LOVE… But on 1 CONDITION (Episode 3)

Heyyyyaaaaaa…..hola friends…i am back with the 3rd episode of Love but on 1 condition…

Incase u missed the 2nd epi…its here for u all..

Episode 2

                  "The Bride"(bold letters)

"There she was descending down the stairs..wearing a red and gold blouse…minimal make up..a maang tika and  diamond piece..yeah ya..she was looking nice..ohkay ohkay..i mean beautiful..angelic indeed..but the only thing missing in her whole attire was a smile..her smile..which was very important to me once!she was brought down a
And made to sit next to me"…

But the marriage couldn't be proceeded…

Do u all want to know why?

"Durga where's the pandit"shekhar asked..
"I have no idea..infact he shd have been here by 6pm only..its already 9..and 9:15 is the mahurat time given by him.."replied durga calculating

"I had no damn idea about..where was the pandit. I mean i was finding this situation very fishy..i repeat very!..

"Shekhar where is the pandit call him already 9:10 we cant afford loosing the mahurat can also affect their married life"worried sumi

"Ji..pls see na..where is the pandit?"kinda shouted Ap

"MEIN YAHA HOOON!"said a voice
(I am here!)

Everyone turned back to see..the pandit..but!..
Everyone started laughing or i shd say closing their eyes..

The pandit was wearing (pun intended)a ghanji(banyan) and boxer

Everyone started laughing..

"Everyone were laughing except miss theeki mirchi…her face went if she didnt want him to if she was the reason of his condition..i started worrying?? about what did she do with him…but my so called fear went soon as i heard ragini swearing the pandit under her breath.."

"Pandit ji you in this condition "asked shekhar controlling his laughter..which could burst out any time

"Kya batau beta (what shd i say son)i reached at 6pm dot but someone blindfolded me and started And kept me in captivity…i dont who she was..
She also hit me using a stick..and this is not the end she also sprayed the mosquito spray all over the room."pandit said..

"She"i asked loudly…and i got the wanted reply ragini was glaring me with blood shot eyes..she understood that i knew her plan hence she decide to keep mumm…"

"Ji beta she was a girl..but she covered her mouth with a mask hence i was not able to understand her real voice..but she wanted this marriage to break..she said if i conduct this marriage i will die.."feared pandit ji..

"Pandit ji dont worry..we will take care of that girl very well"i said..

Ragini gulped in fear..

"Lets continue with the marriage proceedings..mahurat time is going"


"How dangerous is she i i was entering the room..ya we got married and it was our…."

But as soon as i entered the rooom….

My expectation-

Ragini would be sitting on the bed waiting to confront me..i wouldn't say blushing coz we had nthng btwn as that sought..

But the reality-

She was sleeping on the bed…she changed into her night dress..a pyjama and a tank top..she was looking cute she had sweet smile on her face!…


I have to take away the smile frm her she was the reason of my FIRST FAILURE!if it would have been true..without any kindof cheating i would have accepted but she is a


PRECAP- Ragini gets a very big shock on her first day

So how was the epi friends..i know i am very late..sorry actually i am travelling for my if i get wifi connection i will upload the epi soon..

So do tell me whether u like it or not…i am eagerly waiting for ur reviews

Loads of Love

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