My lost patience chapter-13 ( manmarziyan ff)


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Chapter- 13 ( her sweetness , her love)
He was staring her silently, while she was busy in looking the diet and the medicine chart carefully .

He coughed to gain her attention. Radhika quickly keep the chart aside and moved towards him. She make him drink water.

“ what are you staring??” asked Radhika .

“ Nothing” he replied. He was trying to read her state of mind.

They both were staring each other. Suddenly her phone buzzed .

Arjun signaled her from his eyes to pick up the phone. He smiled when he observed that she was lost in staring him.

“ Phone Radhika” said Arjun.

“ what phone …Sir” mumbled she lost in his eyes.

“ I love you” murmured Arjun. Her lips parted and she moved back little. Her trance got broken now and she blinked many times . Radhika quickly picked her phone.

“ geez radhika so embarrassing, stop being so desperate” she muttered .

“ Neil..” said Radhika after seeing the name flashed on her screen . She looked towards Arjun who was busy in adjusting his pillow. She picked the call.

“ Yeah , what’s wrong??” asked Radhika.

“ Date??” .

She rolled her eyes listening his question. Radhika was about to say some random excuse but then she turned towards Arjun and spoke “ Arjun Sir not well I will not be able to come” .

Arjun who was checking his bandages looked towards her all surprised.

Neil disconnected the call. Radhika keep the phone on table.

“ I think that was rude, he must be feeling bad”said Arjun.

“ one call you handsome too, if you close your mouth for a second” said Radhika and looked towards Arjun.

She then acted to observe him. “ No chance..not even then too” . She said and put her hand on her waist.

He smiled reminiscing how he used the same words on her when they were stuck in balcony of some hotel in lonavla

Arjun was staring her all the time. He was silently listening her.

Radhika didn’t stopped there. She was blabbering continuously about random stuffs.

“ what’s wrong??” asked Arjun .

“ what …??” said Radhika and acted to be confused by his question.

“ on a serious note , what’s wrong with you” . He asked her in his strict tone.

“ you are damn telepathic ..right” she said .

“ tell me’” he asked her again.

“ I was scared for the first time” she said and looked down.

Arjun nodded when she looked towards him. “ when you closed your eyes” she completed and looked down again.

He was about to say something when again her phone buzzed . Radhika moved out of the room to pick up the call.

Arjun closed his eyes. After hearing her words he remembered something . A tear escaped from his eyes thinking about someone . Her sister Nandini.

“ Nandu I saw that Samrat khanna …badly wanted to torture that man who is the reason of your pain…” said Arjun who while coming back to his house met with an accident .

He was checking his wounds. Nandini and him then started talking about Samrat .

Nandini didn’t pay any attention to his injuries. He didn’t felt bad at that time . He used to considered her like a mother.

Arjun opened his eyes . He don’t want to think about her.

“ Arjun Mehra …you have , power , status …but no one around who can feel proud of your success…after gaining too much …your heart is still empty” said
Arjun to himself.

He then looked towards the door of the room . “ great Arjun you have starting doing melodrama too , all her effect” he said and wiped his tears.

Arjun was smiling now thinking about Radhika.


Neil was cleaning his guitar. He sat on the chair and after thinking for a while he started playing his favorite tune. He was reminiscing how Sam and Dr Shristhi stopped him from taking drugs further , which he was taking in every three hours as advised by his doctor, considering them as his medicines.

“ you need anything??”.

His trance got broken listening a soothing voice.

Sam was there standing with a tray full of slices of apple .

He nodded in negative. “ I want to give you something” said Neil .

He was surprised when he saw her jumping in excitement to get something from him.

He pointed his index finger towards the table.

Sam hurriedly moved towards the table. She got tensed seeing the document related to ownership of birdsong.

She turned back and saw him moving the strings with his fingers. She then looked towards the document in her hand. “ don’t know what I have to face now” she mumbled .

Sam quickly opened the document and was stunned when she found that he named the company on her name.

She was frozen when unknowingly Her gaze then fell on the dustbin near his table. It had some burnt papers.

She picked those papers and was now shocked more. He had burned the marriage contract.

“ you are now free from me ..go back to your home” said Neil . She looked towards him . Her face frowned listening his words.

