My lost patience chapter-14 ( manmarziyan ff)

dedicated to anusha.

radhika was admiring arjun. her arjun . only her’s. her lips parted to take a deep breath when she saw a smug look on his face.

that was arjun mehra. her arjun mehra. the man who can do anything in the snap of his fingers.

her gaze was glued on his face only . on his eyes which were rolling after hearing every tag line of media channels.

his lips which sometimes come between his teeth or sometimes getting pressed by his tongue.

how brutal. merciless. arjun mehra . showing all cute antics . doing those things which were driving her crazy. provoking her to get on her toes and claim his lips . right here . right now

her gaze shifted on his chest . such a pity . she never get a chance to plant a small kiss too on them.

the black shirt he was wearing was just instigating her fingers to play with the white buttons which were helpful in covering his toned abs.

she coughed to gain his attention. he looked towards her.

“what’s wrong ???” . he asked while sipping his coffee.

here comes the most sensible question.

“what’s wrong ” . she is blo*dy controlling herself from throwing herself on him and there he is asking all innocently. ‘what’s wrong’.

she drifted her focus from him to television and frowned after seeing the havoc on news channels.

“mr khatri …he told that your life. ….” radhika said but arjun intervened before she completed the sentence.

“radhika …mr khatri is an old man and he treats his employer like his son ….but that doesn’t mean that i will leave neil alone in this mess ,for his minor anxiety.” arjun said , defending himself.

“still …….”. radhika moved towards him . “i am worried about your safety, sir …you should think about yourself too” . she said and bend her head down scanning the floor.

“one day i will surely die ,if you will keep calling me sir.” arjun said coyly, putting his mug on the table.

“i will die without you”. she blurted out, in the heat of moment.
he didn’t saw that coming from her, a proud smile played on his lips.

arjun held his ears. ” i am sorry .” he said making a baby face.

radhika pretended to ignore him.

“am i forgiven or should i do situp’s too.”. he asked while extending his hand towards her.

radhika looked at his hand and then after a minute she moved towards him . she walked pass , looking at his hand and stood close to him. arjun was amused more.

“why me?” she asked him suddenly , scrutinising his glassy back eyes trying to read his mind.

“why me?” arjun repeated the same question , reducing the distance between them. her eyes widened .

“he is teasing me again ….now sir this time i will win.” a naughty gleam appeared in her eyes.

radhika chuckled and stepped back. she put her one finger on her one cheek and said looking here and there.

“because i know that you are billionaire , and your looks are also not that bad so that’s why i choosed you.”

arjun smiled at her answer.

“now your turn. …sirrrr”. she said , exaggerating the word ‘sir’.

” because you are my love , my life and my soulmate.” he answered simply , locking his dark dreamy eyes with her.

a gasp escaped from her lips. his words left her perplexed. radhika was all lost. her legs turned weak.

“because you are home and now i am not homeless anymore.” arjun held her , wrapping his left arm around her tiny waist.

“arjun……” radhika whispered trying to prevent herself . she was lost in his gleaming eyes. her heart was pounding with too much excitement. she felt the current racing in all nerves of her body. her body was prevented from falling down by tight grip of his arms around her small waist.

arjun took her palm and put it on his chest. her heart fluttered when she felt his tiny heart hammering to that extent that another second it will burst out.

” how can someone like you..choosed me.” he stated, settling his gaze on her luscious lips. he saw her face lit up.

radhika felt her the whole blood of her body rushing from her toe to neck to her cheeks.

“you are my saviour … are my everything .” she mumbled and gasped when he saw a tear escaped from his eye.

” i am a bad luck radhika……think again….i am the darkness …that one which crushes all lights near it….i am the sin…which is not brought inside the house.” he said cupping her face, rubbing his thumb over soft cheek.

tears started brimming in radhika’s eyes . she took a step and kissed on the drop of the tears that was on his cheek.

“if you are the darkness. …then to become the part of it ….this light will blow off all the candles of this world ..
if you are the sin , then i will be happily locked in hell as a sinner for loving my sins and not leaving them.
if you are the bad luck then i will never ask anything good, anymore. you are my god…..and i am your devotee… are my arjun and i am your radhika.”

tears rolled down on her cheeks and arjun pulled her , embracing her in his strong arms , hugging her tightly.

“i love you so much. ……i will die without you.” he said and planted a kiss on her head.

radhika smiled and nodded. she wrapped her arms tightly around his waist.

arjun cupped her face with his brawny palms. radhika looked down.

