My lost story chapter-9 (contd..) (manmarziyan ff)

“You love him right ” Radhika asked shiksha . Shiksha curled herself more in pillows and pulled blanket above her . Her eyes were red and swollen . The red dark tinge on her lips had given explanation how she had a war with teeth. She got up after a min and sighed. ” I don’t love samarth …I am in love with my superman” she said and wiped her tears.Radhika was cleaning shelf and her gaze fell on her old diary . “Hey sweetie .. I didn’t took anyone’s name and .how come this book comes here” she asked and remove dust from a cloth. “I had stolen it from your room” shiksha replied blandly .
Shiksha sighed . “Mom why did you give the name of your love story ..My Lost Patience.. ” she asked curiously .

Radhika smiled . “I was in love with your dad honey …and I had done become completely a different woman years back …a wild one to get his attention …after our divorce …of first marriage …that phase of mine is my story …where there is no place of patience” . Shiksha pressed her lips and then tucked her hair . “Mom….can I ask you one question” Shiksha asked . Radhika looked towards her and kissed on her forehead . “Off course …anything you can ask ” she replied her daughter confidently .
“Why did you fall for dad … in the past …he always used to insult you …and even hurted you …and at one place Neil uncle always cared for you … you at your problems …why you never fall for him” she asked in a one breath .

Radhik first was lil startled but then she understood the reason behind the question . She clipped her open hair in a bun and got inside the blanket with shiksha. “You want to ask that why I fall for Mr wrong …instead of Mr right ” . Shiksha nodded . Radhika made her rest on her lap .Shiksha quickly put her head on her mother’s lap . “Because there is nothing right and wrong in love ” radhika replied . “Mom I know you are writer …but I won’t able to get in your round answer ” shiksha said who had just made a ‘S’ on the paper. One tear drop got down from her cheeks remembering the last conversation of her with him “I had a girlfriend ” the words buzzed in her mind and pierced her heart . A beautiful smile played on radhika’s lips . “You know kiddo …there is always difference between real and fake … your dad always pretend that he hate me …..which I had never observed in his eyes ….deep inside ….he was heavily in love with me …and about your sweet uncle Neil …no doubt he is the best man in this world ….but his care and love never make me blush or give me goosebumps..which I usually got when i am with your dad..there is always remain a differnce between …Friendship and love ….and between …love and a sweet crush . However only love can make anyone restless the way you are ” radhika careesed her hair . Shiksha got up and lowered her eyes to avoid her mother’s gaze . “I don’t know about love mom ..its just that his ignorance always effect me since when I was only 14 years old ” she said playing with hair strands . “I just want him to mingle with us …uncle …aunt …you …dad …I want him to bring him back from the so called glitter world of him to our peaceful one ” Shiksha said confidently .

“That means you love him ” radhika snapped back . Shiksha gasped and turn her gaze instantly . The moment was weak for her . She was cursing herself that for the spontaneous blush occur on her Soft skin . She closed her eyes. “Sometimes we enter in their different abnormal world just to bring them back to us.. and then we women’s define our act an act out of humanity ….but we never realise that when we also become the part of their love -hate revenge world . We started getting happy in their sweet revenge …in their fake anger….and their tingling possessive love . “Radhika spoked and lost in few past memories . The first time when arjun lifted her in rains . They both got drenched . The first time she saw him without shirt and how she closed her eyes in that hotel . Shiksha was also lost in her world . A memory stricked her mind . A beautiful memory when she was 18 . On that day she was drenched badly after returning from her first day of college . While she was coming back with her friends she asked her security to stay lil at the good distance from her . Her gaze got widened when she saw him with his car . “What he was doing here ” she had asked this question in her head million times . Her friends were all busy in checking him out . She coughed to break the intensity of lots of hungry gazes on him but still that didn’t work. He got down from his car and asked the security to back off . She pressed her lips when he was approaching towards her. All of a sudden her breath knocked off her lungs when he embrace her delicate body in his one warm bone crushing hug . The girls giggled and were jealous of her . He was not in the mood to leave her on that day . The eyes got more widened of the people surrounding them when he lifted her in his strong arms bringing her close to his perfect strong chest .”Today is the first day of your college right …then we should celebrate …let’s go for a long drive ” he moved towards his car ignoring the gossips behind . She for the first time clearly saw him smiling ..a real smile was glued on his face . She remembered well how she felt lots of animals inside her …rats inside the stomach playing orchestra …and butterflies accompanying them. His arms around her arms gave her that protecting feel always . Radhika and Shiksha came out of their world . They both just smiled. Radhika got up and moved towards the door . “If you love him then tell him before its late” She left the room . “Mom …is that possible that one girl can fall for two boys at the same time ” she asked innocently . “No ..the love ratio still she had for them must be 49:51 …that means that she love one of them more than the other . ” radhika completed and left the room . Shiksha recall how always a guy in random disguise always protect her . She identified that guy always from the keychain that he used to have with him always .She always felt good but the distraction of her was always Samarth . Now the image got cleared in her mind .” Superman a crush and Samarth …crap ” she thought in her mind and blurt out “Love” . Shiksha again buried her face in her soft pillow .

