Lost Soulmate(OS)- Twinj- Part three

“And now welcome to the ring, undefeated champion Ms. Twinkle” the hall was filled with hollers and hoots. She had this aura that could make anyone run for their life. It was as if she would become a whole new person at the ring. She walked to the ring with her fiery masked face. She was cladded with black sleeveless top, and red boxer shorts—her name written at the hem. She had her hands covered with red gloves, her mouth stuffed with mouth guard. The whole hall was dark except for the ring lights.

“Let the fight begin” The announcer announced.
The opponent who was in her red top and blue shorts was as strong as Twinkle. Now at the moment Twinkle held the opponent in arm lock, almost suffocating her.
“Hello, where are you?” asked Kunj amid all the chaos, and incessant cheers. As promised he had arrived to the college to meet his sister as well as her special friend. He was informed the directions, and as per that—he had reached outside the wrestling hall which was few miles away from the college campus. But he couldn’t much decipher why he was outside the fight club—which he called. “Bhaiyya, I am not hearing you, toda jor se boliye” she was practically screaming. She was inside the ring, watching her friend beat the shit out of the opponent. She wasn’t the one who missed such a entertaining match. He could hear the crowd cheering Twinkle. Suddenly he felt a jolt… Why?
Twinkle had felt the same jolt too, so she had to free her opponent from the death grip and resulting her to knock down. Her inner arm was tickling sort of, before she could think… she was blown off. Her lower jaw cracking, she was now held in head lock, the final ring had rung so declaring her loss. The opponent was pretty rough, so she didn’t yet release her even after the ring, causing Twinkle to cough, she was clearly suffering from lack of oxygen, her face turning pale, but the opponent’s trainer pulled her off before she could get her permanent ban for breaking the rule. What a pu**y? If Twinkle wasn’t disturbed by her arm tattoo she would have stomped the wimp down forever ago.
“I am not interested in fair Ri” stated irritated Twinkle. “Shut up there are scary house, the sole reason to come here and believe me they are the best” Twinkle just rolled her eyes. “C’mon you can forget that, and don’t roll your eyes so much, one of these days you are going to be blind” laughed Ria making her friend smile too. If you’re cranky then the best solution will be your friends, cause they can be more b*t*hy than you.
“Bhaiyya yeh Twinkle hai, aur Twinkle ye Mera bhaaiy Kunj” Ria introduced them beaming. They shook their hands with their sweaty palms, why though? They were suddenly nervous. They were staring longingly at each other much more for their first meet, As if they could connect in a different way, that only they could understand. They were soon brought back by a high pitched squeak. “Oh heaven! Why didn’t I notice this earlier” they both looked at her confusedly. She didn’t let them speak. “You both practically have the same tattoo” then they noticed the tattoo at his wrist was ditto as hers.
It seems like Ria literally abandoned them, to meet her college gang. And she had not yet rejoined them. These both were all giggly and stammering, how anyone feel like—when they meet their crush, or having to spend time with them makes them giddy, they were feeling the same. “So you are Ms. Mary Kom” he asked with certain uneasiness. She noticed his odd behavior, and laughed it off. “Relax I am not gonna bite you” still he seemed uncomfortable. “Being a wrestler doesn’t mean that you have to fight each and everyone” she assured him. He released a relief sigh. Now that he was assured he was back at the flirting. “Then, you will be most beautiful boxer, I have ever seen” truth to be told he isn’t the type of the guy who would watch WWE and get torn between whom to side—-John Cena or the Undertaker. He was a entrepreneur, Who owned Sarna group of hotel chains, which extended all over Asia. And also he was named one of the most influential people in the world surveyed by Forbes. But that wasn’t his concern right now, he wanted to woo this mystery girl. He could go little off limits right? he can come out of his business mode and will his wings out like a free bird. She wasn’t the toughest girl now, her cheeks were proof. She blushed bashfully at his compliment. Why this stranger making her feel so good, her walls were crumbling.
They ended up in one of the tents, that they even didn’t try to know. They went to each and every stall and tent and tasted so many different snacks at the food fest and tent. This had a different vibe. Something strange. There was a middle aged woman working on some crystal meth. They were so lost in their world sharing their sweetest moments, goofing around. The woman snapped her head at them, she raised her eyebrows amusedly. She smirked at the scene, the time has come. She cleared her throat loudly drawing their attention.
“You both ready to know your life’s purpose?” she asked them both. They nodded their head quickly, they were not the ones who believed in these superstitious beliefs. They were very eager to know as if they were hypnotized. She brought her both palms near the crystal ball. There was some electrifying signals moving to and fro. They both focused intently. There they could clearly see the image of another serene world where two people similar to them sitting near the fluorescent lake. The under water creatures were glowing with bright neon green, illuminating whole scenery. They were hand in hand talking non-stop. “It’s about time to return back” when they questioned her why, the scene in the ball changed to the one where—Bodhi was beheaded and then Rahel passing away. Then they observed the two dark loveless souls wandering around. The significant tattoos in them started radiating the spark which grew its tendency second by second. “Now connect your marks this way” the woman guided them. And when they did the past life played like a movie in front of them. “Your world is awaiting” she gestured to the ball where all the people were eagerly looking at the open sky with much enthusiasm. “Bodhi” Kunj croaked through his tears, he couldn’t express his happiness to finally meet and connect with his soulmate the one and only his best friend. She was no different, she just nodded her head as if they were talking psychologically. They felt everything light, their body weighed much less than the feather itself. “Are you ready to experience whole new thing with me?” she proposed and he just sealed their lips agreeing to the forever treaty. They walked hand in hand back to their world. And here in ours there was no such crystal meth, no suspicious lady, no Ria, not even Wrestling master Mohammed, it was a mere phantom.. A imaginary world which was just to connect the two lost soulmates…
This marks the end of this OS✌️✌️ and thank you everyone for your wonderful comments…. Always keep reading leave your feedback lemme know how was this..
Over and out … Love u all??

