love of abhigya last forever…( os based on current track)

Hi guys… I’m paro..i’m bored with current episode of kkb nd thought to write an os by my own..

Pragya saw abhi proposing tanu..tanu was in cloud nine..
Pragya was shattered.she ran downstairs
and enters dadi’s room. She lay on bed and cried out.. At that time dadi and dasi came..they were also shattered to see pragya like this. They made pragya sit on
the bed and ask her what happnd. Prag hug dadi tightly and cry more vigorously. Dasi ask her to stop crying and ask her to say wat happnd.

Pr:dadi vo proposes tanu….y he do lik thi?? Y should i live anymore
Dadi:it’d bcoz that report..i think it’s taliya’s plan..
Pr: wat?? Report i don’t knowaanything about it dadi. Dadi show her the newspaper. Pragya tear thennewspaper
withand cry.. Dadi i’m leaving ..iccan’t no more stay here.until now he didn’t remember me but from now he loves someone else it’s unbearable to me dadi.
Dadi cried by hugging her and console her

At the terrace..
Tanu is very happy but abhi is not interested in talking to her. Abhi saw the decoration that pragya had made and think hawa hawai is very romantic. He thinks that when i tested on her i can see love on her eyes but ythere is no such feeling with tanu. Abhi excuces and tanu ask wat happnd..
Ab: it’s late nit nd we can see tmrw..
Ta: ya sure.. We’ve to meet at cafe near beach.. Bye abhi.. And she hugged him and abhi feel uncomfortable.
Tanu leaves and abhi went to dadi’s room.
Dadi was crying heavily and indu dasi was consoling her.. She wipes tears seeing abhi.
Ab:are you not well.

Da: fyn.. Y don’t you came for dinner?
Ab: i was not feeling hungry.. Where is nikitha??
Da : she leaves. She ask me to give this to you. (gives an envelope )
It was her resgination letter. Ab:she resign from job!!!
Pragya reaches her home. Sarla and janki was not there and cries by hugging beeji and tells her everything. Beeji consoles her. Bell rang and beeji open the door it was pur he enters.
Pu: di i’ve brought a surprise for you( and sees pragya crying )wat happnd di??
Pr:nothing (nd pretending to smile)
Pu: u will be very happy seeing my surprise..
Pr: wat is that?
Pu:hey come in dear… (everyone shocked)

Pr:bulbul you come back and hugged her tightly sarla come at that time… She was happy to see bulbul.they hug each other.
Pu:my surprise is not over di…hey come in.
It was purvi.. They allhug her.
Pr: how u escape from there nd whwerewas you
Bu: actually di after jumping from cliff purvi save me and made hospitalised and treatme well.. She help me.
Pr: y don’t u inform us purvi.
Purvi:i informed purab jiju nd he ask me not to tell everyone till bulbul get completely cured.
Pr:i’m not going to talk to you purab.

Pu: sry di holding his tears nd bulbul also made a sad pout..they all laugs..
Bu:di, purab told abt jiju .don’t worry dieeverything will be fyn.
Pragya burst out into tears.. All look and beeji consoles her
Screen freezed.

To be continued

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