At Samarth’s office :-
“Stop roaring like a tiger …who is pricked on his foot by a thorn ” Rasika one of his team member said . She was bandaging the wound on his shoulder that happened last evening . Rasika was looking samarth with her eyes full of love . She was the assistant of Dr Anand Raichand. Her mind how badly want to move her curves in his arms . She was blushing too while touching his hard rock like shoulders . The wound was making her panic . She saw him working on his tablet and sipping the beer. “Stop moving let me patch you up” she said in a soft voice . He turned back and look her. She was frozen with his one non caring look .She lowered her quickly to hide her nervousness. He nodded “Sorry Rasika ” he then look forward again and got busy. Crap he remember my name in his huge team .He used to barely look towards me . She thought in her mind . “I said stop giving stress on your left arm will stretch your shoulders Rudra” . He smiled and turn towards her . “Rudra …you. can call me Samarth “he said continue throwing his tantrums . “I like Rudra more “she said and moved her fingers on his tatto at his back.

“Well if one day I lose my breath what you will do first ” samarth raised his eyebrows waiting for a reply . Rasika was startled listening his question . She opened her mouth to say something but words died in her throat . He got down all of a sudden . Samarth was facing problem in wearing his shirt . Rasika silently help him . “I wish iam not alive to see that day ” she replied . Samarth looked towards her . “Iam in love with someone else and Ajay is in love with you ” he smiled and bend down . He kissed her cheek . “You are having a beautiful soul too and I don’t want to hurt you ..if I let your false hope continue .. ” he said . Rasika hold his hand and hugged him from behind . She clutched his shirt. ” so tell me what you want me do ” she said sobbing . Samarth release himself from her and looked in her eyes ..”start giving respect those who really care for you ” . Samarth left the room . Rasika was crying when she felt someone pull her into bone crushing hug . Ajay spoked ” what happened tell me who is the reason behind your pain ..I will crush his bones”
Rasika smiled and hugged ajay ..” let’s go for the dinner” .

Samarth was walking through corridor . “”Someone really is becoming a damn cute cupid ” nia said and laughed . “Shut up nia ” Mayank replied who is just coming from other direction . Nia throw a deathly glare towards him . He in return throw a fake smile . “What’s the update ” Samarth asked . “Your bday ” Nia replied. “And nandini had again become silent ” mayank replied . “That guy who attacked me had not anything related to nandini ..he was just an enemy ” Mayank show some few reports on the attacker . “A Freaking loser ..” Samarth replied. “You didn’t answer my question Rudra” Nia fold her arms in her chest . ” Iam tired seeing her intense gaze on me and the pale face of Ajay” Samarth said while working on his tab . “What are you seeing in it ” Nia asked . “A hot chick ” he retorted back . Mayank hold Nia’s hand and smiled . “Mayank why don’t you get a room ” Samarth asked still working on his tab.
“Nandini is all silent again samarth ” Mayank said and looked towards samarth.
Samarth also looked in his eyes and spoke “then prepare yourself for the storm ”