Sam had enough now . She took out her heels and throw both of them together towards him .

She jumped when one hit his head and danced happily when second hit his shoulder. Neil was stunned . He put aside his guitar and quickly get up.

“ what was that” asked Neil sternly.

She pushed him with her all little strength she had. He stumbled back .

“ you know what Neil Malhotra, do what ever you want ..but I will not leave this place ..” , said Sam fiercely.

Neil folded his hands up to his chest. She was more angry now.

Stupid . Jerk . She shouted on his face. “ you know Neil Malhotra .. It is me who always yanked out your stupid ass when you landed in some problem”.

He didn’t even flinched . Sam started crying seeing his stubborn nature.‘He was still not asking her to stay’. She thought.

She get something in her mind . Sam took out her earrings. “ you bought those from that small market of Shimla two years back..keep it with yourself “ said Sam and throw the earrings on him .

He closed his eyes when the earrings fall on the ground after colliding with his chest.

Sam was about to wipe her tears when she saw him staring her without blinking. She turned and saw herself in mirror.

A scream escaped from her mouth seeing her image on it. All her mascara , her khol was smudged. Her nose had turned red . Sam touched her red cheeks . She was looking horrible.

But she didn’t stopped there. She took out her nose pin and throw that also on him.

Sam was trying to take out her bracelet when she got angered more hearing his question. “ do you need help??” asked Neil coyly.

Sam clenched her fist . “ you are a arrogant , ugly ogre ..who always rubbing his wide nose on the ground get the attention of the princess like me” said Sam and again started trying to take out her bracelet.

He smirked . “ so you are a princess???” . He said and covered his mouth with his palm acted to think something.

Sam leave her bracelet and looked towards him .

He succeeded in distracting her. “ actually princesses don’t carry that much” said Neil and he started adjusting his watch.

“ what they don’t carry??” asked Sam totally perplexed .

“ Fat.. Which you had lot around your waist and thighs …whereas Princesses have hot curves …they are not a ‘plain Jane’ like you” said Neil and smiled sliding his hands under his pockets.

The word ‘Fat’ was ringing in her ears. She was about to shout ,but get startled when he lifted her in his arms.

“ Neil” mumbled Sam all surprised. He brought her in the balcony . She smiled when the cool breeze hit her face. Dark Clouds had covered the sky very well . He smiled too seeing the sweet smile on her lips.

“ eat as much you want to arms will always be strong enough to lift you up to my chest” said Neil and pulled her more close to him.

“ put me down …I know I have gained a lot of weight.. Your arms must be aching….” she requested him.

He bend his head little and planted a kiss on her nose. “ you are the second important beautiful woman in my life” said Neil . She quickly looked in his eyes .

Though she know the answer of her question yet she asked him.

“ who is the First one ..Mr. Malhotra??”

“ My mom” he replied proudly.

Sam lowered her eyes . She was blushing hard. “ so you don’t want to leave my house??” asked Neil . Sam nodded in negative.

“ it is not a bad option live in the house owned by my future husband” said Sam and giggled.

He looked towards her with one of his dangerous cold expressions. “ why do you want to get married to me , after knowing that I am a drug addict …a heartless one” asked Neil .

Goosebumps arouse on his skin when she shivered on his question in his arms.

“ Neil I wanted to tell you something” said Sam .

He looked in her eyes. “ I am virgin , I had never kissed any guy too , except you” . Said Sam and lifted her eyes to look in his one.

He was baffled. He himself don’t know what to say further and how to react .

“ I am not” said Neil . Her face frowned.

“ I know” . She replied. “ got to know from your staff members about your one night stands” said Sam further .

She tried to get down but his grip was too tight. Sam’s eyes were now wet.

“ I will not apologize for the thing which I can’t rectify” said Neil . He was feeling guilt but then his anger roused more when he heard Sam’s words.

“ so I think we should balance it ..let me also sleep with numerous men.” said Sam fully irritated . She was pissed off now .

“ Piggy Monster” she muttered.

Neil tighten his grip more on her waist . “ do whatever you want” said Neil angrily.

Sam was scared little seeing his clenched jaw, and flared nostrils. He dropped Sam from his arms and she fell on the floor.

