My lost patience chapter 2


At the mehra mansion
A man in mid 20s can be observed playing with brushes and had lots of paint on his bare body.
‘ Arjun’ a lady in mid 20s wearing arjun’s shirt which was barely covering her thighs came forward and plant a kiss on arjun’s neck.
Rahika …he said and pulled the lady forward to his front.
You must be tired painting me whole night on the canvas ……common its time to sleep ….radhika said politely
Arjun looked towards the painting again and closed his eyes again.After a second when he opened his wet eyes the lady was not before his eyes anymore.he again looked at his painting ….radhika wearing white shirt which barely covered her thighs.he sighed and move back little and without breaking eye contact with his painting he just fall down in his king sized bed
Radhika …..he muttered and closed his eyes once again . Tiredness had already started attacking his consious mind and he statred feeling dizzy.Again someone’s soft fingers run through his hairs.he smiled and said again …..radhika .’ Sleep baby’ all this can be heard by him before getting into a deep silent peacful sleep.
At khannas residence :- a girl can be seen jumping on her bed and planting numerous kisses on her phone…lucky soul.samrat understood that the reason was sam’s excitement must be related to radhika only
Oh my god …oh my god.finally chashni agreed for a meet .sam jumped in excitement more when she all of a sudden heard a cracking sound from her bed.she quickly bit her lower lip and still smiling looking a message on her phone …” Meeting at the pearl draco restraunt at sharp 6:00 pm ” .sam always find that place vey wierd but she knows that she can happily enter the devil’s hell for her best friend.

Sam took out a dress from her cupboard and look herself in the mirror.she saw neil in the mirror smiling and saying to her …..” my saminder singh always look outstanding in every outfit” .she turned happily to hug her friend or to hug her love …yeah samaira khanna is in love with neil malhotra and it is a fact which cannot be altered .Two drops of salty water landed on the floor from her eyes.’ I love u idiot ; I love u neil ‘ plz come back for ur sam plz ..she spoked softly in her broken voice
At Radhika’s villa :-
One of the assistant is taking to other female servant making her understand rules of the house
Rule no 1 she spoked by moving her index finger …….Never dare to ask any question from radz mam .
Rule no 2 …..a dress code is here to be followed strictly …monday:-pink shirt ..tuesday :- orange shirt .. wed purple ….thursday green …friday:- sky blue radz mam favourite colour and saturday :- brown shirt .the other after hearing this asked ” what about sunday” …the assistant looked towards her and said in a fake lovely voice….sweety sunday is a holiday for all of us and what about the colour of skirt …she asked little bit hesitant .the assistant this time lil irritated shouted in a low voice ” Get lost ” and smiled fully .the servant run towards the kitchen counter to start her work

‘Myra ; myra ….radhika shouted calling her assistant …yes radz mam …….radhika smiled a lil seeing myra heavy breaths and she spoke …..oh nothing myra just checking u are alive or not saying she closed the door of her room on myra’s face and the poor assistant can be seen burning in anger
The new servant asked the chef …hey myra didnt tell me the rule no 3) what is the third rule ….chef smiled and said in one tone “” Never in your dreams dare to break the other two rules” the servant got her answer and started peeling the veggies
Radhika after having her special shower come out of her washroom radhika had wrapped herself in pink towel and a hot pink colour towel was wrapped on her head.according to beauty advice 43 wrapped towel on your head will not let your hair dried fast so that water should nourish the scalp more for good hair growth .she smiled thinking her rules. So today its monday so she can clearly observe filled with pink colours.Her pink bedsheet ; pink curtains .she really made her staff work like hell..
Two servants entered in radhika’ s and said in a low voice …” mam time to apply lotions and creams to your body ” …i know radhika replied.
Radhika was absoluetly the best model of her country but she is the best writer too.Her book ‘My Agony’ is the most selled book in the country infact more than some important school books Radhika was also the brand embassdor of a project named ‘ skin show’ .Though she was a successful model yet she never wore the dresses which only made for ‘ skin show’.she knows how models were forced to wear dresses in which they are not comfortable .so she started the campaign with her few friends so that models get their ‘my choice and my decision’ right.
After having her breakfast she walked out of her villa towards her car ….her baby .the black shiny vintage car.for which she is really possessive. She get inside the car and headed towards neil’ s house .

Neil Malhotra kingdom:-
Neil’s mansion …….must say a spooky one .His house or his hell is surrounded by long large trees all are of rare species .Radhika reached his home and entered in his house.
All the servants just halt to look the uninvited guest.Radhika climbed the stairs ignoring their eyes which were glued on her
Eyes …..Radhika had started reading those after her nasty divorce .leery black eyes……angered red eyes……bloodshot more anger filled red eyes…soft green eyes filled with care and love like her neil’s eyes.she reached his room and slowly pushed the door and looked towards bed
Thank god …she muttered .no girl came to her view with him on the bed.she enteted in and after few seconds neil who was sleeping like a newborn peacefully and touched his face which was fully drenched with ice cold water

” You devil; b*t*h ; chashni try to do this again and i will surely kill u” he scowled and cursed her.Radhika lil annoyed put her hands on her waist and shouted ” Neil u jerk dare u call me like that again and i will rape u”… saying this she laughed a small one .”…what u mean b*t*h …u common radhika u are a b*t*h” saying this he cursed her again for disturbing his romance …….:-) offcourse with the bed.”No u called me b*t*h ; sl*t anything i wont have any problem but don’t u dare call me …..Chashni.u very much know that ur chashni is so dead .now common get up and stop sleeping like a jerk.saying this she pushed neil towards the washroom.while headind towards the door her gaze land towards the photohraph on the table near his bed…..Samaira khanna …..she spoke and took the picture with her.she headed towatds her car when she came out of his house and took out lighter from her pocket which she had stolen from neil’s shirt few minutes ago.The picture in just few seconds turned into ashes .she took the asshes in her hand and poured it in the beautiful pond having a beautiful fountain infront of his house.she smirked.

Precap:- radhika’s meeting with arjun and sam

So guyz here is the udate .spare me for any mistake . Love u all:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Credit to: Sammy

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  6. Guyz u know na radz is changed for something good only and ya one more u guyz will surely kill me after writing their meeting .but radz is not negative at all .my title is lost patience that means that radz will made sam ; arjun and even neil too to lose their patience .and thats how we got our love by losing ourselves completely:-)

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