Love After Marriage (Part 111)


Arshu have dinner and leave for home.. Aishu keeps holding arvi hands while driving..he smiles seeing her.. Amma and mom reach home..see arshu haven’t reached home. Aishu sleeps thinking about kids.. Arvi stops car..see aishu sleeping.. Mom see her,ask him to carry her to room.. Arvi see’s amma.. Both amma and mom tell him to take her and make her sleep.. Arvi lifts her and take her room.. Amma and mom smile.. Mom say Amma see they are together from 5yrs but till now we haven’t seen any of there close moments..just they hold hands and keep seeing each other but today arvi carried her to room.. Amma says they know there limits..they are getting will be 5months.. Mom says yeah..tomorrow tapu’s baby shower..arshu have planned something special for them as I know.

Arshu are sleeping.. Aishu wake up and see herself sleeping in room. She thinks last night I slept in car itself..wakes up arvi and ask how did I come here? He says last night mom and amma asked me to carry you and make you sleep in room.. She says idiot you could have woke me up na..what they will know na I dont like anyone especially elder seeing us close.. He says clam are going to be mother of two kids in 5months.. She asks so what? He says everyone also know im reason for that..they know we were more closely then just carrying you room..why you are thinking about just.. He see’s her staring at him.. Both laugh out.. She hugs him and say but also I don’t want elders to see us such.. He says ok ill take care ok.. She smiles.. He kiss her forehead.. She starts feeling his grip around her waist..sleep hugging him.. He keeps patting her back..thinks she will be 5 months pregnant..on Monday we should go for hospital.. She starts feeling pain in chest..she starts crying..he asks what happened? She says Arvi… He gives her tablets and make her sleep.. He thinks Aishu you’re undergoing many have been through much but now you’re getting happiness ..also undergoing pain.. He makes her sleep on bed and leave for taking bath..

After 30min he comes out and see aishu sleeping..think of completing tapu’s function preparations. He takes phone and leave from there.. Aishu is sleeping.. Amma comes to wake up her.. Aishu says Amma please.. Amma tell her today you should take head bath na..please wake up early.. Aishu says Amma 10min.. Amma leave from there… Aishu smiles and thinks arvi I want to see you first as soon as I wake..please come back.. Arvi comes there after 10min..see aishu sleeping closing herself with blanket..smiles and goes wake her up.. He kiss her forehead and say aishu wake up na.. She says Im awake but didn’t open my eyes.. He asks why? She says I wanna see you first as soon I wake up.. He says ok now see and wake up you said yesterday you want to buy something for tapu.. Aishu see arvi and smiles.. He hugs her and say if you act like kid then who will take care of my kids.. She says you.. He asks who will take care of me? She says me.. He hugs her and say really you’re kiddo.. She keeps seeing him..he pulls her towards him and say don’t keep seeing me like this ill go mad. She says really??… He lightly kiss her lips.. She holds his head and hug him.. He says aishu.. She see’s him… Both smile.. Arvi say her to have bath then we will go for shopping.. She nods ok and goes to have bath. Arvi keeps her clothes ready and goes down.
Amma and Arvi are busy with breakfast preparation.. Aishu comes down..she see’s them and thinks bcz of me amma and papa are far na.. She says herself bacha party lets plan something.. She goes and seats near television..keeps changing channels.. Amma brings breakfast for her..make her have.. Aishu says Amma papa can come here na? Im missing him so much ?? .

. Arvi also says same.. Amma says he was busy with sai’s engagement preparations now his marriage preparations.. Arshu says please… Amma say ill ask him.. Arshu say we will ask him not you.. Amma nods okay.. Arshu leave for shopping.. Aishu asks Arvi I want to buy a dress da.. He nods ok.. They reach mall and buy something’s for tapu.. Then Arvi says aishu you buy something fast ok.. She nods ok and goes to buy.. She just takes blouses for saree and think ill wear saree only enough simply why to waste money.. Arvi other side buying long t-shirts and lose pants for her..he just checks fabric and buys without checking price.. Both meet each other at lift door.. Aishu stare at him seeing his hands filled with bags.. He says aishu.. Both go down and go home..
Aishu complaints amma see arvi as brought so many dresses.. Arvi say you were having problem dresses na.. They keep arguing about clothes.. Amma holds her head and seat..think these are kids how they will they manage two kids? Aishu smiles seeing amma and hugs her..say amma don’t worry arvi will manage.. Arvi says yeah amma ill manage bacha party.. Amma asks bacha party? Arvi says aishu and kids.. Aishu says arvi.. Amma laughs seeing them.. Arshu hug amma and say get ready lets leave for tapu’s house. Amma leaves.. Aishu asks Arvi can we go to room? He says aishu what you are saying at this time?that too amma is here? Then kids? Aishu laugh and say you’re stupid.. He lifts her and takes her to room.. She hugs him as he make her seat on bed.. Arvi smiles and hugs her.. She says I love you.. He says I love you too baby… She says you’re princess? She is not yet born you said her I love you but im your wife .. He hugs her and say I love you jaan.. She says jaan? He says aishu.. Both laugh and say I love you.. She slowly removes his shirt buttons.. He keeps seeing her.,she says go take bath.. He leaves..