“ ouch..” screamed Sam . After giving her one of his stern reply, he moved out of his balcony and headed towards outside of his room.

She saw him getting out of his room without looking back.

“ possessive idiot” said Sam and muttered few more curses .

She rubbed her bump and winced in pain.

After few minutes she smiled . “ I know if I try too, you will never let me go near any man now, you are changed Neil ..god I am loving this new one ,arrogant, possessive , mad Neil….sorry my Neil” murmured Sam and tried to get up .


Radhika entered in the room after having a long conversation with Riddhima on the phone .

She opened her mouth to tell something but stopped when she saw him gelling his hair. He was dressed in his white suit and maroon shirt.

He then close the buttons of the suit.

“ Sir ..where are you going??” asked Radhika and moved towards him.

“ Radhika I have an important meeting , can’t postpone it ..have to go now” replied Arjun while wearing his black watch.

“ Sir ..before I make you my punching bag , change your dress and go back to your bed” said Radhika strictly.

He ignored her and started putting his stuff in his bag .

“ Radhika ..the meeting is important .. I have to go ..our company used to provide funds to many orphanages .. And recently we helping one in rishikesh too .. So need to go “ said Arjun .

He winced in pain when he bend little down .

“ where is my car key” asked Arjun while searching it in the cupboard.

“ here” said Radhika and showed the keys to him.

“ oh great ..give it to me” said Arjun . He extended his hand towards her.

She moved back and nodded in negative .

“ Sorry Sir.. You will get the key when you take this medicine” said Radhika firmly. Arjun rolled his eyes and took the medicine from her .

“ now keys” asked Arjun from her . She again nodded in negative .

“ I will drive the car, Sir” said Radhika and asked him to follow her.

Arjun picked up his bag and moved after her.

Radhika opened the car . She was about to sit when she suddenly asked him…” Sir… you came to save me on Mian three hours I right??”

Arjun nodded . “ yeah so??” asked he in a curious tone.

“ Sir Mian was busy at that time” said Radhika unknowingly .

Arjun realized what she meant . He started laughing holding his stomach .

“ he was busy at that time ..what you saw him doing??” asked Arjun . A naughty smile was glued on his lips.

Radhika was feeling embarrassed . She remembered how she saw mian mating with a white mare. She tucked her hair strands behind her ears.

“ Nothing, Sir…let’s go” she said.

“ I was feeling guilty too, to disturb him in his good time…but you are important for me …you are my priceless treasure …I can’t and I will never lose you” . He said and get in the car.

Radhika smiled and get inside the car too.

She put her seat belts and helped him also.

“ thanks for being so kind” said Arjun and laid back on the seat.

The pain was too much . He wanted to shout and scream but he don’t want to scare her too.

He looked towards her and found her tensed.

“ what now??”. He asked her knowing the fact that she will blurt it out instantly and he was right too .

“ Sir…di told me that Saral is in hospital since last three months, she was telling me that he hardly say a word and is now scared of everyone ..di told me that even a fly can too scared him out of his wits.. Weird right ..

She was telling me that he was found unconsciousness in some manhole.. I wish he get well soon” said Radhika with a sad face.

Arjun stiffened after listening her . He cleared his throat and replied “ yeah so bad.. I also wish that he get well soon” .

Radhika looked towards him all surprised. “ Sir are really so kind …he misbehaved with you so many times . ..still you are praying for him..i am really proud of you” said Radhika .
She got busy in driving the car. He only smiled in return.

Arjun closed his eyes . He was reminiscing something.

3 months back:- (past)

“ you know what ..i will snatch my radhu from you ..either by hook or by crook” shouted Saral .

Arjun was sitting on the bonnet of his car.

“ so boys …what we should do with him” asked Arjun loudly with his security staff.

One replied all smiling…” sir we should throw him from the second floor of that building ..he will surely not die ..but his bones will not left intact. “ ..he pointed towards one building .
Arjun nodded.
Saral was frightened hearing all weird ideas of breaking his bones.

“ Sir , ..i think we should stitch his gutter mouth with this needle and thread” another spoke and showed a pointed needle.

Arjun chuckled. “ Not bad ..good idea” .

He was shocked seeing Mr khatri raising his hand.

