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Annika’s pov
I just stared long at his retreating figure , completely lost in his smile he walked away with his friends from the ground leaving me grinning like an idiot.
He actually did smile because of my answer, a smile that never left his lips nor did mine. you know sometimes in life you witness something so beautiful that it makes you forget all your miseries, pain , sadness, makes you distracted from you . I just can’t forget the way he smiled , the twinkle in his magical orbs, the way his lips broke into a mesmerising smile inching at the ends .

The bell rang making all the students return back to the class.
Science, well I like bio and chemistry but can I say the same thing for physics um…no I absolutely hate physics and out of chemistry, bio and physics Ratan sir choose what I hate . No wonder why I don’t like him .
“So class we are going to study chapter 9 force and laws of motion”
Great why don’t I just die I thought glaring at the book , more precisely at the second law of motion. I have read this chapter more than 3 times but always got stuck at the second law of motion . several minutes passed away I tried and tried to understand the concept but failed miserably. In between my ”hard struggle” I managed to view a beautiful mankind reading peacefully unlike me , one look of him made my frown disappear due to the book , when I look over to him my muscles relaxed , I calmed down , my eyes softened as they found him the ends of my lips lifted .

”study all the laws of motion carefully I will be expecting you all to explain the laws on the board in the next period until then you all have twenty minutes, which I think is enough”

