My lost story chapter-9 (manmarziyan ff)

Neil who was had gulped two bottles of pleasure giving drink was not in a jolly mood .
He was thinking about his son ….Neil in lost in his deep thought trying to judge his samarth.
“Now it is getting complicated to understand him …the dual face he is carrying …I never want to him to become the next Neil malhotra …not even in my wildest dreams ..I want him to become weak in front of fate …time …and a blo*dy sacrifiser ..for his loved ones…I like him to be mean ..and selfish …and that’s why I create the distance between us so that he never become like me ….I don’t want any one more malhotra ruin his happiness ..his love life at this young age …what he had done today ..iam glad ..infact ..a proud moment ..that he save princess ..but why he had done it …thats beyond my imagination …as far as I know he love himself more ..I hope he also ..didn’t become a secret babysitter of all his loved ones ..sacrifising himself ..I don’t want his happiness to be ruined …”..Neil was talking to himself and was fully drunk now ….he never want his son to suffer endless pain ..that he had to face around 26 years before ..when he was only a best friend of his wife …and a badass drug addict ….

He treaded his steps towards his son’s room ..
Samarth was now all tensed and worried ..nia had already informed him that the attacker had nothing to do with nandini …he was frustrated because of deal ..but samarth needs to interrogate him too interrogation comes to him ..the worst lier also bend infront of him …he was lost in his thoughts …when he was interrupted by his own father ..samarth sighed.. the two most difficult things to handle are ..first ..his drunk father. ..the wasted Neil malhotra because of innocent liquor …and second when his crush radhu ..comes to her detective mode .
“Really ..old man have emptied four bottles ” samarth said handling Neil who was stumbling …Neil hugged him ..and rested himself on his son …a treat for a room mirror to see two handsome man ..finding solace in each other’s arms..
“Dad it genetical …that a malhotra always give a bone crushing hug …I mean ..olddy its paining on my shoulder ” samarth said hugging Neil back ….he was smiling too ..seeing the childish behaviour of his dad …

“Shut up you Batman …and stop grunting like a boar is just a wound …when I was at your age I used to take all this wounds as a compentary ..reward from my god damn f**ked up life ..” Neil chuckled ..and then he again hugged him feeling his presence …..
Neil POV’s [ he smelled like me …having toned abs ..and always a stiffend chest ..sometimes I think …that if pathogenesis can occur in humans ..and have I produce him …then he is like this only. ..the only difference is that me a dark brooding Prince ..tanned …but the skin colour ..he had inherited from his mother ..glowing …face is like me …not exactly but 70% ….and the best thing in both of us the attractive green eyes….how could I think that he can mean and selfish …he had my blood …that is enough to create storms in his life …”]

Samarth felt his shoulder wet ..he realised that his dad is crying ….and wetness because he is rubbing his nose on his jacket …samarth chuckled and cleared his throat…”oldie ..what are you doing here with me at night had such a beautiful ..wife …who love a crazy guy like you …so better concentrate on your married life …if you had done it earlier ..I would have got 30 siblings …but still it is never too late ”
Neil looked in his eyes .. and hold his ears and smiled …”okay that is my fault …but you can compensate it giving me 30 grandsons ..and 60 grand daughters …” Neil said giving a winning look ….
Samarth know that his father is not now in his senses ..but the thought of having shiksha so close to him ..make him more hard …she lying with him …in his bed ..and he caressing her all night ..samarth brushed his thoughts . .and lifted Neil in his arms ..his Father was still had iron embedded in his body instead of skeletons ..he always of his father for only one thing deafeat time in the matter of ageing …still had the charm to give a tingling sensation to young girls by just giving them ..a one playboy Neil malhotra look ..and then the never ending fainting session of girls .. but there is also one thing he noticed that his father still at this got stiffened …attracted ..and respond to only his mother’s scent …only his mom can create a beautiful butterflies in his dad’s stomach .. he and his dad both are same here too …always surrounded by many women ..but effected by only one …]

Samarth asked playfully …”90 grand kids …ah not a difficult job and shiksha will complete the task ..from now a mission ..mission 90 I think we should start from tomorrow only ..and you make sure that loony uncle do not create a rukus in this mission ”

Neil who was in half sleeping mode …lightly slapped his son ..he was not in the state to understand ..anything ..otherwise all nature know this that he would shot his son for talking so shamelessly dragging the princess in it .. he entered in the room and put his dad beside his mom …he saw that his father in his drunken state too .. hold his mother’s hand …and unknowingly his mom had also hold his hand …samarth always astonished to see their bond ..he covered both of them with blanket and moved out ..while moving going he saw some activities in the kitchen ..he moved towards their .. and smiled seeing the beautiful site ….

shiksha had finished all the ice creams kept in the fridge .. he lean on the wall to fill his eyes with her image…samarth always think that he fall for her .. and is permenant in her possession ..sometimes he think it is the damn work of imprintation. ..that was supposed to be a wolf thing ….in the ancient history .. his gaze got intensed more when he saw her standing …the night dress was really a treat for his eyes ..but now the time is not right ..she was in her shorts …and and the top exposing her belly …the thighs were perfectly carved …and here the storm inside the samarth was on its peak …he cursed…” what the hell .. why dad asked mehra’s to stay her for a night …and the worst why she is roaming here and there at this hour dressed like a sl*t …” he jerked his thoughts having her now ..well if this happens…then she would be surely be pregnant by morning …though biologically that is not possible but his inner turmoil ..rudra ..was having its own confidence .. he moved towards her and coughed have a more of her look .. she looked towards him …