“you are blushing.” he whispered near her ear in his husky voice and radhika felt tingling sensation on her ear and goosebumps arose on her skin.

arjun planted a deep wet kiss on her cheeks. he saw her lips trembling.
he touched her lips with his thumb.

“for the five minutes ..i was only thinking. …about you ….how badly i wanted to kiss you.” she stammered , and blushed more.

“then pull me towards yourself , my love.” he said , after planting a wet kiss on her jaw ,lifting her face with his index finger.

she opened her eyes and captured his lips quickly.

the kiss melted both of them, putting their all cells on flame. they parted after getting satiated.

“that’s why were silent …you wanted to kiss me ….you should have told me …wait a minute pls don’t tell me that you were thinking something else too” . he teased her , and tugged her hair strands behind her ears.

radhika was in no mood to let him tease her.

“you are a mind reader right …last night i had a dream and my sir .. in a foam filled bath tub” . she said and caressed his cheeks with her fingers. arjun’s eyes widened and he coughed , clearing his throat further.

“if you have bet someone that you can flirt too ..then i am the wrong guy to whom you are flirtling with.” he gave a seduced look to her.

radhika mobile slipped from her hand and fell on the couch near her.

“and what makes you think that. .i am flirting with you ”.she said pretending to sound confident.

“you know that …you are alone with me now … and flirting is so not a good option” .

he retorted looking at her curves. radhika felt butterflies in her stomach on following his intense gaze.

“let’s go outside ….how about some cafe” he asked her , brushing his thoughts about taking her on the near couch.

radhika nodded.

arjun rubbed his neck. there was an awkard silence between them.

“okay meet me at three … queridaqueen’s cafe.” he said and picking up his tab.

“we are not going together….” radhika asked him.

” i have at some work at maybelline , so will meet you at the cafe.” he said and left after kissing on her forehead.

today i will propose you sir . radhika mumbled .

arjun opened the door of his rover. i need to buy a ring, today i will propose her.

okay, so here is the next update. actually i was planning to update on 7th may because of two reasons .

1) lost series was started at 7th may an year before and
2) i was planning to give you all a suprise by giving all four updates of all my ffs .

but,a post naming ‘manmarziyan …. really’ forced me to update today.

i am here to announce something but first i want to say something.

1) i am deeply hurted and i felt deeply humiliated.
2) i didn’t completed a whole year and still 90% of lost series is already completed.
3)dealing with already four ff’s

lost series ( patience + story) and desperate silence and conditions reversed.

i gave short stories too like
1) a case ( 3 shots )
2) the engagement ring ( 3 shots)
3) my elder love ( 3 shots)
4) i will complete my brother’s love story ( 3 shots)
5) in love with my man ( 3 shots)

# all five completed above.

one horror story too i.e. horror manmarziyan but stopped bcoz i got five comments only as it was rejected so i stopped.
# guys horror was 80% completed but it got rejected brutally.

# one humour filled story the dead patient.(99.9% completed) . only one chapter was left so i was planning to give a superb ending reminding you guys all your favourite scenes of that story .

my upcoming projects were to give window love and my marred beauty.
desperate silence and conditions are started from september but they are still 40% already completed.

i gave mmz page more than 10 ffs .

still i will say, manmarziyan. ..really was the best ff of mmz page.

guys cheers for this article.

i wrote so much on this page within one year. but what i got yesterday.

bashing. humiliation. mocking.

guys, if writing is the only thing of my life, trust me i would have got two books in the market, two years back only.

# when i said that please comment on our stories…this will increase our moral then some people said this

“” i am a proud silent reader””.

it was like a knife in my heart . i write more than 600 words in each chappy of so many ff’s and people are here

*proud of not motivating me by appreciating my works and my efforts.

just a word ‘awesome’ also makes us happy .
a silent reader can’t you even do that too.

slow claps for all silent readers. thanks for being so selfish .

let me tell you what is a proud silent reader.

1) a proud silent reader is the reason behind the grief of a struggling writer.

2) a proud silent reader is the reason where a new born writer feels low seeing the failure of his own work.

3) a proud silent reader is the one selfish person , for not supporting his own favourite writer.

those who are still proud . stay silent then.

you have ‘no rights to break your desperate silence for bashing us’.

#one post was enough to mock my work.

#one post was enough to waste my whole efforts till now .

