My most lovable hate: sukor (Chapter 2)


The Fresher’s party incident was now losing its place from the college headlines.Chakor’s performance and responses in the class lecture was taken into was her birthday today.11:50, when Ruhaan entered chakor’s room with the help of Sakshi.
Sak:come in fast.see I have decorated the room.
R: actually I was trying to persuade Suraj to come with me but u know,he is so stubborn.
S:u are simply mad!U were bringing Suraj that too in front of her.she hates him n u think u will make them is next to impossible.

R:but Suraj is a very good guy once u turn friend with the way, l won’t do that again.
They see towards the clock, and its almost 12.they start singing, happy birthday to you………………….. Chakor wakes up.She is amazed to see that her brand new friends have prepared so much for her.She was very happy to see that whatever they were acknowledged about her likes/unlikes in two days,they did it for her.Candle blowing,cake cutting……………………
Meanwhile,Suraj who was so much requested by Ruhaan to accompany him to Chakor’s birthday celebrations,was having a sleepless night.He picked up his books but that too seemed to him like eeeeuuuuuu……………….
He went to his balcony.One side of boy’s hostel building faced the other side of girls hostel building.He could see lights on in chakor’s room.He had several thoughts jumbling in his minds.
I have seen so many girls in college but the attitude she has is just………………..but why am I thinking about that.But she even has a charm that I observed when today, Ruhaan showed me her photos.Be it whatever,but I think there is no girl yet born on earth who could match me.

Then,he sees Ruhaan coming back n says,
S:so how was your celebration.
R: was good.But u know I don’t like anything without u.
S:oooooo………..Then why u are so friendly to that girl when I hate her.
R:Suraj,u won’t understand.She is so good,the time she entered the campus,I started admiring her.i think I like her.
S:are you takes some time to get in relation with someone and u started liking her in just two days………………(saw his fading face)……..Then u should confess.
R:Suraj,she is very studious.She won’t allow herself to fall in love and get distracted.

Suraj sees Ruhaan’s upset face and decides that if chakor agrees on her own,then fine.if not, then I’ll do something.
Chakor went to purchase some books,on the same day in was a street where there wasn’t any crowd rather complete barren.Although,she was new,but Sakshi told her the address.She was returning when suddenly she saw that a jeep started circling her.She stopped and so the jeep.5-6men jumped over and surrounded her from all sides.She could make out that they were her uncle’s men.She said to herself,”I won’t go back there.”and started running from middle of the two men.She ran as fast as she could with5-6 men behind her.She was running like anything,her books fell on the way and she looked for a hiding place.She saw a car in front of a ice cream parlour.Luckily the car wasn’t locked.She opened the back door and got inside it making her as small as she could.The man searched her but were unsuccessful.

After five minutes,the owner of the car entered the car and sat on the driver seat.He started driving when suddenly he felt some disturbance,in the back seat.He looked behindand there was a simultaneous cry from both sides,”tum…………”
A hush fell over. Actually the driver was Suraj.He stopped the car and said,”what the hell u are doing in my car.”
C:the hell here is that this is your car.

S:excuse me!U got into this car.Why ?How?Do I have the right to know.
Chakor realized that this time she needs to behave properly as this is his car and she needs his help.
C:Suraj, actually I am in a very big problem.plz save me.
S:oh my god………………….poor darling,if u would have showed me your so pitiful condition,I would have not done that to u.
Chakor trying to control herself:suraj,some people are behind me plz take me to the college.
S:I hope u are not a pickpocket.Why so?………….U are not even so beautiful that they would run behind u.

C:they are my uncle’s men who want to kill me.and I can’t tell u beyond that.
S:ok fine……………but let me tell u I am not your driver,come in front.
She goes in front but not in a civilian manner.she goes in front from middle of the seats.she sees Suraj making faces.and says,”don’t be annoyed.if I’ll go out, they will easily see me.

Suraj starts driving.chakor thinks,”oh god,there wasn’t any other man on earth to help me that u sent again it’s your turn,but soon my time will come.”
Suraj: criticizing me or yourself.By the way, happy birthday!
Chakor looks at him and says,”thank u and I was not criticizing u .It was actually my uncle.”
S:it seems u too are fed up of your family.
C:no never.actually I don’t know even what a family is.i was left as an orphan at an early age and now I starve for my parent’s love
S:u should find some one who could love u as your parents did(signalling towards Ruhaan).

Chakor looks on.Anyone who would read the last few lines, won’t be able to make out that they are biggest rivals but it was true.
Suraj drops chakor . Chakor enters her room scared and explains everything to her.
Sak:did u say thanks to him
Sak:u should have.
C:OK then, tonight I would celebrate my birthday.I myself will invite Suraj and say thanks to him.

She went to the canteen where both were sittingwith coffee.Till then Suraj told everything to Ruhaan.Before this Chakor used to ignore them, when the two sat together.But today she went on her own.Ruhaan offered her seat and brought her a coffee.
C: actually,I wanted u both to come with me to a restaurant nearby for my birthday treat.
S:I think u said something wrong.
C:no .I want you too to u did a lot for me.
R:but tell me one thing,how your uncle came to know that u are here.
C: actually, today my sister called me and told that one of my uncle’s trusted person’s son studies here.may be that’s why he came to know.
S: excuse me!I think me too is involved in this conversation.may I know what’s going on.
C: actually,my uncle wants my I turned 18.and he wants to take my property and kill me.i have somehow escaped from there.
S:oooooo, adventurous!
R:so fine chakor,we both will come.

S:when did I say ????
R:u need not to say.we both will go.
Suraj argues with Ruhaan that why he said yes to her.i don’t like to attend girls party.Ruhaan somehow manages to make him ready for the dinner.They go.
In the restaurant, chakor ,Sakshi,Suraj and, Ruhaan settled at there places.Chakor was a very good observer.She noticed that Ruhaan is somewhere lost.
C: Ruhaan,in which thought you are engrossed.
Suraj makes out that Ruhaan is thinking of his confession to chakor.
S: yes yes tell us,plz.
Ruhaan makes faces and says, nothing.
S: liar!!I know what he is thinking.

C:so tell me too.
S:poor darling!U won’t like if I will tell u.Rather u should listen that from him.
R: (in a stammering voice)what rubbish’s nothing.
Chakor (to Suraj):by the way, what’s this poor darling.
S:poor darling,I haven’t seen u in any other state except this.Thus ,I call you‘poor darling’.
Precap: chakor is nowhere to be seen.everyone is searching her when they see a letter on her study table.

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