Lost without you (Ts) part-2 (b)

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Hall room
Ayush:Sanskar..Do you know Swara?
Sanskar nodded and hold his face in his palm
Ayush:But how?
Sanskar:We both were from same school uncle
We were very good friends
Amaya:Sanskar you both were good friends only…you said there… You were waiting
Sanskar:yes aunty… I am waiting …For my love… For my best friend… Who once came as an angel in my life
He took out a paper from his wallet and give it to Mrs. Singhaniya with a painful smile
Sanskar:She promised me
Mr. &Mrs.Singhaniya look at the paper n were shock
Ayush:It is kiddish act sanskar..you are joking right?
Sanskar:No uncle..its true

We both were in same class.She took admission in middle of the session.As I was the topper of my class teachers asked me to help her in her studies
She was too calm and always lost in her own world
By the end of class 10 we both become good friends and she also started to talk with me somewhat freely but never shared any problem I sensed that something is bothering her even I asked her few times but she never spoke anything regarding that
She was my only true friend who was with me in all the circumstances.
On the last day of our school
Swasan were sitting at the last bench of their class room.
Swara was weeping while sanskar was also in tears
Sanskar:Swara…Enough now stop crying please
Swara just nodded but still didn’t stop
After a while sanskar pass a paper to her.
Swara:Paper…what is it sanskar?
Sanskar:See yourself
She open it
But before she could read it sanskar come in front of her and sat on his need..And hold her hand
Sanskar:Swara I know after my confession you may stop talking with me forever.But if not today it will be never
Swara:Sanskar what is..
Sanskar:Listen to me..when i saw you for the first time that day I started liking you but I Never said this because I don’t want either you or me to get distracted from our studies
Today is the last day of our school after today I don’t know where you will go but I just want to say that I love you and I will wait for you
With a smile.. Now you can say
Swara was just looking at his eyes which were so honest in expressing his emotion
Swara:I always saw you as a friend… Never thought that way sanskar..i.. I don’t know what to say?
Sanskar can sense her awkwardness
Sanskar:Swara I am not forcing my feelings on you
Swara:i am not saying that but I don’t
Sanskar:I know you don’t have any such feelings for me. *smile* and by the way I am not proposing you *wink*
Swara laugh : Are you teasing me Mr. Topper?
Sanskar:I am easing you miss dreamworld
Swara just smile
Sanskar:So are you accepting this note or I am rejected?
Sanskar:You are stammering as If I am proposing you for marriage *laugh*
Wait let me read it for you
Sanskar:’I promise you that if in next 10 Years we don’t our life partner we will marry each other
See its that simple
Swara:Its not sanskar…How can you be so sure that I will not get anyone?
Sanskar:I am not saying you will not get anyone…I Am saying if we don’t get anyone…If you get then I will dance on your marriage
And by the way… Do you think I wil not get anyone? *narrow his eyes*I am handsome smart any girl can fall for me
Swara:*laugh*yes yes… My best friend is very handsome
By saying this she pull his cheeks while he just admire her face
After promising each other they went to their own destiny
Swara thought it was sanskar’s attraction which he thought as love
While sanskar’s feelings were only known to him

Sanskar:After that day…I didn’t hear anything about her
I came back last year completing my studies and internship and start to search her
But..but never wish to meet her in this way
Mr. Singhaniya went near him and place his hand on sanskar head
Ayush:You are a blessing in my daughter’s life… Your love is true
please sanskar Bring Your love back..Bring our daughter back to life or else we all will lose our life
Sanskar:No..nothing will happen to her.. I will take every possible things to make her fine… No matter what it cost I will bring that Swara back
Mr & Mrs. Singhaniya smile with tears seeing his determination
Sanskar:Uncle if possible try to find what happened to swara in this years. Ask her friends or by any source
Even a small information is very important now
Ayush:I am try from the time we brought her back but didn’t get any information other than this that ..
Sanskar:That…Are you hiding something from me uncle?
Ayush:Wo…Actually it was not an accident.. Swara..she tried to… Kill.. herself
Mrs. Singhaniya and sanskar was shocked to hell
Mrs. Singhaniya:You didn’t tell me this Ayush? When u come to know?
Ayush was mum
Amaya:ANSWER ME AYUSH…. It’s about my daughter
Ayush:After one week of her accident. My guards inform me
Sanskar:You didn’t tell me this
Ayush:i was.. Just.. I am sorry sanskar
Sanskar went from there

Our heart is our biggest enemy
Being alive but acting to be dead is living hell
When you see your parents crying but you can’t do anything
Same is happening with Swara
No matter how much she tries she has fall in a pit from where come back is now impossible.
She is just waiting for a peaceful sleep forever so that she don’t have to bear all this mental and physical pain
The first ray of sunshine fall on her face she let out a small mourn
The person loving darkness can’t bear light
She run to a corner of her room and sat down hiding her face between her knees.
Crying and giving pain is what she is doing from last few years
She don’t even remember when she went out from this room last time
She look around her room it was dark everywhere except for the little light of sun coming from the window
She went near the mirror and give a painful laugh seeing her condition
She took a perfume bottle n broke the glass into pieces
Listening to her scream Mr&Mrs singhaniya come running to her
Swara faint after shouting for a while till they come to her

To be continued

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