After 9 days of party (flashback)
Samarth was in mehra mansion . Arjun mehra was attacked but not wounded. A tall muscular tanned boy of around mid-20s save him. He called himself as Saviour . Arjun and Neil they both were happy to know that they finally got the man who is saving them . Samarth was standing near the window . He was all smiling and listening the Convo . The tab in his hand was helping in sorting his issue . “Sugar crush ” he shouted when he cleared a difficult level.
All of them looked towards him . They all were really staring Samarth . “Your uncle Arjun was attacked 2 hours ago and I think you should be serious at least at this time ” Sam said . Neil nodded and about to speak something but arjun stop him .
“So you are the one who saved me from Fredericks”Samarth said playing with his tablet.
The man narrowed his eyes and stare Samarth for long . He just nodded in return . “So what’s your name ” radhika asked him . “Rehaan “he replied back . Shiksha was talking to herself . Really . Candy crush . He is playing at this weak moment . Dad was about to shot and he is busy in his own world . He looked towards shiksha . She glared him with full anger . He muttered and looked again on his tab . Delicious . He raised his eyes and looked towards Rehaan . The clenched jaw got loose . A symbol of death for anyone . He moved out of the room and got on the ground . Ten pushups were enough to stop him from killing the enemy who was inside. He laughed holding his stomach . Saviour . Samarth muttered .
Nia received the call . “Any information???” He asked sternly . “Off course …Rudra ” nia replied .
” Throw it ” he barked . ” So Name Rehaan Bakshi …a pschyo killer who is used to kill people with Sword …spent 9 years in jail in Bangalore …after that he somehow eloped and now one of the most important soldier of nandini’s army …it means kill him and the devil be out ” she completed . “What kind of death u think ..he deserved ..brutal …wild …normal” . He asked playing with his darts . Nia chuckled and spoked ..”something new type ” . “Your wish command ” he replied and sighed .
After few hours all were on the table for dinner .
“Neil don’t you think we should take a break and spend a week at our lonavla farmhouse ” Sam said. Arjun nodded in her favour . Neil got angry on arjun . “Man you were about to get shot today …and now you want to roam outside more …Arjun from today only you are not allowed to step outside anywhere for a week ” .

Arjun smiled seeing his concern . Sam also agreed for with him . Radhika was lost somewhere . Her phone beeped and she got a message . “You need to trust on your god ..because he is always with your family ” . She smiled and looked in other direction . Samarth smiled and blinked his eyes . She just nodded . Samarth got up and took his jacket . “Where are you going ” Neil asked without looking up . Samarth turned back . He respect his father . Now he cannot answered him in his round twisted taunts . He gulped . His mind screamed. Lie better. ” My ex-girlfriend Shraddha ..her family member is in hospital she really needs me ” he said and took a breath . “Which family member ” Sam asked lil concerned . Samarth after a minute replied ..” Her puppy reek ” . All gasped except Neil . Shiksha throw an unbelievable look towards him . Oh geez . Ex- girlfriend ‘ s puppy . Since when he become so human . She thought . Neil looked up and throw one of his angry glare towards him . Samarth looked in his eyes . He wiped his sweat and sat on the chair again . ” I think I should have my dinner ” he said and bend his head down . “Good ” Neil replied back.

Nia was laughing badly. “You really afraid of your dad ” .she asked him . Mayank hold her from falling . “No use of making old lion angry he will bruised your face with his small nails only ” he said . Mayank who was busy in his work looked them . “You both are idjits ” . They both stare him . “We know we are ” she said replied back . “How to kill rehaan ” mayank asked.”we really have to find his motive ” samarth said . Ajay come from behind . “We cant wait for his attack ..Rudra “he said . Mayank and Ajay both hate each other . But work together for Samarth . He nodded back in his reply . Nia saw both of them exchanging angry glares with each other . She interrupted ..”Ajay you should go and find all details about rehaan’s back ground ” she smiled . Ajay also smiled back and left without looking back . Mayank left the room too and nia left after him .
She was going through corridor when someone pulled her in elevator . “Mayank you scared me “she said . ” Don’t smile for him again ..I dont like that Ajay ” he said . “He is a nice boy Mayank why you hate him so much ” she replied back . He hugged her tightly .”Nothing don’t talk about him” he retorted back .

