says but how can I decide in one meet.. He asks her do you believe your parents? She nods yes.. He says you’re parents wont hurt you my idiot.. Tapu and Madhu thinks if these both were couple how good it would be.. Vinaya comes there..she says I know it would be best.. Tapu and Madhu are shocked.. Vinaya says I know about aishu’s feelings towards ankith and he also know it.. Tapu asks then why he didn’t say a word to her.. Vinaya says Aishu’s papa had promised his friend that aishu will be married to Parishith..for that her mom asked him to help her..narrates what all happened from then.. Tapu says if Parishith is not good means.. Vinaya says he is the ankith had called him to see aishu..he saw remember ankith was teasing aishu.. Tapu says really? She nods yes.. Madhu and tapu hugs her and say thank you soo much.. Vinaya smiles..
Ankith brings aishu inside.. Papa asks what happened? Aishu says ok ill meet him but I want time.. Papa smiles and say you have your 1yr to decide… Aishu asks really? Papa nods.. Aishu says thank you.. All have lunch together.. Parents get busy.. Aishu silently leave from followed by her friends.. All say party.. Aishu say yeah party..lets go… All sit in car.. She starts driving.. She smiles and say im gonna be married itsmz.. Tapu says yaar leave it lets enjoy now.. They all go to rain park and start there masti there.. Aishu starts dancing with her friends.. They all are enjoying..
Suddenly some guys come there.. They see girls enjoying..comments about them.. Aishu just ignore it.. A guy comes near her.. She stare at him..he catch holds her hand.. She slaps him with other hand.. Some else come to catch her other hand.. Before he try to hold.. Arvi comes there.. He holds there hand and say its not manners to hold girls hand.. That guy replies who are you to ask.. Arvi says im human being ok..there is no rule that anyone related to her should ask you.. Arvi’s friends come there..(Manu and Surya) they start beating them.. Surya’s calls bharath( police officer of that area and inform this) police come after a while.. Aishu thanks them.. Arvi gives his overcoat and say please don’t wear white colour dress while getting wet its not good.. Aishu nods ok..say sorry and thanks.. Arvi leaves with his friends.. Aishu keeps seeing him.. Tapu and Madhu make her come into senses.. Aishu says what? Tapu say he is so cute na.. Aishu nods yes.. Madhu says hot too right? Aishu says ya.. Tapu and Madhu start coughing.. Aishu says girls…i think Vicks is there in car come lets go.. All smile and go towards car.. Tapu drives..while aishu dries herself..she see overcoat and remember him.. Aishu says girls stop.. They ask what happened? Aishu says I don’t know how to return this.. Madhu say if he meet you again give him.. Aishu says else? Tapu says think him as your hero and keep it forever.. Aishu smiles and says ill find him and return it..Tapu says ok lets go.. All smile.. They leave for home..
Precap : Aishu seeing overcoat and thinks if who was he…

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  1. wowwww.. awesome update. pls make it longer

  2. super dear

  3. awesome …….loved it …especially that overcoat seen ….you nailed it again pooja di 🙂

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  7. Awesome, wowwww lovely episode. ..arshu were amazing. ..loved ankith n aishu’s lovely friendship. ..arvi’s advise to aishu was really nice. …keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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