”that’s it I’m officially dead” I mumbled against my hands as I covered my face frustrated.
”but I can see you alive right now” I heard a chuckle beside me , my eyes widened as I realised the familiar husky voice , in a jiffy I looked up to find him standing with a amused smile and sparkling orbs looking at me playfully.
“Shivaay ?” I spoke cautiously not wanting to show my nervousness
“That would be me , before you ask why I’m here , I’ll do the honours itself” wow I never knew the ever peaceful looking boy could be so…playful.
I giggled at the way he spoke his eyes glistening, his expressions while he talked and how his arms flung at the end . He looked at me smiling
“I’m here to help you understand the second law of motion or as you like to call your murderer”. He chuckled at end and I also laughed along with him. I can’t help but adore him he is so sweet.. and at the same time funny, he knows how to behave like a total gentleman. “Okay so let’s get started” I spoke as our laughter sublimes . He nods his head and reaches out for the book and after a quick glance he shifts his attention to me and with a smile he begins to explain me the law. “Let us consider a situation in which a car with a dead battery is to be pushed along a straight road to give it a speed of 1 m s-1 , which is sufficient to start its engine. If one or two persons give a sudden push or as you can call” he narrowed his eyes searching for the word which made him look so cute, resisting the urge to aww I suggested “unbalanced force..?” “Yes!” He exclaimed a little loud , grinning widely as a child who found a treasure chest full of chocolates. “If one or two persons give it a sudden force aka unbalanced force to it, it hardly starts. But a continuous push over some time results in a gradual acceleration of the car to this speed.” He explained using his arms he was about to continue but I cut him off finally understanding the concept as I spluttered “it means the change of momentum of the car is not only determined by the magnitude of the force but also by the time during which the force is exerted.” He smiled cheerfully at me nodding his head knowing I understood and then added “it may then also be concluded that the force necessary to change the momentum of an object depends on the time rate at which time momentum is changed.” I smiled gladly at him for making me understand the concept easily and in a way i think I won’t be able to forget it near soon. “Thank you Shivaay , thank you very much.” I sighed as I stood up as Ratan sir would be back in ten minutes or so, mirroring my steps he glanced at his watch he passed me a genuine smile reaching up to his eyes as he spoke making me happy in heart after which seemed like forever. “What are friends for annika , to share the tears and smiles , to help and hope for the same” I can hear my heart beating against my ribs , a smile made its way to my lips which didn’t seem to leave it any time soon. I kept my gaze at the floor clutching the book tight. “Are we friends..?” I spoke softly as I slowly lifted my head to face him with my eyes holding hope in them for the answer my heart screamed yes .
“No” my heart dropped at this , the smile faded away, I tore my gaze away from him to the book not wanting him to watch the disappointment filled in them . “Oh..okay” I managed to spoke without cracking my voice. His eyes widened , as he seemed to realise something, he face palmed himself and I think I heard something like ‘omm’ “Wait it’s not like that… I mean to say I’m your friend but we have not know..we have not properly asked each other for being friends..I mean the typical handshake friends thing..or something like that..” he said awkwardly trying to explain, but he looked very cute.. he looked at me with desperation in his orbs “you understand what I’m talking about right..?” He spoke unsure about what my answer is going to be. Well all my sadness flew off when I heard him explain I felt relief flooding in as he told we are friends. “Ya I understand” I smiled at him and he looked like he was in relief as he closed his eyes and exhaled the breath he was holding on for long.
After he opened his eyes, he stuck out his hand for me as he smiled at me spelling out the words which knocked out my breath ” will you be my friend annika..? These words were no less than a marriage proposal for me , in my mind in the place of be my friend was marry me. My heart started pounding in its place . The anticipation of the thought made me goosebumps. I looked at him with my smile returning back even larger and happiness in my eyes as I placed my hand in his larger ones and they fitted in perfectly like a puzzle piece. “I’d love to be your friend shivaay” my lips spelt what my heart held. My smile reflected on his face as he gave our hands a shake signing the deal.
The bell rang as sir returned back in the class, giving me a smile shivaay made his way back to his seat . Many students came and explained the laws , shivaay also stood up as he explained the terms ever so elegantly and then it was my turn I stood up and confidently explained the laws , with shivaay’s support throughout as he encouraged me with his smile . As I ended sir stood up with a smile and said “now I knew why your science teacher was so sad about you not being in her class, you are a great student annika I hope to find you always like this” aww I just love my teachers , they never leave to feel me unloved. I smiled at sir with a nod . The bell rang louder indicating the school is over . This was the last day of school before the winter vacation of 20 days therefore it was a half day today . Suddenly realisation dawn upon me 20 days without shivaay . 20 days without his heartwarming smiles
20 days without his mesmerising orbs
20 days without his voice
20 days without his company
20 days without…….him.
I turn around to find him greeting his friends goodbye , as I reach out for my bag all my newly made friends greeted me with a smile and I smiled back greeting them . After all the byes and hugs I made my way out of the class to meet my crazy soul sister, Mallika only her thought makes me giggle, she the only one who knows my heart, happiness,sadness,pain,thoughts,mind,she knows me. She met me when I needed a friend, a real friend whom I didn’t found until her. “Idiot” I yelled when I spot her , “stupid” she yelled back grinning , we call each other idiot and stupid, ya we are crazy but that’s us . Grinning ear to ear we ran towards each other . I hugged her as tight as she did and pulled away when felt her backing off and looked at her with a raised eyebrow, she pointed at my back “who is he?” Confused I looked behind to see him approaching he waved at me and I waved back , Mallika nudged me asking who is he , shivaay probably heard her and introduced himself the way which got my pulse running a marathon “hi I’m annika’s friend , shivaay” her eyes widened she glanced at me and back at him. Giving him a long stare more like a glare , she raised a eyebrow at me and I nodded my head confirming he is the only one. “Hi I’m Mallika , annika’s best friend. Nice meeting you shivaay I’ll take my leave now, bye ani I’ll meet you in the evening” Mallika passed him a smile and hugged me again before disappearing in the crowd of the students. “So……” I turned towards shivaay, who was already having his gaze on me . “You didn’t said bye to me” he said pointing at himself smiling, “bye shivaay , hope to see you soon” I smiled at him and shook my head trying to hide my blush, he came to say bye to me. “Bye annika , hoping to see you soon too” he said and ran away to his friends waving at me. Why do I feel like we will see each other soon , very soon .
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