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hi guys Aashi here again hope you like this chapter and an important thing please read the author’s note below . Now enjoy the chapter :


Annika’s pov

Happy would be an understatement for what I was feeling right now to find him in front of my eyes, shivaay looking handsome as usual in his blue jacket with jeans complementing his magical orbs…with whom I fell so deep. Who would’ve thought that me coming to the cruise with my family to face my parents would find him standing with his friends in the hallway while I was with bhai to find Mallika .
A nudge on my shoulder broke my trance I looked up to find bhai giving me a concerned look.
“What happened doll? Why did you stop?”
“Nothing bhai just got reminded something sorry..” I said smiling as I can’t hold it back, bhai looked happy to find me smiling which was real and hugged me smiling and pecked my head.
Our moment was broken when “sibling love without me not fair Arnav bhai, you only love your doll” we pulled away to find Mallika standing with a sulked up face shooting daggers at us , bhai chuckled and pulled her towards us “come here you little monster” we all had a group hug and pulled back hearing a fake cough , again someone has to interrupt right.
We pulled away to find a beautiful young lady standing “Mallika dad is calling yo.. Mr. Raizada You..!” The lady tells Mallika and suddenly exclaim loudly as she saw my..bhai? That’s weird..and why is bhai grinning like an idiot..okay is it only me or the whole world has gone crazy..? The look on Mallika’s face tells me the world has gone crazy .
“Ms. Kapoor nice meeting you here…” bhai said slyly…okay…
“Annie this is Khushi di and di this is my bestie Annika!” Oh so she is Khushi di , last time I saw her I was eight and after that she along with Chandni di went to London for study.
“This is our Annie.. omg kid you grew up so much..” she said hugging me.
“You are Mallika’s sister ?” Bhai asked bemused
“yes Arnav bhai that’s exactly what I said right now..” mickey told him in a duh tone.
“Ah.yes di this is Annie’s big brother Arnav bhai and bhai you know who she is.. so I’m taking Annie with me you guys continue bye..” mickey said grabbing my hand and running away from them , I looked back when I didn’t got a response but..  bhai was smiling playfully at Khushi di and she looked embarrassed..? What the hell is happening here?
“Annika…” I stopped hearing his husky voice and my heart beat quickened , I turned back and found him coming towards me.
Mickey smiled at him and left giving me a wink. Was all this planned.. did..he planned all this..?
“Hi..” he spoke looking at me smiling and it did made my heart pound against my ribs so hard that I bet all on the cruise would have heard it.
“Hi..” I spoke meekly getting lost in his eyes…
“you look beautiful…” he spoke after a while.
I lifted my eyes from my shoes to look at him in the eyes with my cheeks being painted pink from his complement
“um thanks.. you look good too..” I spoke shy
” so how come you here?” I asked
“my dad is the business partner of mr. Kapoor and you?”
“The Kapoor’s and we are family friends so..”
“Your family..?”
“The Raizadas..” just as I said out those words he had a twinkle in his eyes
“you’re the daughter of Anish Singh Raizada..?” He asked amused and I nodded not wanting to say something but, if someone asked me this six months ago I would have told them yes with pride in my heart…
“oh gosh Annika..!” He said excited grabbing my shoulders , my eyes widened and my heart burned at the contact, excitement rushed through me his one gesture made me feel new feelings which I didn’t know about.
“I didn’t knew I’m friends with my idol’s daughter..!” And that wiped my smile.
“Shivaay here you are.!” I looked behind to find mr. Shakti Singh Oberoi walking towards us
” aah Annika nice to see you again” he said smiling down at me which I returned
” same here uncle”
“dad how do you know her?” Shivaay asked him withdrawing his hand from my shoulder which complained at the loss.
” who doesn’t know the princess of the Raizada” the endearment was a forbidden topic which hurts today also.
” I have met her several times in the business parties with her badepapa and chachu and not to forget her brothers..” I smiled at him
“I will take my leave uncle”
“sure beta”
“bye Annika”Shivaay smiled
“bye Shivaay” I made my way to my cabin smiling at shivaay’s actions , only thinking about it makes my heart racing.
“Sunshine…” and that threw my happiness in hell , I closed my eyes and fisted my hand , a hand grabbed my shoulder.
I opened my eyes and turned around making the hand drop , to face mom.
She looked shocked to see my eyes having no emotion, which resembles my feelings for her absolutely nothing .
“What do you want Mom ?”
She closed her eyes and looked hurt. Wow, nice acting , anybody who would find it real but not me. How many times can you trick someone. I have fallen for her acting enough times but now I won’t!.
Precap: Shivaay and fun unlimited and much more…!!!!

Author’s note : Hi readers thanks for reading the chapter hope you enjoyed it . I wanted to ask you guys something um.. are you upset with me or I made you angry by any means if I did I’m really sorry . please forgive me for not updating for such long time I was stuck in my family problems otherwise I would never leave you hanging like that .

And I promise you I will update everyday or every other day pinky promise , just don’t be angry with me . I miss your comments very much so please try to share your views about the story with me….

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