“ you also want to say something Mr khatri “ asked Arjun .

Others were giggling as they didn’t expected an innocent man like Mr Khatri to take part in this work .

“ Sir …the best place for a guy like him the stinking man hole..and I will personally cover it if you throw him in that” said Mr khatri .

He looked towards Saral with a cold expression.

“ okay so its decided Saral Joshi will stay in this gutter..common boys ..start your work” asked Arjun and they all cheered loudly .

Saral started begging in front of Arjun.

Arjun got down from his car.

He slapped Saral . Saral stumbled and fell on the ground . “ this is for taking my wife’s name from your stinking mouth” .

he pulled saral up and slapped him again . “ this is for touching her four times in front of me”

Saral started crying ..” leave me ..i will never show my face again to you” .

Arjun slapped him again. A hard one .

He smirked seeing saral’s tooth on the ground . “ this is for trying to get married to her” .

He hold Saral from his collar and shouted “ remember one thing …..Arjun Mehra is a devil …and he is proud of his inhuman nature ..and one more thing he can kill an innocent person too for his lady love …so beware of this devil” .

He pushed him and Saral again landed on the ground.

“ do it fast , I don’t have time to waste on the man who is worst than a shit” ordered Arjun and his men picked up Saral .

They dropped Saral in the gutter .

“ how money bones” asked Arjun. He put on his ear phone and started humming a song .

“ don’t you worry ..don’t you worry child …god had some plans for you” he sang loudly .

“ sir only one got broken” said the man of his staff. Arjun was about to say further but he halted when he saw Mr khatri raising his hand again.

“ yeah ….now what Mr khatri ??” asked Arjun.

“ sir ..once again ..for me “ requested Mr khatri and pointed towards the manhole . Arjun nodded and signaled his men to go ahead.

His security men took Saral out and dropped him again by lifting him little up.

“ now?? “ asked Arjun.

“ Sir ..jackpot …two thigh bones and one radius.” said another one all smiling. Arjun rolled his eyes at the impossible nature of his security guards.

“ one more time for me” . Arjun turned on hearing a familiar voice .

“ Ankush” mumbled Arjun . He was frozen seeing him there. Ankush ordered the men to go ahead.

They took Saral out again and throw him inside the gutter . Mr khatri covered the manhole after wearing the gloves.

“ look Ankush .. I can explain” said Arjun . Ankush took two long steps and hugged Arjun tightly . He separated himself from after a minute.

“ Arjun …I am so happy ..i wanted to meet you ..after knowing that you met Dad yesterday” said Ankush all smiling .

Arjun’s face frowned on hearing the word ‘DAD’ .

“ Sorry …Iam really sorry on his behalf” said Ankush and folded his hands infront of him.

Arjun hugged Ankush again. “ he is my dad also I will not mind it ..if he will scold me too” he said and assured Ankush that he is extremely fine.

“ don’t worry about Saral ..i will take good care of him” said Ankush .

“ I know” replied Arjun.

“ I want to tell you one thing Arjun…pls never leave my sister…I know she is little stubborn …but you don’t give up on her ..i know she loves you a lot …and my little honeybee will not able to live happily without you”. said Ankush and forwarded a key chain towards Arjun which had a shinning green color stone.

“ this will bring good luck …she gave me this when I was in tenth standard I am giving this to you will help to keep nightmares away from you ..and will also absorb off all negative energy near you .” .

Arjun happily accepted that . He was overwhelmed with this gift.

“ thanks buddy” said Arjun and hugged Ankush again.


Arjun came out of his thoughts. He unknowingly too out the key chain from his pocket .

Radhika stopped the car when her gaze fell on it .

“ how did you get it??” asked Radhika all baffled.

“ Ankush gave me ..when I visited rishikesh three months back” said Arjun while looking the stone keenly .

Radhika nodded and again started driving . Suddenly she thought something and then looked towards Arjun widening her tiny eyes.

“ you did that” she shouted . His trance got broken . Arjun understood what she meant . He didn’t bothered to answer her back.

“ Three months back you paid a visit to almost killed him” . Her temperature rose up. Her cheeks had turned red.

“Arjun..i am asking you something..did you throw Saral in that man hole??” radhika stopped when he finally looked towards her.

