Love aaj kal (KKB) Chapter 4

Chapter 4
“Surprise is…….I’m gonna do concert with live band and my own song”,said Abhi excitedly.She dropped her jaws in amusement and immediately hugged him”Oh my god…oh my god…oh my god Abhi…you know what I’m so happy today…Oh my god… thank you… thank you… thank you so much…”and she shouted and jumped in overwhelming happiness.Abhi was smiling at his angel who was in immense happiness after hearing his dream come true news which was her dream too.”My baby..My Romeo you did man..I have to thank all mighty for this happiness…Abhi…”she screamed in joy.”Ohho jaanu..calm down”,he said.”Oh Abhi tell me when was the concert”,she asked.”On the day of your joining”,he said.”What???”,she was exclaimed yet again in the minute.”Yes…”,he replied with a sweet smile.”Oh..god..

I told you na Abhi.. everything ll fall in place on time..See that’s what happened now..On the same day I’m gonna join in my job and you gonna do your own concert..Oh..god which means we gonna step in to our career on the same day”,she said by covering her mouth with her palms.

“Baby…chillax…”,said her man.”Okay..chillax..So only two weeks to go”,said Pragya.”Umm..well Haan… Within a week we gonna be graduates”,he said while holding her hands.”Ya..Abhi it’s just like a dream but years passed like raining clouds”,she said with a smile in corner of her lips which made him to smile brighter.”Well..After a year we gonna get married..won’t us we planned all this ryt”,he asked raising his brows.Hearing that she turned to the brightest color of red in shyness which gives glow on her blushy cheeks.She smiled from her eyes and looked down where their fingers are locked together.”Oye..Oye..Meri sharmili..”,he teased her.She feel embarrassed to become shy before him but she e couldn’t help over that she managed to control all her shyness and lifted her head to face him “What…Who…

who is blushing here…”,she asked while controlling all her shyness and smile.
He couldn’t help he smiled at his cutie pie and encircled his hands around her shoulder”You look so cute while blushing and I feel I wanna eat your crimson red cheek apple ryt now”he said and about to kiss her cheek but she pushed him”What are you doing”,she asked him with her eyes widened.His eyes popped out”You don’t know what I’m doing I’m trying to kiss my girl”,he said in a disappointment.”But I don’t wanna you to kiss me now”,she said and saw his puppy face and she managed to control the smile.”What..Did I wanna ask you when to kiss”,he asked.”Ofcourse it’s mutual”,she said.”Achaa..Mujhe attitude dhika rahi ho”,he asked with a raising his brows.”May be..”,,she said.”Then you ll see the consequences”,he warned her.”Consequences..well I ll manage Mr.Mehra”,she said.”No you can’t”,he said with a grin.”Itna confidence”,she asked.”Haan.. because

I have a strong matter with myself”,he said and whistled at her to come closer.She came closer and he bend towards her ear and whispered”I won’t help you in hooking ur bra”,he said with a proud grin.She smiles and signed him to bend down and whispered”No need of that because I’m using Hook less one”,she said with a win over smile and walked away leaving a disappointmented defeated face behind.

“This is not fair”,he shouted.”Come breakfast is ready”,she replied back.”I don’t want anything”,he said in anger.”What…I couldn’t hear you”, came the reply with a sharp tone.Abhi panicked”Nothing baby…I said I’m coming”,he replied back and murmured”This girls na using the word WHAT because it doesn’t mean they didn’t hear properly it means they are give us a chance to correct what we said before”.A hand tapped his back he turned to see his baby turned lady Hitler is standing there with a raised eye brows.”What…”,he asked.”I wanna ask that what you are muttering”,she aksed with glare.”Woh.. nothing I was saying that you girls are great with you guys ll be mad”,he said with a fake smile.”Sunna meiney”,she said.”Sunney keliye bola meiney”,he replied.”No dinner for you today”,she said and left the room.Abhi gasped in shock”Paagal..Abhi…thum bhi na now how I ll cool down my pressure cooker”,he said and ran his fingers over his brushed hair.

