My lost story Chapter-10 (contd..part-2)(manmarziyan ff)

Chapter- Mean
Six years back (Past)

Samarth lit his cigarette. He throw the cards on the desk .

“Three Aces” . He said loudly.
He smiled fully.

“Common …..Rianna …..go and kiss him” . Mishal said and whistled.

Samarth winked at Johan . Johan was Rianna’s boyfriend . Samarth won the game of cards .
Johan banged his fist on the table.

Mishal shouted again . ” here comes our Rianna ….” .

Johan looked at his girlfriend. He was glaring her. She was in dark red short dress . The dress was barely covering her ass . Her eyes were glued on Samarth.

She walked towards him. Her right hand was on her hip. She stopped and applied her red lipstick again.

She reached near Samarth with a seducing smile on her.

“Your scent is seducing …” . She said after sitting on his lap while inhaling his scent from his chest .

Samarth lifted her chin up. His lips landed on her. She encircled her arms around his neck and opened her mouth to let his tongue in.

Johan was burning in jealousy. He wanted to rip the throats of Samarth and Rianna. On the other hand Rianna was enjoying the kiss . They both parted after few minutes breathing heavily.

“The best kiss of my life …till now” . She murmured.

Johan heard that. He got furious more. He quickly took out his gun.
‘You ….bastard ….i will kill you for kissing my girlfriend ” . Johan pointed his gun towards Samarth.

Rianna got panicked . ” Johan ….let him go …you are the one who kept me as a property in this game …..he is a teenager. ..let him go” . She pleaded her boyfriend.

Samarth lip’s were little reddened because of the lipstick. He licked his lower lip . “Strawberries. ….my favourite ” . He said and winked at Rianna. Johan lost his temper when he saw Samarth smiling.

“Put your gun ..down…” . Everyone turned and saw a girl was holding a gun . She took out something and throw it towards all of them .

A gas released from that and soon everyone started coughing. Rianna , Mishal , Kiara , Johan and Samarth all of them got fainted within two -three minutes.

The girl smirked and throw her mask. She moved at Samarth. Few more boys get down from some car.

“Pick him up …we are heading to that old mansion outside the city” . She ordered and get inside her car.

“Sir …we get him ….”. She said to someone on her phone.

Samarth hold his head. He groaned. ” Mishal ….Kiara ….” . He said and opened his eyes.
He looked the walls of the room . His eyes narrowed little. “This is not my room” . He almost shouted.

“You are right …this is my room” . A man entered the room on his wheelchair. Samarth was frozen . His expressions got changed. He blinked many times . He rubbed his eyes until they get red.

” Am i dead ???i think that girl ..shot me .” He said and checked himself.

“No wounds….” . He sighed and was all confused.

“Because ….that girl didn’t shot and you are alive ….like me ” . The old man said again and took a sip from his coffee mug.

Samarth felt little dizzy . Words come out slowly from his mouth . His voice waa trembling. His body was no more stiffened.

“Samrat khanna ..” . He looked the man from top to bottom.
“In the flesh” . Samrat retorted.

“Grannu …you are alive” . Samarth said and laughed cupping his mouth.

Samrat didn’t smiled. The girl entered the room . She was hardly looking older than twenty five.

“Gianna … did your job well” . Samrat said without looking back. Samarth looked at Gianna.

“Who is ..she …??” . He asked while observing the lady in the room.

“Man ..she is the detective …working for me” . Samrat said .

“I think something is wrong with me ….i am taking to the soul of my grannu …..pretty lady can you please tell me why you kidnapped me”
Samarth asked and smiled sheepishly.

“He said that he is alive …are you deaf???” . Gianna snapped..
Samarth hold his head and shouted at the top of his voice.

” Somebody help …zombies attacked me ….” .

Gianna put her index fingers in her ears.
” stop whining. ….We both are alive ….” . She said loudly.

Samarth clenched his fist . He moved towards Gianna and kissed her cheek.

“Holy shit …..damn womam didn’t smelled like zombies” . He said while looking in her eyes.

Samrat coughed . Gianna rubbed her cheeks with palm. She put deathly glares on him.

“She told me you were smoking ….is your father had any information regarding about your addictions” . Samrat asked coldly.

Samarth was not amused. “According to your death certificate. died when i was in my mother’s womb ….after nineteen years you appeared in my life and instead of hugging your grandson. wanted answers for my addictions” . He said and looked down . He wiped his tears.

“You are like my Sam ….how could i think that you can be helpful to me ….Gianna go and throw him on the same spot from where you get him” . Samrat ordered and went outside on his wheelchair.

Gianna opened her mouth to say something when Samarth asked her to stop.

He moved out of the room. He headed towards the hall .

“What do you want …Mr Samrat Khanna” . Samarth asked his grandfather coldly.

” Sacrifice” . Samrat replied .
He switched on the lights of the hall. Samarth raised his hands when the room was flooded with bright lights.

“F**k …..i know her” . He said when he saw many pictures of a woman hanging in the hall.

“Trust me son ….you don’t” . Samarth said .
“She is the one …who killed …” Samarth looked at Samrat .

“My wife” . Samrat said in a low dangerous tone.

“What’s her name ???? Why she did that ?? I want answers …now” . Samarth asked Samrat.

“Nandini …..her name is Nandini…..she killed your grandmothers …because of her revenge on me …..” Samarth chuckled after hearing Samrat’s words

” you failed in protecting your lady love …i pitied you grandfather” Samarth snapped. He was angry on the old man infront of him.

