Love aaj kal (KKB) Chapter 3


Chapter 3

It was a snowy day,Pragya was in her class along with Tina and Sanju.Rahul was ogling at sanju.Tina and Pragya starts to tease them.Sanju and Rahul made excuses and left the class.”,’s boring yaar let’s move out”,said Tina.”But its important class I’m not coming”,said Pragya.”Okay then I’m leaving u die in this damn gonna have snow storm within hour you gonna suffer”,said Tina and left the class.Pragya turned around to scan the class room.It was almost empty only 2 persons are there one is Pragya and another one is the lecturer.They both look at each other and both blurt out in laughter.”’s too insane no one is there”,said Ms.Julia.”Yes..Ms.Julia scared of the upcoming snow storm and they left not because of your lecture”,smiled Pragya.”Okay…lets meet tomorrow”,said Ms.Julia and left the class room.Pragya too smiles and thinks,’Today there is no work in cafe too I’m gonna die of boredom’ and walked over the campus.

She heard guitar strumming from the gallery area she know very well who is strumming the guitar she slowly goes in no one is there except her man who is seriously working on his music.She took baby steps and sat before him and heard his music in silent he didn’t noticed her as he was closing his eyes while composing.She lost in the music and also with the man.’You are so talented Romeo and my one and only dream is to see you as a Rockstar…My Rockstar Romeo’,she thought herself and smiled and ogled him.Abhi opens his eyes and sees queen of his world of desires and dreams before him keenly observing him,his desires and his dream.She sees his unclosed eyes he raises his brows.She nods no with a satisfactory smile which was given by his music and also by him.”What..”,he asked by scrunching his nose.”Nothing…just”,she said with a smile by pulling his cheeks.”Hawww…”,he smiled by rubbing his cheeks.She smiled at her grown up kid.

“You don’t have classes”,he asked while keeping guitar aside.”No.. Actually…”,her words stopped for a second as he pulled her between his legs by holding her waist.She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck “Actually all bunked the class coz its gonna strom heavy”,she said.”Oh..then why you came here”,he asked with his familiar grin.”Hmm.. going by this way I heard a good music that’s I’m here”,she said.”Actually today the snow is heavy”,he said.”Haan.. Romeo it gonna be strom soon if you are done here lets go else we ll struck in snow storm”,she said.”Hmm.. just a minute lemme pack my stuffs”,he said by letting her go and started to pack his things.”Hmm..lemme help you”,she said and helping him in packing.He was totally distracted with her closeness as the climate is adding him the rhythm.”Pragz..”,he said.”Hm…”,she asked.”You really wanna help me”,he asked.”Ofcourse why”,she asked with raised brows.

“Then…stay away from me else I don’t know what I ll do”,he warned.She chuckled and hugged him tight “I love you my Romeo”,she said and broke the hug and stood in her toes and gave a deep kiss in his cheek.”Jaan..thum bhi na..bas bas come let’s leave”,he said with a smile while she was chucking and didn’t broke her face burrying kiss in his cheek.”Bas..bas..bas..pragz..”,he said.She broke the kiss and smiled at him.”My face gone inch inn..”,he said while rubbing his cheek.”Cho chweet”,she said and pulled his cheeks.”Ouch…..devil…what happened to you today”,he asked.”Love to tease you”,she said.”Ab chale”,she asked.He nods and both walked out hands in hands.As they were walking towards their home the snow was heavy she started to shiver.”Jaan..are you okay come let’s have a coffee and then we ll continue”,he said by hugging her sideways close to him.

“No..Romeo let’s leave by metro..I can’t walk”,she said.”Okay..come see bus had arrived”,he said.And both got inside the metro it was so rush.Abhi and Pragya was standing.Abhi held Pragya protectively.She was feeling suffocated.”Abhi..i feel suffocated”,she said.”You smell alcohol”,he asked.”Hm…”,she nods.”Come this side”,he said and stood between the drunken man and Pragya.”Just few minutes..we ll reach”,he said.She nods and hugs him by placing her head on his chest.”Baby from tomorrow we ll travel in our bike”,he said.”Okay”, she said in a low voice.He strokes her hair.They reached nearby lane and started to walk.She was holding his hands and resting herself on his arm while walking.”What happened your mood gone baby become sad”,he asked.”Nothing…I feel low”,she said.”I think you are tired and hungry”,he said.”Yes..”,she said still in low tone.

They both reached their home.”You go and take rest I ll back with something to eat”,he said.”It’s okay Romeo I’m okay now I’m just suffocated of that smell”,said Pragya with a smile.”Are you sure…you are okay”,asked Abhi while tucking her hair behind her ears.”I’m okay Romeo”,she said.”Okay jaanu..”,he said while pulling her cheeks.”Jaanu???”,she asked while scrunching her nose.”Haan..who is my jaan… jaan plus you..JAANU”,he said with a proud.”Wah…Abhi..Kya baat hai”,she said while chuckling.”Jaanu..”,he said in a husky tone.She giggled.He too smiled at her “Okay jaanu..I have an important work I ll back soon”,he said and about to leave.”Hey.. stop.. You are going out in this snow storm no way I’m not letting you out”,she said while dragging him inn.”Jaanu.. please na I have to go please please please”,he pleaded with a puppy face.The face she couldn’t resist”Okay..but one second..”,she said and got in to the closest and came with many stuffs which made Abhi too pop out his eyes in amusement.”Pragz..what’s all this”,he asked when his jaw dropped down.”Just listen to your jaanu”,she said with a smile and took a heavy leather jacket and made him to wear that.”’s enough I’m feeling warm..

so no need of this head caps please I ll look older please jaanu”,he pleaded with a puppy face.”Aww..Romeo this never gonna work this time”,she said and forcibly made him to wear head caps with a ear pad and a pair woollen gloves and she didn’t even forget the warm long boots too.” may go now”,she said with a wide smile.”Arey..Can I go to school now mummy ji”,he asked with a irritation as he dressed protectively like a school boy.”Sure my may go know..and listen don’t dare to undo all this”,she warned.”Okay Mumma”,he with a grin and left home by collecting his bike key leaving smiling Pragya behind.

She was cooking in their kitchen and that’s the time she heard their door unlocking sound but she ignored as the sound is from the snow storm she turned towards to her stove counter and placed a sauce pan on the stove.Suddenly a pair of hands came from behind and held her waist she was jerked and scared to the death when she was about to shout a palm came to her mouth and covered it she immediately grabbed a tossing pan and started to beat the stranger’s back to get relive from the stranger’s grip.He started to shout which seems to be her most familiar voice she pulled away from him and gasps in shock it was her Romeo.He pushed her with a pain by rubbing his back “Pagal…it’s me”,said Abhi in pain.”I’m sorry sorry sorry Romeo I thought someone im really sorry…”,she said by holding her ears.Abhi smiled”It’s okay..leave it I have a surprise for you”.Pragya wondered”Surprise???”….
Love to be continued…………

Story be Srimathi.
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