Lost without you (Ts) part-2 (a)

Hello everyone… Don’t know how but this episode become too long then expected sorry for that…
I am getting ideas while writing the epis now tell me what to do….. Shall I apply it if yes then It will be more than 3 shot and less then 6 ….n if not then I will complete by next episode…..
Comment n tell me…..

Part 1 here


Sometimes we are so much busy in our own miseries that we can’t see the pain of others.

Lying on the bed like a lifeless body…. She don’t know what she is feeling but it pierced a mother’s heart looking at her child in such a state which she can never imagine in her wildest dream.
She sat beside her daughter and look guiltyly at her pale face …
She knew that somewhere she was the reason of her daughter’s condition today. But now it’s too late to regret.
Mrs.singhaniya:Beta…get up… Have something… Whole day u didn’t eat anything….
No response…. As always….
She cried silently n kiss her face…she Open her eyes and look at her mother n get up from bed.
Girl:Go from here…
Mrs. Singhaniya:Beta I brought dinner for you…..we will eat together *with a warm smile*
Girl:I will eat alone…. Leave from here….
Mrs singhaniya:Shona *she cupped her face*I am your mother beta…. Talk to me… Don’t behave so rudely my child…. I will die….
(Well the girl is Swara singhaniya)
Swara singhaniya:Only daughter of famous industrialist Mr. Ayush and Mrs. Amaya singhaniya.
She has gone through something which changed her life forever….. No one knows anything…. She is a drug addict….. No emotion….. She just shout whenever she feels to….. And play guitar till her fingers bleed . Cry when she can’t hurt herself.
She find peace in pain.
Swara:STAY AWAY from meeee…..why don’t you get this simple thing in your mind. I don’t need you I don’t need anyone….My loneliness is my partner. My pain is my love. Get out…..
By saying this she went to washroom
Mrs singhaniya cried seeing the hatred of her daughter.

Sanskar was reading every single detail of the reports. He never even dreamt that he will find her in such a way. He wish to meet her as soon as possible but not like this as a doctor and patient that too a patient whose condition is more than worse.

Sanskar:What happened to you swara?

After talking with his senior doctors he went to singhaniya mansion to meet her.

GET OUT I SAID …..as soon as he enter the house he hear someone screaming.He search the place.
He ask one of the servant and they show him the room.
He saw Mr. & Mrs. Singhaniya sanskar….
Mr. Singhaniya:Sanskar… You here?
But there was no response from sanskar side.
He open the door but glued on the place he was standing after seeing the scene
Swara was injecting herself with trembling hand . After she is done she throw the injection somewhere which fall near sanskar’s feet.

He walk towards her….. Wishing it to be a bad dream and when he wake up he will be assure that she is fine but alas it wasn’t…

Jhootha jag rain basera
Saancha dard mera
Mrig trishna sa moh piya
Naata mera tera
Naina.. jo saanjhe khwab dekhte thhe Naina..
bichhad ke aaj ro diye hain yoon
Naina.. jo milke raat jaagte thhe
sehar mein palke meechte hain yoon
Juda huye kadam
Jinhone li thi yeh kasam
Milke chalenge hardum
Ab baant’te hain ye gham
Bheege naina…..Jo khidkiyon se jhaankte thhe Naina..
ghutan mein bandh ho gaye hain yun

He sat beside her….. Who was lying gazing at the ceiling
No response
Sanskar:*tearly eyes*I told you that I will wait for you….. What have u done with yourself dear*caressing her face *
Swara talk to me…..swara…….
He cried his heart out
He feel a hand on his shoulder.
He look it was Mr. Singhaniya
Sanskar:Swara….see you take rest… OK…. I will be back….
He caress her face and kiss on her palm n went with Mr. Singhaniya.

To be continued………

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