Samrat looked at Samarth . He smiled meekly.
“I told you Gianna … he is cold hearted …and that’s why …probably best for us” Samrat said to Gianna and she nodded.

” What do you want from me ???” Samarth asked Samrat curtly.

“We want Nandini” . Gianna also gave him a curt reply.

“Then lift your asses and get her” . Samarth snapped.

“That’s why we choosed your ass ….beacuse it can be lifted easily ” . Gianna snapped back.

Samarth glared her. She too glared him back.
“Stop fighting like immature siblings” . Samrat intervened.

“No” . They both shouted unanimously.

“I don’t make an hot chick my sister” . Samarth said playfully.

Gianna smiled and blinked her eyelashes. ” me too ..not interested in adopting a peking man as as my brother ” . She snapped.

“The girl is devoid of any manners ….send her to school again” Samarth said and smiled. He was now enjoying the verbal war.

” Mr Khanna …your grandson is devoid of any brain send him to another planet” Gianna said and tucked her hair strands behind her ears.

“Which ..planet??….Gianna planet” . He teased her.

She glared him. Samarth winked at her and she clenched her fist. “You are so gone ..MR Malhotra” . She muttered.

“She is the girl …who solved the taste farm case” . Samrat said and smiled.

Samrath’s eyes widened. He was shocked. Gianna smirked. Samarth sighed and adjusted his hair .

“Pretty lady …after all these things …we will go on a date” Samarth said smiling fully.

“Where …Samarth’s planet???” Samrat asked him . He smiled little.

“Offcourse not …Grannu …..” . Samarth replied.
Gianna extended her hands towards Samarth.
“We both will work together from now …so friends? ??” She asked him.

Samarth looked in her eyes. Deep brown colour. He was amused. He grabbed her wrist and hugged her . “How about ….dating??” He whispered . She hitted him on his shoulder and showed her ring .

“Damn ….Already taken ….” He said and parted from her.

“Fine then …..friends ..but no full stop on flirting” . He said and smiled. She laughed and nodded.

Samrat didn’t say anything. He felt relieved. Samarth already took the first step . Gaining trust of powerful people around him.

“Gianna ….call the team …let them meet the new leader ” . Samrat said and Gianna nodded.

“New leader? ??? Who was the old one ” Samarth asked Samrat.

“Rudra” . Samrat said softly. He moved his wheelchair and moved out of the hall.

“Who was Rudra????” Samarth asked Gianna.

“He is alive ….Rudra Arjun Mehra …..Arjun Mehra’s lost son……” Gianna replied and Samarth was frozen.

“He is in coma …..” Gianna said . She frowned reminiscing something. Samarth was confused.

“But Radhu mom didn’t have any child after five years of her marriage ….she had some conceiving problem” Samarth replied.

“She also got pregnant before her marriage just like your mother. …..but ….” Gianna stopped .

“But what ???” He asked .

“You will know everything soon ….Samarth” . Gianna patted his shoulder.

Samarth pulled his hair . He looked at the picture of Nandini . He lifted his face up .
“You will pay ….i will make your life hell” .

” kshitij ..did you get something? ??” Samarth asked kshitij.

Kshitij sighed. “Samarth ….we are fooled by someone ” . He said.

“Who???” Samarth asked . He was already depressed thinking about what happened six years ago.

“Mr khatri. ….” . Kshitij said . He disconnected the call. His gun was on Mr khatri’s head.

“You ditched your own master old man … better had any good excuse ” kshitij said in a dangerous voice.

Mr khatri was on his knees. He was crying vigorously. He was ashamed of himself.

A girl was running on the road . She suddenly hided behind a tree . A car stopped .
Saransh came out of the car. “Common baby sis come out ..i know you are here” Saransh said loudly.

Sanya bite her lower lip . She was scared of her own brother. She again run away from his house. They both were on the highway present in outskirts of Mumbai.

Sanya gulped . She was only 18 years old. Sanya looked around . She was panting heavily.

Saransh laughed and sat on the road.
“Sanya …honey ..come out or else i will shoot myself. …” Saransh said and put the gun on his head.

Sanya nodded in negative . “No bhai pls ….” she mumbled. After a minute she heard the loud sound.

“Saransh …” . Sanya come out and rushed towards her brother.

“Bhai ..pls wake up ” . She started crying.

Saransh opened his eyes. He cupped her face.
“Pls never leave me again ” . He said and wiped her tears.

Sanya was still scared. She got up slowly.
“Sanya .. very bad ….you should not run away like that …. you are becoming rebellious day be day … really deserve a punishment “.

Sanya hold her head. After a minute she felt dizzy and Saransh hold her.

Precap:- more revealtion of past …..Samarth and Shiksha madness …..Samarth and Gianna leg pulling.
Hello everyone….missed me …..hehe ??
Waiting for the kiss ..well right in next chappy …
Rudra ….well he is the big twist of lost story ….i told you earlier …this lost story is really complicated …..soon Samarth will be with Nandini …then our savoiur Rudra will on action. Well don’t get confuse ..Samarth had also a name Rudra ….i will give reason in next chappy why all called him Rudra .
Story will be like ….old saviour Vs New saviour .
One more thing …i am writing the last shot of Vidya’s bday gift …surely will post it by tomorrow
Love you guys ..all of you ….and silent readers pls drop your reviews.
Are you finding this story boring??? Do tell me if you .
Song dedication :- Raaz ankhein teri ..haha voice of jubin

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