Love : A story of past to present – Part 3

Akshat follows Guddan .


And everyone else is tense for her.

Bhusan –  What have I done,  what if anything happens to the kids. .

Dadi – Relax,  No harm can come to my granddaughter till Akshat is by her side.

Durga – You are right dadi,  he won’t let anything bad occur. And then Guddan is best car racer in the college.

Rewati – Yes nothing can go wrong and they both will be together soon.

Dadi – I hope so.

Durga –  Hope they’ll clear all about that day.

Dadi – Durga you know that was nothing but a misunderstanding.

Durga – I know that infact we all know that but Guddan what about her.?

Rewati –  Yea,  that’s true how will she react when she’ll know the truth.


Guddan goes to a hill. Akshat follows her. But he looses control of his bike and rushes to trench. Guddan sees this in rear view mirror and stops.

Now her tears are more of fear than of pain.

She runs towa the site. Akshat is holding a stone guddan see him and rushes to her car and gets a cloth Akshat holds it and reaches up.

Guddan – What the hell do you think you were doing 😡😡

Akshat – please listen to me 🐭

Guddan – What if something happened to you,  I have told you years ago and am repeating myself don’t come near me .

Akshat -(Holds her by her shoulder) what will you do if I come close to you. Why you are doing this to me  .

Guddan sees that his hand is bleeding.

Guddan – Look this happens when you try to come near me .

Akshat – This is what ha when you go away not when you are with me.

Guddan takes him to the car and apply bandage on his wound.

Akshat – Why you want me to go away.

Guddan – Look I have had enough and now have moved on and so should you.

Akshat keeps silence and don’t even utter a single word .

Guddan drops him at his place and leave.

Akshat – To whom are you lying to Me or yourself. Stop doing this to you Guddan.

Guddan without giving much attention leaves.


At Akshat’s place

Rewati – Dada what happened to you??

Bhusan – How you got injured,  are you alright.

Rewati –  You look so worried is Guddan fine .

Akshat – Yea she is fine and I just meet a small accident nothing serious Guddan saved me.

He says I need need rest and goes to his room.

At Guddan’s place.

Dadi hugs guddan.

Where were you I was so tensed.

Durga –  Guddan is everything okay with you.

Guddan tells them whole story and says.

Guddan – Why you called him here you know I was danger for him.

Dadi –  No guddan it’s not true.

Guddan –  Whatever you might say he was almost dead just because of me.

She leaves .

Durga goes to Guddan’s room

Durga –  You keep your self away from him so that he won’t be hurt but by this way you are hurting him more.

Guddan  – Then you tell me what else can I do .

Durga –   Today is the day you should know one truth .

Guddan – What kind of truth are you talking about,  tell me.

Durga – That day years back that accident was not an incident it was intentionally well planned thing .

Guddan – You are lying,  so that I can go to Akshat.

Durga – No I am not we all just got to know about it almost 3 month’s after that accident but till then you were gone .

And when you retuned we were worried how you’ll react.

Guddan gets up and goes out to her car and drives Durga calls dadi and they both follow her.

She reaches to Akshat’s pl Rewati have told the whole thing to Akshat and he is saying there devastated .

Guddan – Aksh…

Akshat – Why you are here now,  you moved on right so have I.

Guddan goes near him.

Guddan –  Ohh so you have what moved and throws pillow at him he catches it then she throws ball,  blanket and then she hold a jug.

Akshat –  Guddan no it’s a jog please sorry… I’m sorry.

Guddan throws the jug away and hugs him he hugs her back.

Dadi and Durga reach there and they smile. So everything is sorted now.

They enter and sit in the hole.

In Akshat’s room they both are still in each others embrace.

Guddan – I am sorry.. You suffered alot because of me.

Akshat – It wasn’t you Guddan it was someone else who wanted us to be separated but now we are together.

They wipes wipe each other’s tears. Akshat places a kiss on Guddan’s forehead and then Rewati appears.

Rewati – Hello!!!

They break there hug. And look at each other and than at Rewati.

Rewati –  so if you are done with your romance everyone is waiting for you.

Guddan and Akshat both blush  😄😄

Precape -A girl and a boy are quarreling .

The past is soon going to be revealed .



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