He followed her to the kitchen counter where she was arranging food in table.He tried to catch her eyes but she keep on ignoring him.”I’m sorry yaar”,he said but she didn’t mind and concentrated on her work.Suddenly the power goes off.”Shit..”,she said in anger and searched for candle and lighted the candle but she couldn’t see Abhi there.She started to scare of dark but she didn’t show up and took candle in her hand and entered their room.In the dark area with little candle light finally she find a glimpse of him actually his shining dark black eyes staring at her with a smile she looked into his deep eyes.Eyes were locked with the love.

He smiled at her and came before her and sang slowly with his soft tender voice..
Jab Se Tere Naina Mere Naino Se Laage Re (Since your eyes met my eyes)
The words which broke her eyes lock with him & controlled her smile and pretend to be anger and looked away.He smiled at her hiding smile and continued….
Jab Se Tere Naina Mere Naino Se Laage Re (Since your eyes met my eyes)
Tabse Deewaana Hua, Sabse Begana hua (Since then I got mad,I got away from all)
Rab Bhi Deewaana Laage Re (Even god looks mad to me now)
Jab Se Tere Naina Mere Naino Se Laage Re …

She smiled and passed him he immediately catch her wrist and she amused and relived her hand from his hand and moved away but he didn’t let her to be fake her anger on him he followed her and sang….
Jabse Mila Hai Tera Ishaara Tabse Jagi Hain Bechainiyaan (Since I got your signal,restlessness is there)
She turned to him and raised her eyebrows which conveying “Is it” expression.He nodded yes and continued…
Jabse Huyi Sarghoshiya Tabse Badhi Hai Madhoshiyaan (Since there are whispers,intoxication has gone high)
By singing this he pulled her to him she pushed him he smiled and fall on his knees and widened his arms ans continued…..
Jabse Jude Yaara Tere Mere Mann Ke Dhaage Re (Sice the threads of your heart and mine are attached)

Tabse Deewaana hua, Sabse Begaana hua (Since then I got mad,I got away from all)
Rab Bhi Deewaana Laage Re (Even god looks mad to me)
Oh Rab bhi deewana laage re ohooooo…..
She smiled at him but when he saw her she hides it which was the beautiful one of her for him he wanted to see her fake anger and the precious smile more and more.
Jabse Huyi Hai Tujhse Sharaarat, Tabse Gaya Hai Chain O Karaar (Since there’s been a mischief with you, rest and peace has gone)

“oh really”,she asked and he nods like a baby she smiled at him brightly.
Jabse Tera Aanchal Dhala, Tabse Koi Jaadu Chala (Since your scarf came down, some magic has worked upon me)
She stared at him and he made a puppy face which made her to broke into pearl of smile in her face.Which made him mad and he held her hand and placed in his chest.
Jabse Tujhe Paaya Yeh Jiya DhakDhak Bhaage Re (Since I got you, this heart beats fast)
Tabse Deewaana hua, Sabse Begaan hua (since then I got mad, I got away from all)
Rab Bhi Deewaana Laage Re (even god looks mad to me now)
Rab bhi deewana laage re……oh…oh
Jab Se Tere Naina Mere Naino Se Laage Re……..

She giggled and said “My Rockstar Romeo” and throwed her arms around his neck and hugged him tight he smiled at her and hugged her back and kissed on top of her head.She giggled from his chest.”Why are you laughing”,he asked confused.She broke the hug and said “Looks like rats are running in someone’s stomach”she giggled again.Abhi stared her at corner of his eyes.”Achaa..Come meri bacchu..lets have dinner”,she said and dragged him to the table.”You are right jaanu my stomach is rumbling”,he said.”Haan…Okay now come let’s have dinner”,she said.”Wait..I didn’t freshup yet..I ll be back in minute”he said and moved towards the room.”Arey..wash your hands properly don’t hurry okay”,she shouted.”Okay Mumma”,he shouted back from the room which made her to feel all the love of him.

Love to be continued…..
By Srimathi.
Hey guys this story theme was made by me and initial episodes was written by Eliza and she posted this when only two episodes were written fully and she didn’t posted after that and she was busy in her personal work and she will join me when she is free.Hope you guys will be okay with this.
Thanks for reading.
The song video link which i used in this chapter from the movie Sawaariya

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