She smiles and check clothes..says herself his love make me feel special.. He comes out and lift her take her to bathroom.. Both are standing below shower and have bath.. She says wait for 5 more months da..then you should help taking bath for bacha party ?? He says ya..but after that I can hug you tightly and.. She says shut up.. He says really you were the one who keeps making me mad.. She smooch him.. He fully holds her waist..she smiles and says you’re kids are listening.. He says its okay..they will know how much their parents love eachorther ? She smiles.. He says bcz of that love twins are in you.. She blushes and say everytime you have that work only na. He says’re looking so beautiful .. She says im fatty not beautiful ok.. He says idiot who said you’re look so hot in this time.. She says I think you should change or help me in changing.. He laughs and say ok help you.. He brings saree and help her.. She gets ready with jewellery.. He says don’t make me mad.. She says Arvi.. He hugs her and say keep smiling.. She says okay.. After 1hr they leave for tapu’s house.. They reach home.. Arvi leave aishu and amma..leave for picking tapu..Tapu is getting ready.. She asks Manu when will we reach home? He replies you’re bro will come here after that.. She says aishu also? He replies no ..only arvi.. She says okay.. They both seat on sofa.. They keep talking.. Arvi comes there and asks them shall we go? Tapu smiles.. They leave..
At tapu’s house..

Arvi and Manu bring tapu inside.. Tapu smiles seeing it’s decorated with baby toy’s and flowers.. As soon as she enters a balloon blasts and rose petals starts falling in her way.. Manu is holding tapu.. She goes inside and see it fully dark.. A screen with her pics are shown..her childhood pics.. Teenage pics..girls partying pics.. Manu and her first meet pics.. Then their lovely moments.. Their engagement pics..their marriage pics.. Their honeymoon trip pics (decent one’s) then tapu’s pregnancy pics.. Tapu’s present day pic.. With a sweet message..for her.. Tapu smiles and hugs arshu .. Thanks them.. Then traditional way of function starts.. All elders bless her.. Aishu tease her and keep irritating her with Madhu and ranju.. Then suddenly tapu start getting pain.. Aishu screams arvi name.. He comes there running leaving Sai,Manu and Surya.. They all come behind him.. Aishu shows tapu to arvi.. Arvi helps tapu to seat.. Manu and Arvi than take tapu and go for hospital..

Aishu is seating in shock.. Amma hugs her.. Aishu says tapu.. Amma say nothing will happen come lets go to hospital. Sai and amma holds aishu,take her to car.. Mom thinks she is shocked..if anything happens to her.. They move to hospital.. Ranju keeps holding aishu’s hand..amma and mom think if she gets more panic..then.. They reach hospital.. Mom goes inside and check out about tapu.. Aishu and others come there.. They all seating outside operation theatre.. Arvi see’s aishu sweating,goes near her.. Ranju gets up,asks arvi to be with her.. Sai and ranju are standing near door.. All hear baby crying.. They rush towards door.. Doctor comes out and tell congrats..boy baby.. Manu asks can he go inside? She tells after 30min tapu will be shifted please wait till then.. Aishu smile.. Mom and amma see her..get reviled that she is okay.

After 30min.. Manu goes inside room and see tapu sleeping..nurse gives him baby.. He holds and smiles.. Arshu and family enter.. Aishu see tapu and smiles.. Arvi takes baby from Manu’s hands.. Aishu just keeps seeing him.. Arvi asks will you? She says hold him.. Tapu tries to get up.. Mom and amma help her.. Arshu congratulate her.. Everyone congratulate them.. She smiles.. Manu gives her baby.. Doctor comes there and ask them to go outside..she needs rest.. Everyone go out.. Before Arshu go out..tapu call arvi and say him to take aishu home..she needs rest..she will panic more..if she is here.. Arvi asks her to take care not to worry about aishu… She nods ok.. Manu also go out with arvi.. He asks them to go home.. Mom says Manu and I be here you go home.. Aishu says mom please ill also be here.. Mom says Aishu you have check up tomorrow na..come then please go home and rest.. Aishu leaves with Arvi. Sai ,ranju and amma leave in other car. Aishu msg Sai to take amma home.. He replies ok ..

Precap: Aishu’s check up.. Tapu’s baby naming ceremony..

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