#one post was enough to make me realise that i deserve place,
better than this.

when we ( our writers like sathya di , gauri or abha di, sv , dipika di , sweety di , sangee di, jessie di ) saw the post yesterday , we all were like

“wait , our readers will give her awesome reply”.
and then we got to know the truth.

many of you supported her. it was like someone gave us electric shocks.

you want updates , you don’t want to comment.

you have time to bash us , but you don’t have time to comment.

you have time to insult us, but you don’t have time to comment.

then ask bashers to write because we think you are fond of their writing more.

anusha…amna …..and many more. .. you guys never commented on my stories ever. i even don’t know you guys too.

anusha you said you are dyslexic. ..i am sorry for that ….but the way you bashed us …my counsellor friend laughed for two hours trying to believe on your comment

she herself was dyslexic once.

still i am apologising to you for commenting on the shitty post of yours.

many told me that your comment will surely bring things down. my comment was all sober .

it was me who said first that this is not

writer vs readers thing.

miss anusha you copied this . rofl .

but then i saw my seniors were still getting bashed. so i lost it.

and i pointed out that grammatical mistakes are not possible

how come you can type k instead of v . guys check your keypad.

if you are dyslexic, how come all other writers name are so perfectly spelled. just two got ruined badly.

still guys i am not here to fight on this childish thing.

anusha you called me didi .right.

it’s a big word dear. try to erase your uneasiness while commenting …and if you will face any problems than this elder sister is here to help you.

last thing. thanks for loving me so much guys.

i am leaving tu forever. in a month my stories will be present on wattpadd and from there you all can read the stories.

anusha your comment, where you were trying to show that you are apologetic, honestly it was your very weak effort to prove me wrong. honestly, you were all sarcastic and the word sober was far away to define your comment.

you tried to show me cruel by playing sympathy cards.

girl i really don’t know how much it worked and now i am leaving tu i really don’t care.

i just pointed out the logical things. what to do , i try to find logics in everything.

someone’s iq should be less than 20 to take your mistakes as grammatical .

girl, few here are intelligent.

listen miss aamna . ….you said go to back to 50 pages in mmz page

here i have written more than 100 pages but i saw you on yesterday one’s. may be you are here before too, but please don’t count yourself in normal commenting people’s list.

# still i am sorry to anusha , i am sorry to aamna and i am sorry to all of you, if i have ever hurted you guys.

because writing taught us writers atleast one thing .

respect each and every person.

my stories will be available soon on watty. with new scenes added in it , more intense dialogues and lots of new twists onw watty.

good bye tu . good bye you all. thanks for celebrating my birthday for two weeks .

thanks for loving me so much .

thanks for bashing me too.

7th may i was planning to celebrate it like my birthday. the first anniversary of my journey on tu.

thanks for giving such a beautiful birthday gift .

will always love u all.

last but not the least, i don’t want any bashing in the comment section of this story.

one of the beautiful and most awaiting chapters of lost patience and my last chapter is dedicated to you anusha.

it was meant to be dedicated to my very close friend jessie. but it seems ….i ditched one of my friend this time too for tu.

p.s:-this note is written in the same way , the way anusha wrote her post and people. i am not dyslexic.

if i get hate comments, then i am not bothered anymore.

congratulations, tu lost today one more writer.

one last thing :- i forgot to write song dedication that i do. guys, listen laal ishq while reading arjun and radhika.

and pls try to talk about our ardhika more in comments.

precap:- arjun’s accident.


ignore me for my typos and grammatical mistakes.

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  1. Hi don’t be sad i WAS also a silent reader but u all are fab writers so i start appreciating ur work.But readers who think they doing very good by not appreciating urs work ar wrong.So i want to say don’t bother about anyone just keep going and next one asap. Sorry? kuch zayada hi ho gaye mere bakbak.But can u people have a little bit place for me?and last but not leadt u all are best love u all?

  2. so sad abt u leaving tellyupdate for some one writing …. we will miss u all and ur stories… now I understand one word will leads to big blast… k guys take care of u all… all the best for ur life….