“he took your name from his gutter I decided to show his place..from where he belonged …a stinking filled manhole..i dropped him in it three times …but as you know.. ..i am not that bad to leave him there in his pathetic I admitted him in the best hospital of rishikesh” Arjun replied.

“ he lost only his six bones and nothing else ..stop worrying about him” said Arjun and switched on the music system in his car.

Radhika glared Arjun and switched it off. “ he was my friend once ..that is why I am upset for him ..and it was really not needed to punish him like this” said Radhika .

“ Friend ..radhika are like me only don’t have any good friend ..even Sam also ditched you ..but still I can’t forgive people so easily …not in my nature” replied Arjun coyly .

“ so according to you ..i should also punish everyone like this” asked Radhika.

He laughed listening her question. She was confused now more.

“ That is the only difference between you and me … Arjun Mehra can forget but can’t forgive …..Radhika Mishra can forgive but can’t forget” replied Arjun. She didn’t say anything further .

He was absolutely right. Her heart sink when he used ‘mishra’ instead of ‘mehra’ .

Arjun again closed his eyes and laid back on his seat . He wanted to avoid the upcoming argument with her.

Radhika understood that the medicine started showing it’s effect . He was feeling sleepy now.

She started driving again . After ten minutes she giggled when Arjun snorted in the sleep .

He was in deep slumber. It was raining heavily outside now. Radhika stopped her car on the bridge .

She moved out of the car leaving the engine on.

Her eyes were filled with tears now. She was filled with many thoughts . Thoughts where she was constantly accusing herself of leaving him alone when he needed her the most .

When Saral showed his true colors , she was left alone in the battle between them .

She herself didn’t let anyone to become the part of that war , still Arjun deliberately entered in Arena and become her support .

They didn’t even friends too at that time. He saved her even when he considered her as his enemy .

“ what did you do Radhika left Arjun sir ..when Nandini showed her true colors …leave the love didn’t even turned for humanity too..all you had done was that …you packed your bags and left him alone slamming the door behind…you were his blo*dy wife dammit least for the sake of that you should have stopped at that cared for everyone and hurted the angel of your life …you stabbed his innocent heart …god dammit you turned out to be a backstabber too… he begged me to stop … to stay for him ….but what reason I had…I am doing this for Sam…Kudos Radhika Mishra …you are the greatest person to whom I ever come across ” said Radhika all crying .

She sat on her knees.

She continued pouring her heart out ,but sadly the listeners were the one’s who don’t know any language to talk .

The fast flowing river down, the green protecting trees, the hard gravel of ground , and the still railing of bridge. “ he was right …I can never become like him ….the problem is in me only … I always believed on my eyes I could I forget eyes can also cheat you …when you closed them ..they never show any colors of life ..and then you trusted what everyone else showed you called yourself smart …every stupid person in this world thinks the same …and behave in the same way like you ..” said Radhika and then she stood up .

She looked towards her car ..he was sleeping inside peacefully . She moved towards him . Radhika opened the door of his side. She then opened her phone Camera and change the settings .

“ I love you” she whispered in his ears and then rested her lips on his left cheek . She kissed on his cheek and closed her eyes.

The camera quickly captured the beautiful moment.

“ see what you have make me …. I have started taking advantage of you in your sleeping state” mumbled Radhika and smiled . She get inside the car and called his manager .

“ I want the meeting in Mishra mansion “ ordered Radhika and disconnected the call .

She started driving the car and was reminiscing the meeting happened in last week .

Her meet with old friends ( past )

“ oh someone turned out to be a hot model” said Teji . Radhika started hitting him .

“ you are about to get engaged…who is the lucky girl??” asked Radhika .

“ there” said Teji and pointed a girl who was smiling and was heading towards them in red short dress. Radhika was shocked . “ Bonnie” she mumbled .

Bonnie came and planted a small kiss on Teji’s lips . Radhika averted her gaze . She then tapped on Radhika’s shoulder.

Radhika show her fake smile , but she got confused when Bonnie laughed heartily .

“ what you were saying , your chashni is changed..i can bet she is the same old Radhika” said Bonnie and winked towards Teji.

