Lost without you ….Two shots (shot 2)

Hey there guys !! I am back with the last shot of lost without you.Happy reading ?

Recap : Introduction.Sanskar admitted in hospital and Dr Bose treating him.

Location : Four wings health care , Bangalore
Dr Bose was sitting in her cabin as usual and thinking abt her recent events with Sanskar. How in this 2 days he had made a place in her heart . She remembers when he tried to make her smile with all of his efforts when he found her a bit low …..how he insisted on eating ice cream at night and she had to comply at that……the way he smiled made her heart flutter…..how she consoled him when he remembered his parents….But then she jerked her thoughts thinking she was just over thinking…somewhere she knew he was special but ignored it thinking she was a curse… whoever she loves goes away from her ?. She came out of her thoughts when the nurse came up with ‘His’ reports.. she opened the envelope with trembling hands and just prayed for everything to be fine !!!……

Sanskar’s pov:
Oh ! It’s been 2 days since I am struck in this hospital …. everything here is bad except Dr Bose ❤️….ohh what do I do whenever I see her I just forget to breathe…she’s such a caring personality and sooo beautiful ?….God can’t get over her … Aisi doctor ho tho I can remain in this creepy place for my whole life !? It is love at first sight for me …those deep brown eyes have a lot to say….some pain deep hidden which she doesn’t want to show anyone .. she is always strict and maintains distance but I know she loves me coz I can see the glow on her face whenever she greets me every morning ?…her smile is the best thing I can die for…

Inside swara’s cabin :

Swara sat with a thud on her chair after reading the reports …she couldn’t believe it…she just questioned God Why ? Why did he have to this to anyone ? Sanskar was suffering from coronary artery disorder and had a weak heart…he couldn’t live for more days if his operation was not done and his condition was severe…very less chances were there for his survival..she remembered him saying he experienced pain his chest from young age but doctor couldn’t figure it out and took it normal problem but Now !!!!
She cried her heart out but somehow managed and consoled herself saying the operation could be successful…and left to Sanskar’s ward .

Entering inside the room ,swara saw Sanskar making weird faces for eating his medicines …she went there and glared him and Sanskar immediately took his tablets..he noticed her puffy tired eyes as she cried and asked her if everything was alright. She decided to tell him but couldn’t make up the courage to tell him.She just passed him his reports and he read them. When he looked up after reading he found swara standing there with teary eyes and he just sighed sadly.She couldn’t control anymore and bursted crying out hugging him tightly …. Sanskar felt happy as well as sad …he hugged her back and thought to remain strong…he tried to joke l:
San : don’t cry this much else yaha PE ganga behene lagegi swara
Swara just looked up composed herself and said him not to act and she knew how he must be feeling ..Sanskar again hugged her and cried … Swara told him abt the operation but that it involved risk …this was a ray of hope for them……
Sanskar was now discharged from the hospital but he kept in touch with swara. ….swara made sure he had all his medicines on time and took great care of him…they both had become best friends and swara started to open up in front of him…she was comfortable with him but somewhere she knew this was not only friendship but something more than that…they spent most of the time hanging out together watching movies playing with kids in orphanage chatting over phones etc Sanskar’s operation day was coming near and with that their fear of loosing each other started to increase..though swara and Sankar consoled each other they knew somewhere it was only a mere Hope ! They were not sure of what would happen in the end !!!
A day before operation Sanskar was admitted and swara was sitting beside him…she was thinking how her life had taken turns in these months…how she couldn’t imagine living without him …how he had been her only person ….how he consoled her whenever she got sad …how he taught her to enjoy her life ….Sanskar who was unconscious gained senses and looked at swara who was crying by now ..he immediately took her in bone crushing hug and said how much he loved her…reciprocatingThe hug even she confessed her feelings both were on cloud 9 ….

Day of operation:

Sanskar was taken inside the OT
and swara stood outside since she was too emotional to perform the surgery . She was fighting with her own emotions but was again and again consoling herself…this 4 long hours seemed like yrs to her and finally she saw Dr Avasthi coming out ….she ran to him
…… She couldn’t believe what she heard ! She sat down with a thud … Her Sanskar was no more ….how can this happen…they had promised to be together…how could he leave her! how could he !!!! She felt so suffocated ..she had lost the only person in her life ..she cried and cried but had none who could console her….but just the memories they both had made 2together…..

Sorry guys for the end but every story does not have a happy ending ….
I am thankful for your response on my story but expect a little more….pls vote and Comment if I want me to continue writing…..
Thanku you for Ur precious time….?

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  1. Mars

    I skipped last paragraph it was so emotional.
    I thought sanskar should prove her wrong that she is not curse to lose her loved ones but it was not like this. He was mere hope in her life that too she lost and again went to her gloomy life.
    Well Nice…

    1. SaNaYa

      Hey ! Thanks for commenting ? you can find the last part on page 3 ❤️

      1. Mars

        Sorry you misunderstood I had read last part but here I said last paragraph of this part as it was very sad and emotional

  2. Awesome and emotional

    1. SaNaYa

      Thanku so much dear ❤️?

  3. Atleast give epilogue in which sanskar is live not dead

    1. SaNaYa

      Can’t promise ?

  4. Phoniex

    it was really sad dear but i liked it

    1. SaNaYa

      Thanks ?❤️

  5. So emotional..tc..

  6. Emotional……?

    1. SaNaYa

      Thanks ?❤️

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