Shiksha’s POV …[ why he is here ..he is so stubborn spite of wounded …he is roaming here and there …sometimes I think from where did he get such a god like powers …he and his intense gaze ..always give me goosebumps ..why he had to look at me with a disgust why he hate me so much ..sometimes a complete player ..sometimes a protectind shield ..and sometimes a complete ignorant ..avoiding me …he and his mood swings ..but he will never understand how I badly want to be with him ..getting pampered by him all the time …though daddy mehra will kill him ..] she was lost in her thoughts ..

Samarth eyes can now see the pink tinge on her ..he’d tempetature is now rising …and the blush roaming in her body is a treat for him …he lean on the counter ..according to him he can sacrifised his sleep for whole of his life….to see her in this state…all nervous and blushing ..he was amused to see that his presence …was accerlating her heart beats ..he always know this …and for him it is a fact …that the attraction was mutual …she also want his arms around her delicious curves …well everything happened in its own time ..he thought …
“Well ice creams lead to put on some calories …actually good option you need to fill my body ..getting your curves more filled with extra layers ..”he pressed and titled his face ..towards the other side. .

She didn’t responded ..instead she had tears in her eyes and she took two long steps and hugged him tightly ..the never ending hug ..he gulped looking at his hand which badly want to touch her creamy layer and enjoy the she was plastered to his body ..his nerves ditched his pervert mind .he was all ready to get blown by her ears were ready to listen the upcoming screams ..when they both do something special on his bed ..he clenched and unclenched his fist ..but still ..he don’t want to touch her leading to any more troubles ..her face was now his shoulder ..and her feathers and blossoms are attached with his iron chest …he was cursing the clothes for being the barrier for not to able to feel shiksha …her nostrils expand more to fill his scent her tiny lungs …she cursed him …for coming in between … “don’t you dare do this again you don’t know I was so dead seeing you in so much pain .” She blurted out almost sobbing ….he was now hell angry with her …”why she had to connect the word death with her ..he never wanted her to do this..

he scared of the thought of her getting invisible permenentaly ….till now he was not hugging her back ..because he let her dominate whatever she want pour her heart out ..but now the term death ..reminding him the motive of his life ..he detached himself from her and started moving away ….she hold him again ..but he jerked her hand …and taunted …”stop beahving like a desperate sl*t …I had a girlfriend ..and iam sure she is way better to you ..whether it is inside the room or outside ..don’t think that someone like me show a interest to a nerd like you was that I bend down to protect myself were still at that time in my arms so you also survived ….you are not even worth ..that I looked …. towards you with even lust too” he moved out of his was frozen listening the word girlfriend from him ..she had realised in these days that the feeling of love had filled her heart ..and now his mood swings were burning her inside out …

Arjun who was not all feeling sleepy .. come out and looked towards her ..tears were still on her cheeks ..his daughter though look like radhika ..but when it comes to her loved ones she is like her dad ..all vunerablex…Arjun hugged and rubbed her back ..she also cried more …on the shoulder ..that would left her …”hey princess calm down …you are safe now …come with me …now its time for you to sleep …saying arjun made her head rested on his shoulder …samarth who was outside …watching everything on his phone .. smiled a lil …and muttered …”Good job .loony uncle …” .Arjun make shiksha sleep telling her boring stories …that she got tired listening and sleep …

Nia called ..Samarth …”what the hell Rudra should take rest idiot at this time …I said I can handle it …its OK you come here and I will break your face …” she said sternly ..
Samarth replied ..”Keep your personal ..mode aside …and back in your professional mode . .” He smirked ..knowing the reply …

Nia on her place stiffened ..cleared her throat ..and spoked in a robotic tone ..”Rudra .. I had done made some plans..our team had to tackle some big hurdles ..we are extremely sorry for the incovience happened to you because of our carelessness ”

Samarth smiled ..”better you be “..mayank who was standing behind nia was holding his tummy to not to laugh badly seeing her state .. nia stomped his foot ..and he shouted …”you sly b*t*h …I will not leave you ” saying this he pulled her close and started planting numerous kisses on her…almost biting her ..and she moaned in a week voice …samarth who was now line ..cut the call ..banged his palm on the steering wheel laughing like hell ..and almost giving an ache his tummy and shoulder …”.oh .god ..Mayank you are a sly dog ..poor nia ..son of a freaking dad …” he smiled to the fullest after seeing the madness of two lovers .. his besties …both are his soul ..or soulmates ..he loved his whole team a lot like his family ..but he is slightly biased for both of them ..well this is not one sided ..mayank and nia treat samath as his adopted child ..not as a boss ..they both love him a lot ..Dr anand raichand ..treat samarth like his own son .. so Sam was having a one more cute lil family …he drove his car and break the silence of forest nearby ….

Precap …radhika ….keychain…musical lighter ..signature whistle

So guy do comment I have completed a month on this site all of u for your immense support ..keep smiling ..
Song dedication …Aakhe band karke ..from the movie aitraaz:-) πŸ™‚

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