My most lovable hate: sukor (Chapter 1)

So chakor met Ruhaan who was academically excellent.He not only helped her in studies but even made her acquainted with whole campus.Suraj was his best friend although both were like ice and fire but they couldn’t sustain in other’s absence.
In the canteen, when Ruhaan was sitting with chakor.Suraj who was in his father’s house for some property based reason,text him.
S: what’s up!
R:fine bro.How are you?i hope nothing went wrong.
S:noooo nothing.its me do u forget.
R: when are u coming back.?
S:today in flight.ending all my connection from this hell.
R:then come I have a new friend in our company.
Chakor sees him busy and says,”I think I must go. I am going with Sakshi to buy a dress for me for the Fresher’s party.”
Ruhaan,”ok bye!”

It’s the time when chakor enters the party.She was wearing a blue gown off shoulder with small stars all over it.When she entered Ruhaan was already there.He welcomed her and complemented on her beauty.Suraj was already there.
Soon a game began, truth and dare.two teams were made-juniors and seniors.A volunteer was choosed each time who would represent the respective was Suraj’s and Chakor’s chance.Bottle was rolled and Suraj won.(till this time they had no introduction but now they were going to be introduced to each other in a very wears way.)
Suraj:so I won.Truth or dare………wait I know truth………….girls can never dare.
Everyone started laughing.
To this, Chakor:(to prove this creature wrong,in a very arrogant manner)dare.
All stunned.

Suraj:(in a very mischevious tone)ohhh,so your dare is u will have to kiss me.
At this Chakor was stunned.The crowd began howling.The girls who were always trying to persuade Suraj were annoyed at this.
Suraj(taunting her):guys,so our miss dare has lost.(leaning towards her)am I right???
Chakor looked on.She had mixed feelings.She was annoyed at this stranger.But she herself was the one who never backed.How can she do it now.but her girlish instincts not allowed her to do that.
Ruhaan was already annoyed at this.He signalled Suraj not to be so mean.But Suraj was like a fixed pole,hard to move.Ruhaan then protested at this and said,”guys,plz stop it chakor won’t do this.”
To this, chakor more annoyed said,”I will do that.”
She advanced towards Suraj to kiss him on his cheek.Suraj stares at her.Inspite being a challenger,he was equally nervous as they both were at a inch distant, when chakor raised herself up to reach that cheek,6 feet’s high.Just then,Suraj backed away leaving each spectator in despair .
He said,” these kind of girls only find guys to make them their dogs their dogs. look at her, she was so excited to kiss me.(to chakor)have u not seen rich guys before??”
Chakor’s eyes were full of water but she controlled them.And after this went straight away to her room.She had not been insulted in such a way in her lifetime and began crying when her roommate Sakshi was constantly consoling her.Ruhaan came in her room to say sorry on behalf of Suraj.But when chakor learnt that they were both friends,she ordered him to move out of her room.That night she wasn’t able to sleep thinking to how many people l will explain the reason that why I decided to kiss start so bad.what I will do for remaining 4years.And that creature would be here for three years.damn it.
She slept that night with a very heavy heart.When she woke up,she saw Ruhaan standing with a coffee in his hand.She apologized for her rude behavior.
R: Chakor I am sorry, actually Suraj is not like that.He is arrogant but he is not bad hearted.
C(annoyed at him):I know he is your friend but let me tell u he is my enemy.i hate him from the depth of my heart.i never came in IIT to encounter such obsessed people.They don’t even know how to respect girls.Does he not have mother or sister?
R:no! Chakor what kind of life he led,he can’t be better than this.
C: what kind of life I led this is nothing for me but still I have heart.i can’t dare to insult people in such an absurd way.
Ruhaan felt it’s useless to argue.

It was not that both had led a life of hell.The thing that mattered was their unacceptance for a life in heaven.
Chakor was going through a corridor for her lecture when she saw Suraj talking to someone on the phone.She decided to ignore him.When he turned finishing the call,he saw her,smirked and moved away.Altough, he thought,see the attitude.she is so night,I thought may be I have done something wrong,but the view of her right now clears my mind of the smallest guilt.

I ignored him but I could not ignore any such creature in my life.i was brought up by my uncle and his I came out of that hell I only know.His daughter has not inherited a single gene from him.It was she who helped me out of the hell.After two days,I will turn 18 and my uncle’s chase for my property will begin for which he kept me alive for 8 years.i am the owner of such huge property of my father just after 2 days and I nicely know what my uncle is going through after seeing me escaped.i can imagine his despair.

OHO,why I am thinking of that stuff, chakor.i have much more things to do.i just inherited a large land fighting a case against my father……………………..My father….no………………….my bitterest enemy.God,damn him.the devil……………..Wait what this God will do now.when he did nothing when my mother was screaming for help.if I would have not been here,I would have sure committed a murder. But this so called god snatched every single thing from me.whatever I got I got on my own,fought to get it.

Precap: chakor is surrounded by 5-6 men threatening her.She recognized that they are her uncle’s men.

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