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This story prologue was given long back but wasn’t able to continue but now we are back with this Story ☺

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Night had fallen fast upon the land. No more than an hour ago the sky was painted with hues of red, orange and pink, but all colour had faded leaving only a matt black canvas with no stars to be looked upon , He was standing in balcony lost in his thought’s remembering those harsh memories which leave his soul in vulnerable state ?

He is a dead soul , his past is haunting him every second , He fear what if his past effect’s his present and future, what was his mistake that everyone left him ?

Was he ever made for love , don’t he deserve care , love and affection ? His past grips him in fear what if she will leave him like everyone ?

How will he compose himself when the only reason of his survival today will leave him ? How will he be able to hold himself back when he know it’s impossible ?

He don’t want to fall apart cause of his past but today’s incident had gripped an Unknown fear in him ?

He is already broken , his soul is shattered beyond repair ? He know she is healing him making an effect on him , He want to lose himself to her but the fear of her leaving him hold’s his feeling’s in a dark corner of his heart ?

He is scared to loose her ?

He is scared to once again loose himself to the complete darkness again ?

Though his life still had the traces of that darkness but she had been successful to pull him into light , what he fears is loosing himself again ?

He wonder will he ever be able to live a happy life he dreamt of ?

Does really love is written in his destiny this time ?

Or is it again a betrayal and heart break?


I want to pull him out of the darkness that had invaded him since long but what happened today might have once again pulled him back into those memories ?

I wish I could take all his pain upon myself but I am not able to do that , I failed to even share his pain ?

Why Babaji?

Why alway’s he have to suffer ?

Why can’t they leave him in peace ?

Why can’t you just let him be happy?

What’s his mistake?

Why he alway’s ends up being broken and shattered ?


So Here it’s short snap ?

TWINJ’s respective POV !

What’s the past that’s haunting Kunj?

What’s the pain that’s forcing him to hold back his feeling’s?

What effect past has on him that he is feared to lose himself to her ?


Character Sketch will be up soon ?

To know more keep reading ☺

I have given link to prologue hope it work’s and get’s posted ?

Here we take leave ?
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  1. Amazing… Post the epi soon plz… ??

  2. Fenil

    Interesting plot.
    Loved it.
    I m toh allso waiting for Dillagi.

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    Loved it

  4. amazing aamna!
    luved it

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    Both of u…….just amazing written ❤️
    Looking forward to it???
    Post soon ❤️

  7. SidMin23

    Nice waiting for episode

  8. Ananya_DSK

    Too good for words girls!! You nailed it…
    The amount of excitement you’ve created just by the prologue is just unbelievable!!
    Kunj’s emotions were so beautifully portrayed…. Twinkle’s too… Absolutely amazing!! Loved it!

  9. sudha chandrika

    Interesting,and u know reading it with listening to back ground music makes it more happening I am impressed continue the same please

  10. sudha chandrika

    Hai Aamna and Priya….I went through ur prologue it’s sad to know about ur condition and I appreciate ur spirit that even with this condition ur posting ff which means ur a fighter….get well soon dear

  11. Ramya

    Awesome yaar amazing
    Aanu is priya talking with you. If yes
    Then please ask her to talk with me.
    She left whatsapp and I don’t have other source to talk with her.
    Please convey my message
    Love you

  12. Awsm…..
    Luvd it…. Post soon ….

  13. Awesome episode dear
    plzz post soon dear
    luvvv u

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