My most lovable hate: sukor (Part 1)

Hi guys,this is my second fanfiction on sukor.This one is a teaser and I hope u enjoy it.

Mumbai,a very big city has several small dreams jostling in it.Students from whole country migrate to this city with a dream of a glorious career.One such girl was chakor. Chakor who had a meritorious career in her school topped in her city in the board exams.soon after she got admission in IIT Mumbai.This was her new start and she was equally excited for it.
Another one was Suraj,who just finished his first year in IIT Mumbai and was chakor’s senior.He was extremely handsome.All the girls,his juniors as well as seniors use to die for him.He was very proud of his attitude and stardom in the college.No other boy in the college could rise himself as equally as Suraj.
So, the time comes when chakor enters this strange place among strange people in this strange city.It was her first day when she entered this place which was meant to change her life forever.
And the first thing that happened there was her collision with ruhaan, Suraj’s best friend.Ruhaan was Suraj’s best friend but was completely different from him.There friendship was the outcome of there vast variation in there nature.Suraj was aggressive and he was not.Suraj hated talking to girls and he did not.Suraj was not at all friendly but Ruhaan was much.
So this fanfiction deals with the relationship of three hearts completely different from udaan storyline.After such pathetic bandhua track, I hope u all would like it.sukor in this youth tashan would surely drive your mind.
Ruhaan collision with Chakor led to there mutual interaction.and then……….,……………………………..
Sorry it’s only a teaser.

Precap: Suraj does ragging with Chakor in the Fresher’s party and Ruhaan protests.

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  1. Awesome teaser!!! Waiting for d 1st part

    1. Vksingh

      I will soon update it

  2. Hi viku,
    how r u?
    I m silent reader
    it’s not possible 2 cmt each nd every part or ffs..
    but i like ur ff very much…
    eagrly wating 4 next parts..
    plz please try 2 update soon..
    don’t stop writing plz
    thanku very 2 all sukor authors much 4 ffs..
    take care

    so v r wating viku..
    u all do greaat job

    1. Vksingh

      Thanks .I have planned something very interesting and I will soon update it.

  3. Sounds interesting….. pls update it fast…

  4. The storyline is very good and completely different from the track of udaan
    Waiting for your next updates…

  5. very good story track continue

  6. good update soon

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