“ I think ..i should leave now” said Radhika . She picked her clutch was about to get up when bonnie spoke “ I will not get a single chance to apologize ..Radhika .. Like Sam, Like Arjun.” .

Teji asked her to give a chance to Bonnie.

Bonnie ordered three cold coffee for them .

“ Radhika ..i don’t know ..from where to start” said bonnie and hold Teji’s hand.

“ from where he entered in your life” replied Radhika rudely .

“ five years back..i met Arjun” said bonnie .

She continued “ My dad ..Mr Deepak khatri still working as his secretary” .

Radhika was shocked . She never imagined a good person like Mr khatri will be a father of a girl like bonnie.

“ when I met Arjun for the first time .. I saw him riding Zack …and he was wearing red shirt me anyone can easily get attracted towards him” said bonnie.

Radhika nodded. She was reminiscing about the day when she saw him handling Zack with his strong Arms.

Teji’s laugh broke her trance and she smiled in return . She saw that they both were teasing each other and laughing hard.

“ so Radhika .. I thought if I will do friendship with Arjun..then one day something can happen between us. ..and after three years I joined birdsong …after that my life changed completely” said bonnie.

Radhika looked towards teji who was busy in staring bonnie. She pressed her lips to control her laugh.
“ mine too” said Teji all lost .

Bonnie blushed and giggled with radhika. “ because I started getting attention from Arjun ..but lately I realized that he is much more interested in knowing about Birdsong. ..and after that when he joined BS ..then you know what happened ..but radhika when Dad came to know about these things he broke all ties with me .

Arjun tried to make him understand..but no one was not able to convinced him…and when you guys separated …Arjun forced Dad to accept me and he told me that how much teji likes me ..after that because of Arjun …things are sorted out and now me ,and teji will get married soon ..seriously radhika Arjun turned as a cupid in our love story …not only this ..iam working in birdsong again because Arjun requested piyali mam to give me another chance” said bonnie .

She took a sigh after telling everything to Radhika

Teji rubbed her back and make her drink water. They both smiled cutely at each other.

“ but things can’t work out between piyali mam and prerna aunty ..after that party” said teji and hold bonnie’s hand again. She also nodded.

“ yeah the way piyali mam insulted prerna mom …” said Radhika and she opened her mouth to say further when teji interrupted “ hold on chashni …it was prerna aunty who insulted piyali mam” said teji all confused. Radhika was now perplexed more.

“ what do you mean??…i am talking about the party held four months ago ….the party which was thrown when Neil and me opened a fashion house gulmohar.” asked Radhika .

Teji and bonnie replied together..” Radhika we also talking about that party only which Neil invited whole birdsong”.

“ pls tell me what exactly happened ..on that day” asked Radhika. She looked both of them .

After ten minutes:-

Radhika was crying covering her face. Teji and bonnie were consoling her . She was shocked after knowing the truth.

“ so that means prerna aunty wanted to separate Neil from Sam and you from Arjun ..” said bonnie.

“ radhika ..Arjun sir loves you only and Sam is only mad for Neil …only we know how they both spent almost a year without both of you “ said teji and he hugged Radhika . Radhika left after sometime from the café.


She stopped her car at the door of her house. Her trance was already broken when her phone buzzed. She looked towards Arjun who was sleeping with his mouth little open . She clicked his picture thinking to tease him further.

In evening:-
Neil was busy in his meeting. He got distracted when a message popped up in his phone.

Neil read the message.“ I am going on a date with rishabh ., if you want you can join us—–Sam”

He looked the photo sent by her. She was wearing a white top and shorts . Neil put the phone aside. He know that she was deliberately testing his patience.

He called someone. “ where is she??” he asked.

“ Sir …home “ said the one on the other of his phone.

He keep the phone down . Neil picked his jacket and moved out of the cabin.

He was about to enter in his car when he heard a scream . He moved at the source of the voice. He was stunned on spotting manya there. Few boys were troubling her .

“ leave me you jerk” shouted Manya. .

“ is anything wrong here” asked Neil . Manya smiled seeing Neil there.

She rushed towards him and hugged him tightly. Neil unknowingly put wrapped his one arm around her shoulder.

He glared the goons with his blood shot red eyes .

