Day one—
Dear diary,
Why in the hell am I stuck with him? I have already had had enough of my problems and the least of them is giving me most of it. How many times should I beg for his pardon, and believe me I have did it a dozen times already, yes it was stupid of me to bully him, but God! I didn’t have choice, and who told him to be all naïve and shit. Anyways, I had another squabble with my mother on the phone today. She doesn’t even comply anything that I do. And how many times I have reluctantly agreed to her requests. Since the divorce she acts like this, not that she was any different before but it was less compared to now. She blames me for their separation. What did I do to make them miles away from each other. Am I that unwanted piece of shit that they don’t give a f**k about? I was merely 8 years old to cause a tornado between the two adults. They blame me for their stupidity. Heavens! When I am going to be free from all this ruckus. And I yet hope there’s someone waiting for me, hold me in their arms and whisper sweet nothings in my ear, assuring me that everything is going to be alright. And that hope is slowly fading away…
Yours truly,

‘Where the f**k were you T?’ asked furious Nikki. Nikita was my maternal cousin, and as well she was my only best friend. We were attached to hip since our childhood. She knew about my family condition and she was the one who would be at the receiving end of my wrath whenever I would have a fight or two with either of my parents. She was the only one who understands me inside and out like no one besides my Grandma of course. God knows what she must be doing now, I already miss her. This whole vacation was in fact Nikita’s plan. Even though I had told that I wouldn’t want to be a third wheel for their family trip, she wanted for me to be away from all the chaos at the moment. And her family was the one whom I considered to be the real one rather than my parents and they were really too sweet. ‘Hello, are you there?’ she shook her arms before my sight bringing me back from all of my thoughts. ‘Yeah’ I nodded at her. ‘Well there’s this beach that I want to go’ she squeaked like a child who was about to get his favorite candy. I just chuckled at her antics. ‘C’mon, let’s go’ she dragged me out of the hotel lounge.

It was half past 6, and sun was already bidding his goodbye to the rest of the world, while he spluttered his already thinning rays all across the imaginary horizon, which were giving a gleeful range of colors right from orange to yellow to pink. I was just walking near the shore, while Nikita had gone to get us ice-creams. I had already reached one end of the bay, and was about to take a turn but retracted when I heard a certain shrill, calling for help. And me being me, immediately rushed to the source. I could see a boat kind of thing and someone was waving calling for attention. I frantically looked for any one who could help me with but seems that I was all alone. I searched for something that could bring the boat back and it has not even reaches that far, I saw an anchor with thick rope attached to it which was idly resting on the other similar boat. I took it and untangled and threw the end of it to the person waving. He smiled at me gratefully but what happened next wasn’t the one that I anticipated, the person was pulling me towards him. Has he gone mad? I was about to let loose the rope, but was abruptly stopped when some of the men rushed towards me and I look at them confusedly. One of the four men threw a dart aiming at me and the second it pierced my neck I fainted. The episode before me was all happening in such a jiffy and I wasn’t in my right mind to acknowledge it. Someone lifted me on their shoulders and was moving here and there. I would open my eyes time after time just to black out again, in those moments I remembered me traveling in some kind of boat, was then being carried to some vehicle and getting tied up to some thick ass ropes, which I was sure that they weren’t made of polymer but some branches.

I was fully awake and was blinking away all my sleep and was about to stretch my hands but just couldn’t and when I tried to jerk, my wrists hurt instead. Then I remembered all of the previous incident that had happened. I quickly searched all around, hoping I was wrong and would get up at any moment at my hotel room, but all in vain. ‘What the hell are you doing here?’ the annoying voice which I didn’t wanted to here was growling at me and I whipped my head to snap at him. ‘I can ask the same question to you Mister’ I gritted at him. That’s when I observed that he was also tied as me.

Okay people this is my first TWINJ FF so any mistakes please point it out and this isn’t long, but the next chapters would be long enough to be read and any criticism is welcome, hope you liked this… leave your lovely feedback… thank you??

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  1. Nishfd

    Glad u started the ff….
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    I think the other person with twinkle is kunj…
    K maybe….
    Post soon…

  2. Fatimaa.

    Heyy dope…
    Wowweee i m soo excited about this ff…
    This chapter was amazing…..seems like a kidnap…
    Well ur writings are way too different and i just love them……
    And for the upcoming chapters i wud telk u in advance dat they r gonna be fabulous,astounding,mindboggling and just superb….
    Coz u write very very well…
    Do post next soon..
    I ll be waiting…
    Lots of love????????????????????

  3. Sohi

    Fabulous plot
    Hehe I think the other man is kunj
    Ur ff would be awesome

    Do continue

  4. nice one

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    Ur writing is so beautiful! Just loved it! I m waiting for next! post soon!

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

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    AWESOME amazing interesting

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