Annika’s pov

”perfect . can you two meet me after the school to plan the projects and work sheets?” ma’am asks with a warm smile .

she is my favourite teacher already , sorry anish sir. I quickly glanced at him to know his answer and he gave his million dollar smile with a nod to ma’am accepting her offer and I just stood there doing victory dance in my mind yahoo !

ma’am faced me and I just nodded at her with a smile . wow I’m blessed .

we took our seats and ma’am started explaining the chapter , more over started to question us regarding the chapter surprisingly only two hands raised like lightning speed , mine and his. it was not like that I was a genius but I loved English beyond anything until this morning when I saw this boy who stole my heart . moreover I read this chapter way back so it was like a piece of cake. ma’am seemed to be impressed from us as she gave us a nice smile of hers every time we raised our hands and answered.

the bell rang and the English class was over , sad was what I was feeling . just as ma’am exited i turn to check the next class in my school diary. but suddenly i felt someone beside me so i turned and was stunned to find him towering upon me with a charming smile playing on his lips ,which made me skip a heart beat . and when he saw my attention on him his smile spread even more which made the pen in my hand slip down and as the pen touched the ground with a noise i got snapped out of my daze.

”you’re Annika right?” i blink twice while nodding not able to believe how my destiny has been so grateful to me , he came to talk to me . he himself came to talk to me. oh hell yes…!!!! he is here.

”ma’am has told me she is busy after school so we have to stay any other time after school for the discussion”

”okay, thankyou” i spoke softly never taking my eyes off his blue orbs

he stood there awkwardly before turning around to go back to his seat and i sighed at my stupidity , he was there in front of me and i just said ‘okay,thankyou’ . wow Annika you just proved you are a total idiot .

the next class was game , this is what I’m really not so proud of . It was another thing that I knew a thing or two about gymnastics but It was years ago , but I was good at badminton because I played it with my cousin and he is like a professional in it , so I decided to play badminton with shipra my newly made friend. as we started playing our coordination lacked and we could not continue to play after two or three hits , it was my fault actually i was used to play it rash but she didn’t had that pace to match mine. as i was about to give up i heard a familiar husky voice , which made all the cells in my body racing.

”can i play ?” i turn around to find him standing with a playful smile and his shining orbs indicating towards the badminton . my heart beat started raising on the thought of playing with him.

”sure” i say as i glanced at shipra who was very glad at the thought of him, handling him the racket she made her way to sit down at the log in the ground and watch us play not before making him beware of my badminton skills , which caused him to shot a glance at me .and i instantly found the grass very interesting .

the game began , he launched the cork in my direction and directed it back to him . it started very smoothly but slowly started going wilder and wilder , just the way i used to play with my cousin big brother , we called it extremely awesome . As he would hit the cork his muscles would outshine, making it very difficult for me to concentrate on the game. sometimes i thought he was going to miss it but he was very quick to bash it back to me and i was amazed to see his reflexes . he never left any second to astound me . he literally is a perfect masterpiece.

after twenty minutes of intense match and shipra’s constant shouting about
how awesome it was , i sat down on the log breathless , it was very tiring after a very long time i had played this sort of badminton.

“Hey” I heard his soft voice as he sat beside me , sweat dripping from his face making it irresistible for me to not ogle on him . I hardly kept my gaze away from him on my shoes as I diverted my concentration on my breathing as it slowly started becoming normal .
“It was awesome” he breathed out his eyes closed and a satisfying smile tugging his lips. I can’t help but find a blushing smile crawling up to my face as I saw his magically beautiful orbs glancing between the badminton and me with a mesmerising smile slowly creeping up to his lips.

“It was fun” I also admitted as I saw him flick the sweat from his face looking at the sky inhaling the smell of the roses swaying nearby from the breeze. It was such a beautiful moment that I wanted to picture it in my heart for my remaining years.
My breath hitched as he flicked his ever so neatly jelled hair perfectly with a smirk of pure joy as he stood up. He forwarded a hand for me I first glanced at his hand then at him and he just pointed back to his hand, with a glint of assurance flashing in his eyes which was so promising that I could have jumped out of the mountain without a question if he would have asked me at that moment. I hesitantly placed my hand over his as I did I felt some spark flying around,everything slowed down I could only view him as he pulled me over with a smile escaping out his lips bigger and bigger. it was wonderful to find his eyes over me , happiness filled me as we came near .he passed me a happy smile and it reflected mine and I whispered a thank you to him and he just nodded as a gentleman. But as his hand slipped from mine I clouded with not a good feeling and it grew more when he started stepping away to leave .
“Um.annika” he said as he turned from midway , i just eyed him expectedly to say something. It was so cute when he looked at the badminton and me innocently but it didn’t failed to raise my heart beats.
“I’ll be looking forward to play with you next time ” he said gazing the stone while fondling it .
“Me too” I found myself splutter , but just as these words left my mouth his head shot up with a bright smile plastered. He didn’t know what effect this action has caused on me I felt like I’m in a concert and everyone cheering me , like I felt when I was with my daddy the last time enjoying, like when I felt when my brothers hugged me and kissed my head promising I’m their doll forever on my last birthday, when I felt when my mama cooked my favourite food last time, when my parents talked with me last time , when my granny told me a bed time story , when I held blue for the first time in my arms close to my heart . I felt chocked with happiness .

this smile was not for me it was because of me.

hello guys I’m back with this chapter , hope you will like it…..

and akki this one is for you dear hope you will like it…sorry for being late….

love you guys keep reading and please comment below and let me know your views…..

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