Love After Marriage (Part 22)

Aishu acts like sleeping..Amma comes and check aishu, see’s her shivering is controlled and fever also reduced. She wakes up aishu and give her tablets,after a while Amma leave. Aishu is slept again because of tablets.

Arvi is jogging in park, Surya comes and ask did you meet aishu? He tells no mom went there and saw her. Surya says ok. Arvi think of last night a flashback is shown” arvi waking up from sleep after Aishu sleeping. He see’s her childhood pics on wall, seats on sofa see there is photo album of aishu. He see each and every photo, thinking in every photo there is a waist chain ?. After a while see aishu without bed sheet and cover her while checking her fever. Then giving her teddy think it will warm if she hugs it. Then sleep on sofa, when his alarm vibrate going and sleeping on bed. At present he thinks Aishu might be feeling I have slept with her whole night ? but I know my limits. He continues jogging,goes back home. Mom see him and ask when did you go out? He lies I went out as soon I got up from bed and leave to his room. Mom thinks he might haven’t slept thinking about aishu,let this 3yrs go off fastly.

Arvi gets ready and goes to have breakfast,mom serves him. Arjun comes and ask where were you night? When j came to your room? Arvi replies I was in washroom and then I went to terrace. Arjun think something is fishy,bcz I was at terrace full night. Arvi gets text from Surya that Madhu is going to aishu’s home , he replies ok. Madhu call arvi,he goes to receive it. She asks does he want to meet aishu? He replies it’s ok mom had been there. She says ok then bye. Arvi think if Aishu say off about night. Arvi call aishu..

Arvi: Hello how are you?
Aishu: I’m fine..
Arvi: You know what? You look to cute when you’re sleeping.
Aishu: Ok
Arvi: Your moles look too beautiful.
Aishu: What you telling?
Arvi: That mole on left thigh was looking so cute in dim night.
Aishu: Stop your nonsense bye
Arvi: Hey hey listen…

She cuts call,thinks arvi is not like that but why speaking like this. Arvi think now she won’t say about night meeting with anyone. Madhu comes to aishu room ,ask her why is she angry? She replies nothing. Madhu asks are you ok now? She replies im fine. Madhu tells don’t be angry with arvi bcz he didn’t come to see you. She replies what. Madhu say her I know you will be missing him being at home from 2days,I asked him will he come? But he said mom had been there. Aishu understands he don’t wanted me to say about last night to Madhu and smiles. Aishu replies her he had called me and texted. Madhu check her fever and tells thank god you will be ok by night. Aishu smiles. Amma comes to give fruits to aishu, Madhu say Amma to send aishu a week before for her marriage function. Amma asks Madhu when is the marriage? Madhu replies next month 3rd. Amma tells Madhu to convince aishu also for marriage ? aishu says amma please… Madhu say aishu will get ready but for MCA na. Amma leaves.. Madhu asks aishu to tell off about Arvi. Aishu nods no , why I say let him come and say more than that I want to free for 3yrs. Madhu says I know you want to enjoy the feeling of being in love but be careful with arvi ok? both start laughing. After a while Madhu leaves. Aishu thinks I want to enjoy feeling of being in love but now I want arvi to say sorry.

After 2hrs arvi calls aishu , aishu see but doesn’t receive think let him think im angry with him it will be fun?. Arvi think I spoke more na I should suffer for that. Arvi keep sending texts receive my call and see in WhatsApp he is blocked even in hike. He thinks it’s too much.. I should meet her and clear it. He goes and buy her favourite galaxy chocolate. Whole night he thinks I should somehow make it clear.
Next day morning…

Aishu see she as got 100 msgs and 50calls totally from him. She unblocks him and replies him to eet me at park today. He see the msg and thinks thank god she is fine now. He goes to get ready… After a while he leaves home. Aishu in name of paying fee for entrance exam she goes to meet arvi.
Arvi and aishu both arrive at park but in opposite gates. Aishu calls him to meet near cola house. He comes there.. And see aishu standing there. He comes near her, asks how are you now? Fever reduced na? She replies ya. He asks what happened?

She: I didn’t think you’re bad boy
He: What I did?
She: About mole?
He: It was just for fun. I said nothing happened such that.
She: What didn’t happened? Who gave you permission to see all that?
He: Promise I didn’t see anything.
She: Then how come you know that
He: I saw your childhood photos.
She: Control laughing and ask really?
He: Promise. Really sorry I didn’t mean to say but if you had said about me coming at night then …

She: Whom I would say?
He: Madhu
She: Am I gone mad?
He: You haven’t but girls don’t speak secrets na so
She: Ill not say about bed room matter to other ?
He: Ok Jaan sorry ☹
She: Ok you ll be forgiven on one condition.
He: What’s that condition?
She: You shouldn’t lie to me ever ok
He: Ok my jaan. He gives her chocolate. See her laughing.
She: Sorry for being angry.. I came to know when madhu came but I wanted you to ask me sorry .
He: Why sorry?
She: Because you saw my photos na
He: Photos only na not…
She: Closes him mouth with her pam.

He pulls her near and ask her if anything had happened night what you would have done? She tells I know you are not bad but if it had happened I would have died. He slaps her and ask her not to repeat it again. He hugs her and ask her not to get angry for small things. She smiles. Both have chocolate and later go to bank to pay exam fee. After completing it , aishu asks him to get ice cream. He gives a pat on her head and ask why now? Wanna get fever again. She says now you’re like this after marriage ☹ he tells enough of your drama,we will have fresh juice ok. She asks with ice? he stare’s and ask her seat.

Precap: Arvi and aishu drinking juice. Suji see them…

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    Every Girl will feel Jealous on Seeing Aishu ( Me too ? ) yaar..She is lucky to have him…
    I am addicted to ur story…post ur next epi soon epi will b fun to read as Suji sees them..i think Suji will tell to Arjun and Arj will tease Arvi..
    Thank you ? for ur Story and take care ?…update next soon…

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