Lost Without You (Ts) Part-1

Hello everyone…
First try other than Ffs…
Hope it is not that bad…


Sanskar smiled looking at the piece of paper  on his hand and remembered the promise he took from his SOMEONE special

“Hey….. Where are you? Come back soon I am waiting for u?”
Saying this he kissed the paper when his trance was broke by his secretary Miss Raina.

Raina:Sir,Mr.singhaniya come to meet you

Sanskar:ok send him….and ask him to wait I will be back
Saying this he went to Freshenup
Soon he come back and gave a warm smile to Mr. singhaniya

Sanskar:Mr.singhaniya….Nice to meet you…

Mr. Singhaniya:Hello Mr. Maheswari… It’s my pleasure to meet you…. I have heard a lot about you and your achievements at this tinder age

Sanskar:Please don’t embarrasse me Mr. Singhaniya….. You are same as my father’s age please call me sanskar. *With a smile*

Mr. Singhaniya smile on his humble nature n nodded

Sanskar:So uncle,well will u mind if I call you that?

Mr singhaniya:not at all Beta
Sanskar:Thanks….ok uncle, why you need psycological help, I mean.. *cut*

Mr singhaniya:No…actually it’s my daughter who need your help. Sanskar *with tearly eyes*

Sanskar:O…I Am sorry uncle….. Please tell me everything related to her Than only I can help you?
Mr singhaniya nodded

Sanskar Kapoor:Belongs from a middle class family. He is a doctor who is known for his hard work n dedication towards his works n also the achievement he earned at the age of 26.Waiting for someone, kind, humble.


She is our only child and maybe for this she is a bit stubborn.But it doesn’t mean she was a spoil brat. She was very understanding n calm girl. We fulfill all her wish except for one….which result we r in verge to loose our child
She was very naughty child before but after we send her in boarding school she changed totally
We send her when she was at class 3
We were establishing our business so we hardly get time to give her n it doesn’t effect her studies so we send her there
After we were financially established we brought her back but then she was not our bubbly n fun-loving girl. She turn was all silent n calm
She used to avoid us totally.
We get to know that she was In some kind of pain…. She used to Scream at night for help but never spoke anything
We consult many doctors but none can help us rather than prescribing her some anti depression tablets.
We admit her in new school from class 8
After some days she started to change little by little but still keep distance from us
We were happy to see her smiling again but still miss that laugh which was once the light of our mansion
After completion of 12 she said she want to go London for fashion designer course. We tried to stop her but she decided to do so
We allow her with heavy heart

She was happily doing her dream job when one day we come to know that she meet with an accident
It’s been three years we didn’t see her as she don’t want to meet us
Sometimes her mother used to visit her but she hardly showup
We were very dishearten by her such rudeness towards us.
After knowing about her accident we brought her back to India.
And came to know that she used to take drugs.
We were shocked as I kept securities to take care of her but….
We consult many doctors to treat her but none can help her as she never bother to speak or react anything.
She has tried to harm herself many times when we refuse to give her drugs.


Mr. Singhaniya:U r my last hope sanskar ….i came to know that you have handled such type of case before and also was successful in it.
please help my daughter…..if this continues I will loose her…. Please
His words stops as his tears make its way
Sanskar pass him a glass of water

Sanskar:Uncle don’t worry I will try my best You send me her previous medical reports n give me some time to study
*with a warm smile *

Mr. Singhaniya nodded n leave from  there.


Sanskar busy with some cases when Mr. Singhaniya’s PA come to him n gave him the reports

He place it in his table n complete the present file he was studying.

As soon as his eyes fall on the file patient name he freeze in his place n said only a word ‘No’

Ending of the first part
Hope it is nice
Lots of mess is going on around….. I am really not in a mood to write but this story o wrote as a birthday gift for my shreeyu maate

Thanks to u all for ur help
It can be  two shot or three shot I don’t know….
Depends on ur comments….

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