Hi guys this is my ff I hope you would like this…

1.swara:daughter of sumi and shekar, a gynaecologist ,has a younger brother dev,has 4BFFtanu ,ragini ,ishani,aaradhya.treats rishi,laksh,ranveer,aryan as her own
brothers.respects, loves and shows affection on everyone.has different shades.2.sumi and shekar:caring parents of swara and dev.treats swara’s friends as their children. and naughty.son of sumi and shekar. Treats swara’ s friends as his siblings.completed CA.
4.ragini:daughter of mishti and gridhar . A cardiologist. Cares everyone.shares everything with swara
5.mishti and giridhar:parents of ragini.

6.tanu:daughter of saradha and kumar. A
Engineer.partner in crime with swara.
7.ishani: daughter of hashrad and himani .completed CA.
8.aaradhya:daughter of pavitra and sashant. completed CA.
9.sanskar:son of sujatha and ram. a businessman.has a younger sister uttara. naughty,funny and caring .
10.sujatha and ram:funny parents of sanskar and uttara.
11.uttara:daughter of sujatha and ram. A engineering student.childish.
12.laksh:son of anu and prasad. A business man .naughty,funny.

13.anu and prasad:parent of laksh. Knows about him very well.
14.rishi:son of rano and raaj.a business man.flirt,caring also.
15.aryan:son of Tulsi and guru.a business man.a flirt,good also


at a beautiful house at chennai:
A girl is watering plants while singing and a other girl is seen sleeping and dreaming about something.
Swara:sutri varum boomi
Ennai ketu thanae
Sutri vara vendum
Entrance pinnacle
(Yes the girl singing and watering plants is swara.)
Ragini is girl sleeping and dreaming about marraige with her love laksh.
In dream…
The marraige is done in andhra style..
Bg plays..
Maligayil oru malai
Thanga sarugail oru selai
Maligayil oru malai
Thanga sarugail oru selai

Poo ondrai pooti vaikathan
Kalyanam kandupidhithan

Thodakam manual yamini
Pinbu jeevitham

At that time swara comes with 2 cups of coffee and sees ragini
Swara:ragini get up year.( ragini was still sleeping swara went near ragini and in a husky voice)ragu ma dreaming about your first night ah (hearing this ragini blushed in sleep and by this time swara poured a full jug of water on her.ragini got up with a jerk.)
Ragini:i am not going to leave u shona (saying this she chased swara and both ended with pillow fight)


…..if u guys like it.
Both positive and negative comments welcomed..?

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