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  1. Sohi

    Amazing os
    Keep writing such amazing stories
    Do continue

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      Aww ?? thank you?

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    Loved it…

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    Awesome dope

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  5. Amazing and superb????this is the most phenomenal os that i have ever read with such a ending….??
    Do continue writing here????

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      Thank you so much I am weeping like a kid now… Love you????

  6. Roshini125

    Hey dear
    I am a silent reader bt initially wn i was reading ur story I was quite confused n leastarted intrstd bt later on smething attracted ne to this story, it’s theme bt quite confused too. I hv sento u a private msg too
    This epi is so gud n amazing n way of ur writting is a huge blast!!!

    1. Dope65

      Oh thank u I wrote whole long comment for u.. sorry my messaging isn’t working…?

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      And thank u once again ??

  7. Dope65

    Okay somehow roshni125 isn’t understanding the theme so let me clear it cause private messaging isn’t working so… Basically it’s a forbidden type of love and as of why I portrayed Twinkle’s character such a way cause how women are ill treated and as I believe more in feminism.. so she is a tough boxer who had come through a lot of struggles, and as of love story their forbidden to not feel the love, and when they realize they are soulmates fate has something else stored for them so however negative world might be there’s always the light at the end of the dark tunnel so as we know in the end love wins(not always) they realize and go back to their world happily… Hope I made it clear for whoever are confused…. Thank u??

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous fantastic

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  9. Fatimaa.

    Yaar it was fabulous…amazing….kya likha tha yaar……but y did u end it….????….
    Well i lovedd it…
    Plzz come with next one soon..
    Loveeeee ùuuuuuu❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Dope65

      Aww u all r making my day? thank u all so much and it’s OS but I extended it to three parts for length and not yt thought about the new stories BT will sure come back luv u all???

  10. Baby

    Ohhhhh god shrishti…. 🙂
    Dear m like wowooaaa m nt getting I shuld tell u dii…or nt sooo asking u nly hehe….. 🙂
    Srsly it was jst sooo comendable soooo beautiful soooo philosophical….soooo u know dia crystal n all I jst luv dese kinda things bt donno shuld believe or nt never something like dis hpnd wid me…..
    Srsly beautiful emotional adorable n somewhat really cute to b said…..feminism….m also jst like dis..if someone even my dad says bad about girls by mistake I m d 1 who dont even leave him…for dat…or fir baaki log toh kuch bhi nhi agar girls ke baare mein some body speak ill I jst cant take stand……n will kick dem off dere place hahahahaha n truat me I enjoy alot…..
    Lods of love….. 🙂 🙂

    1. Dope65

      Ye dnt call me directly pls… M just a year older… And thank u once again ??love u too??

  11. SidMin

    Awesome dude ot was just amazing the story … Kept me attracted towards it …
    The story of rebirth .. past life and soulmates for every life was awesome
    Love you 🙂 Keep writing 🙂

    1. Dope65

      Thank u so much u all r just osm and I m glad u ol njoyed love u???

  12. Mia12

    What should I tell you..?? And what you want to know..?? Like really what is this..?? Did you think that its good writing,, No ur wrong Its just not good it was “OUT OF WORD’S” yrrr,, M not kidding yrrr,, Really m just “SPEECHLESS”,, Yup man u made me “SPEECHLESS”,, It’s can’t describe with word’s,, You penned down it with so much ” BRILLIANCE “,, Last word I just loved it to the “CORE”,, Hope to see u soon with another 1 like this Amazing story..
    ( I read ur all epi as a “SILENT READER” )

    1. Dope65

      Omg fr once I thought u r really attacking me awww u guys are ….. Mute I am just mute now it’s illegal to make me feel this much in one day and thank you thank you and thank you just love u??????

  13. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Beautifully written! Loved it!

    With love,

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