Samarth was playing with his lighter . He smiled when an old memory striked his mind . He was 19 at that time . Nandini . The name was new for his life . He was just handling few things alone .She was 14 years old . His family with Mehra’s paid a visit to her school to see her play. He was roaming in the corridor when he saw someone sobbing . In a minute he identified this voice . He looked from the door . She was crying seeing her dress torn which she had to wear on her play . His heart got pierced seeing her crying .In a minute a call from him was made to gulmohar fashion house to provide the best gown for the play . She was busy in trying new dresses for fifteen minutes when she heard a knock on the door . She opened it and found a bag . Her face gleamed seeing the dress . She jumped and rush outside in the corridor to find out the person who left the bag for her . Her face got lil disappointed but then she rushed inside to wear it . Samarth smiled remembering how he spend all his savings to buy it the dress as a unknown customer . He run back again in the memory . She was prepared for her play . But the zipper on her back was creating problem for her . He again came back to get a glimpse of her . His eyes got glued on her bare back . The session of curse started inside him for eyeing a kid . He barged inside and closed the door . She gulped seeing him . He pulled her close. Her eyes widened . He understood that she is new to this new world . A world of man and woman attraction and the relationship they share of love. He looked in the mirror . Her back was visible . His fingers shivered while touching the zipper . She had already turned her face and muttered softly .”pls help me ” . He looked in her eyes which she lowered down when he throw an intense gaze on them . The teenager period and both were in it . The difference was one had stepped newly in this period and one will move out soon out of it . He gulped and make his mind . She clutched his jacket tightly . He pulled the zipper up . Her eyes got opened and she detached herself completely . “Nice dress ” he gave her a compliment . The announcement was made and she run out of the room . This is the first encounter with her after nine years . He last seen her when she was five years old . After that he was send to boarding school . And in vacations he was send to Kerala where they used to make him less violent in some institude.
He came back from his memory . He realised how badly he want to kiss her back on that day .
Samarth was also insecure . Shiksha had a crush on the man who was saving her . It will be easy for rehaan to harm her . He really need to show some actions on the ground . Samarth picked his car keys . The car halted at the location from where her window was visible . He saw her sitting on her window with her diary. Using his binoculars he observe her . His face got faded and his brows lifted up . The anger filled his veins again . “What the f**k why is she crying ” he spoked loudly .He made few calls and came to know rehaan did nothing . He then realised that she must be scared of the attack on her father . Samarth was realising the situation . Things were moving out of his hand slowly . He understood that its time to include a person someone from his family . The winds were soothing his soul . He think about his life .

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy . He heard this line when he was in primary section .
He laughed on himself remembering few lessons of his life . Sometimes he do think that if his life had no devil then like a good youngster he must be in some college sipping beer with his friends. Beer . He chuckled and took bottle from his car . Samarth was sipping and sketching something on his tablet . Nandini’s face throw light on his eyes . “One day I will finish your chapter forever ” he said while rubbing his finger on the screen .

Neil was driving and Sam was sitting beside him . “He is different from all of us ” Neil started the conversation . “No he is just like you ..hiding his pain” Sam replied back . “You trust me right I do love him .” He asked in a curious tone . “I trust you ” she put her palm on his one . They both looked each other and smiled .
Arjun was sipping the coffee . “Stop worrying about shiksha …she will be safe until she is surrounded by you ,me ,Neil ,Sam ,and Samarth”
Radhika spoked from behind . He pulled her closer . She stumbled and hugged him tightly rubbing his back . “You both are my world ..if someone tried to harm my world ..I will kill him”.
Arjun’s grip got more tightened on her . “Hey .I love you ” radhika replied . He detached himself from her . He smiled little .”you are getting romantic such an odd time ” he hold her hand and kissed on her knuckles of her palms . She smiled too but worried about everyone . “We have to be more careful in future” radhika said and took a sip from his mug . “I am not getting who is after all these attacks ” he muttered. Radhika though was dubious on rehaan but she thought to find the truth from him only .
Shiksha was tearing her fifth pillow . The room was filled up with cottons and feathers .Ex -girlfriend . Arrogant . Jerk . She cursed him and then again checked his profile . Status . In relationship . She stomped her foot on the ground . At one time she was worried about the attacks too . Dad . She treaded her steps out of her room

Precap :- end of flashback .

I know its short but now a days lil busy

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