Lost Without you (ts) part-2 (c)

Hey guys….. Hope you all r not bored with the story….
Part 2 b

They open the door and saw her lying in blood her legs were having scratches
Mr Singhaniya make her lie in bed and call doctor
After a while doctor come along with sanskar who seems to be running for a time
Sanskar:Swara..uncle what happen?
Ayush:Dont know sanskar we hear her scream and when we come here she was lying on floor
Sanskar:How can you leave her alone? *angry*
Amaya:She don’t want us to stay near us. We are helpless sanskar
By saying this she cried holding Swara’s hand
Sanskar sense that he was being rude to them so he keep silent
Doctor:she is fine …..Wounds are not so deep except for the right hand

Take care of her
Doctor and Mr. Singhaniya left from the room
Sanskar and Mrs. Singaniya was sitting beside her
Sanskar caress her face which has tear marks
Sanskar:Swara…see I came back.. Did u forget about your promise…Comeon get up…please swara get up

He was broken seeing her in such a state he can’t take it anymore and rush out but stop after looking something
It was a diary like thing.. There are three diaries which looks a bit old
Sanskar:Aunty…Do Swara have interest in writing diaries?
Amaya:Yes ..i have seen her many times writing diaries. We tried to found them but didn’t get why beta?
Sanskar:Here are the diaries… I am taking them
She nodded he went from there

He reached home and straightly went to his room
After freshen up he sat down and started to read the diaries.
After completing the three diaries he was in tears
It was midnight
Sanskar:U never told you have beared so much from your childhood….why Swara?
Was I not worthy to know about my best friend
He wipe his tears and call his senior doctor and talk with him regarding the case

It was nearly morning he went out for jogging

Soon he reached Singhaniya mansion.
Mr&Mrs.singhaniya were sitting in hall room by their face it can be seen that they haven’t slept last night
Sanskar:uncle anything happened ?
Ayush:She woke up at midnight due to some night mare
Amaya:Her injection was also not their so she was out of control After much struggle she slept
After so many years my child slept in my lap. *crying*
Sanskar sat with them

Sanskar:Did swara ever told anything to you people regarding her boarding school?
Both nodded negatively
Sanskar took a deep breathe
Amaya:Just she use to call me and ask me to take her from there
Sanskar:Yes…if she asked why u didn’t bring her back to home
Ayush:What happen Sanskar?
Sanskar:She was harassed till class 6 by the warden there
Her hairs were cut because once she tried to run away

She was beaten up every night after she call you to take her back
She was kept in store room for breaking a glass mistakenly
Swara was tortured more than her mind and heart can accept
She began to think that if she speak then again she have to go through the tortures
Ayush hold his head in shock
Ayush:We never have any idea this all happen with her. She never said a word.we even ask her if she is OK there
She never said all this. Just said that she want to go home We thought she was just not comfortable with the life style of the school she will adjust after a while
But this all
Sanskar:It is not only..After she was brought back from boarding school She started to take sleeping pills You know that right?
Amaya:Yes the doctors prescribed her

Sanskar nodded
Amaya:Sanskar is it all or you are hiding something from us?
Sanskar:After she went to London she was in love with someone.

Till that I know after that nothing was written in that diary.
I think after that she started to take drugs.
Now only Swara can say what happen to her in those years.
He look towards Mr&Mrs.singhaniya
Sanskar:Uncle can I see her ?
They nodded and he went to her room

He saw her sleeping hugging a pillow and sat beside her.
Sanskar:Do you remember what I said last time I met you?
You forgot me na… You forgot my words too na.
Am I so bad swara… By saying this he cried
After a while he feels that she was awake and look towards her and yes she was awake
Sanskar:Swara…swara how are you feeling?
No response
Sanskar:Swara…see na it’s me your sanskar …Did u forget me swara?
Swaraaaa…. Speak something please
He cupped her face
Swara look towards him but didn’t react

Sanskar remember something
Swara:Sanskar sing Channa mereya once more na please
Sanskar:Swara from last week u are asking me to sing the same song yaar…why?
Swara:I don’t know I feel peace in your voice, specially in that song please sing na
Sanskar:Acha chalta hoon
Duaaon mein yaad rakhna
Mere zikr ka zubaan pe swaad rakhna (x2)
(He look towards swara with lots of love)
Dil ke sandookon mein
Mere ache kaam rakhna….
(He hold her hand and place it near her heart)
Chitthi taaron mein bhi
Mera tu salaam rakhna
Andhera tera maine le liya
Mera ujla sitaara tere naam kiya
Channa mereya mereya
Channa mereya mereya
Channa mereya mereya beliya
O piya.. (x2)
Mr & Mrs. Singhaniya too come there listening to his voice.

Mm.. mehfil me teri hum naa rahe jo
Gham toh nahi hai, gham toh nahi hai
Qisse humare nazdeekiyon keKam to nahi hai, kam to nahi hai
Kitni dafaa subah ko meri
Tere aangan mein baithe maine shaam kiya
His words stuck in his throat .
He rush towards the window…. And cried
Swara:Channa mereya mereya

Channa mereya mereya
Channa mereya mereya beliya
O piya.. (x2)
All were shocked listening to her voice after so many days.
He turn back and before he can guess anything Swara hug him and cried her heart out.

Precape:Last part (only if I can)

Hey guys as u all know I am not those writers who can perfectly complete their stories in shorts…. I am very bad in it… So I don’t know what will come In my mind next….. So tolerate me for that…..

My phone is gone to jail now….. I am posting it coz mom has gone out and forgot to lock the locker…. I will directly get my phone after my exams
Before also can get if I get I will post the epis…if not please wait….

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