  3. Amore

    Hey Sammy back after long… remember me?
    I don’t thing you should be so hurted like this… coz it will only hurt you… nobody cares dear… you know I don’t usually comment.. its due to many personal stuffs that I don’t even read most of the posts before a week or so… but even that is the reason you should not hurt your fans for some counting numbers of bashers. c’mon girl you are really great… I know how it feels when nobody appreciates but you know what is the best??? its all u… U are a fantastic writer. and a fangroup too… hope u do good. I know its all about your respect and I really appreciate that… don’t worry u will get what u deserve… if not on TU, WATTY will surely be upto your expectations… AND MOST OF ALL… WE REALLY ADORE U DEAR… STAY HAPPY see you in wattpad… 🙂

  4. It was amazing…??? I missed ur stories very much..Thanks for updating this..?? & now m desperately waiting for lost story…plzz update that one too

  5. Hey Sammy..
    Superb episode dear… thanks for the update…
    Thank you very much my dear for giving such a wonderful story….

  6. P112111

    If possible then send the link of that ff….. Which u people are against…….. Awesome update

  7. appus/charuchitra

    awesome update.i started reading mmz ff from last may during my psychatric posting at tvm.nd nw am really addicted to it.nd am really sorryfor not commenting4 ur updates till nw.i hv accont in TU is mor like ahome.but ur updates areimportant

  8. Superb. Just atjun and radhika. Awwww they will propose and pyar k dushman log let them propose plz ☹️☺️☺️??

  9. hiiii sam………first of all im sorry because i know i dont comment frequently…..but let me tell u one thing darling……..what u write is not actually what we read……we read what u feel……what u want us to to feel…..i wont say that u r d best writer i have ever read……nope….but u have power…..strong power…..ur works r damn amazing……i dont know if u know this but yes when i started writing u were one of my motivation from tu page along with gauri & blue……girl u r way above many good writers i know these days……this writer aint ur timepass….its ur passion……i can c that…..& i love u a lotttttttt for such an amazing stories…….i love all of thm…every single one….lost series is a like a bomb….but u know what i like dead patient more…..even i dont know why……u know what u without even trying attract readers, u r one in a million …….hats off girl……
    u were always a head strong girl for me…….i always get happy & motivated by ur success..but today when i got to know abt bashing……u know i wasnt sad…..a little angry….but was a little happy somewhere…….these ppl make these comments…not because they didnt like or anything….they do this because they feel happy seeing u so hurt by their words…..they enjoy all this…….u know why…….because they know what a good person u are…….what great talent u posses….& they would never have that……they know ur success…& couldnt b happy with tht…..hopeless ppl they are…..but u know…it makes me happy because they can never b u…..all this bullshit…bashing….they can do as much as they like…still they cant agree less that u r a gem darling….a gem….thats why im happy…
    & plz dont quit …..u r my tu family….without u this page wont b d same……im not saying this only bcoz i love u….im saying this bcoz if u quit today …thn this bashers will do this with every other writer knowing that if a girl like u can quit thn others would do tht tooo….plz dont….this page is urs more thn those of any bashers… we dont leave our family for some stupid,irritating relatives….likewise we dont leave tu for these brainless fellows……

  10. Hi dear
    you r an awesome writer
    your stories are fabulous
    please don’t be sad of people who don’t know your value
    I am continuous reader of your story and I had commented only few times
    sorry for that from now on I’ll definately comment
    bye take care

  11. Hi Sammy dear,
    This Episode is awesome
    N Happy anniversary for ur writing

  12. Finally u r back with your blockbuster story….I really like this story alot…m happy that u come back…

  13. i hope u remember me, Sammy.

    goodness, this one was fabulous. the line where he says she is her home and he isn’t homeless anymore, I toh seriously went aweee. and the other part where she says that if he sin, she will be in hell as a sinner, if he is bad luck, she will give up all good things, Goodness, Sammy, what r you?

    that was so f**king beautiful. it was one of the cutest things I have ever heard or read. I am just dumbstruck. that was soooo very beautiful. love you truckloads for that.

    and that part where they both think to propose. that was soo cute too.

    ghosh I am so very happy to have read this one. I owe you for this update.

    and about your A/N, let’s not get started on that. You know there’s an old saying – the dogs bark but the caravan goes on…

    let it be, Sammy. not everyone deserves your wrath, your words and most importantly your time. its no use. I am just some one with a slow brain. stupid me saved that post to read later and when shree di mentioned it in her A/N, I read it.

    and I was like I need to rant. I have spammed her inbox in wattpad. just wish she doesn’t mind me doing that.

    ghosh, I have done that here too.

    so leave it. but honestly I wanna hug you sooooo tighhhhht for this amazing update.

    love you. take care. and be happy. for yourself. and for your friends too. me included.

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  16. One of my favorite ff. Thank you for writing today.

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