Neil moved towards them . He handed his jacket to Manya. he then took out watch and handed that her too.

Manya hold his arm and nodded in negative . He fold his sleeves .

The drugs started showing their effects now. Neil broke the face of each one of them. They were begging him to stop , but he didn’t pay any attention to their requests.

“ stop it Neil” screamed Manya.

Neil turned and the goons started crawling towards their car.

Manya hugged him again . She was crying badly .

Neil patted on her shoulder. “ Manya ..who were they ..and why they were after after you??” asked Neil .

Manya wiped her tears. She replied. “they were drug sellers.. I had proof against them they were after me ..actually I am working with NGO…which is working for the betterment of the drug addicts..but they had already destroyed the proof” said Manya sobbing .

She put her head on his chest . Neil detached himself from her and hold her from her shoulder. He wiped her tears.

“ manya you should have asked someone for help …why did you take such a big risk alone” asked Neil .

“ what to do ?? Who will listen me and Sam were busy in making plans how to get back the birdsong from you” blurted out Manya and then she looked towards Neil all startled.

“ I have to go now” she said further but Neil hold her arm.

“ what plan??” he asked her.

Manya gulped and stammered “ Actually Neilll….i was just” .

She stopped when Neil shook her …” tell me the truth Manya …tell me dammit” shouted Neil .

“ two weeks before I heard Sam telling Mom that she will stay with you for more days so that she can get birdsong back from you “ said Manya . Neil was shocked .

“ that means piyali mam already know that she is staying with me …” asked Neil curtly.

“ yeah ..honestly Neil ..i wanted to tell you this thing before …but I think its time I should tell you this …Sam never loved you ..she is still in love with Arjun…I know you will say that she wanted to unite Arjun and Radhika …but no its all her game ..she is there with you for your money ..and she herself accepted that she can never love you in her whole life” said Manya and hold Neil who stumbled on hearing her words.

“ I know that you will not believe me ..that’s why I have the recording in which Sam confessed her plan to mom.

Manya showed Neil the video on her phone . He was numb . “ I think you should leave now” said Neil and walked away from her.

Manya bend her head down . She wiped her tears and started laughing badly .

She hold her tummy . “ Stupid Sam ..Stupid Neil..its simple if I didn’t get my love than neither Sam nor Neil will get their one” said Manya and smirked .

Neil get inside his car. “ I thought she was staying for me” . He closed all the windows of his car. He started his car and drove off.


He headed inside the Mishra Mansion . He badly needed his best friend now. Without knocking he opened the door of her room. Neil was shocked when he found Arjun sleeping on her bed. He then look around but didn’t found her . Neil come out and found aniksha .

“ Aniksha maa ..where is radhika??” asked Neil .

“ she is in her study for an important meeting” said Aniksha .

Neil nodded and decided to wait for her . He was also confused spotting Arjun in her room . No doubt he knew that Arjun was working as her secretary..but didn’t expected that they will get close to each other in such a short span of time .

Neil went down and sit on the drink’s counter.

After one hour Radhika come down with clients . She was surprised on seeing Neil.

“ oh that’s really surprising ..Mr Neil Arav Malhotra is also here” said one of the client and extended his hand towards Neil .

Neil greeted all of them . They started chatting about many things.

“ I can assure that AR group of associations will not disappoint you” said Neil with confidence . Radhika was on clouds hearing good words for Arjun from Neil.

Her eyes got filled with tears. Neil was fully supporting Arjun. .they left after few minutes.

After they all left , Radhika quickly hugged Neil and pecked on his cheek . “ thanks bf … “ said Radhika.

Neil smiled too . He was happy seeing her jumping in happiness.

“ me and Arjun will leave for London tomorrow” said Radhika . He was surprised . “ Are you going to meet Mom??” he asked her . She nodded. “ why are taking Arjun ..i will come with you” said Neil .

“ no need ..if you will come ..then she get both of us married…” said Radhika and chuckled. He smiled meekly . Radhika observe his fake smile. “ what’s wrong..??” she asked him.

“ Nothing” he replied and smiled.

“ listen one thing chashni ..if you need my help then call me without thinking once” said Neil and hold her from her shoulders.

“ how is Arjun?? told me he is not well’ he asked further.

Radhika gulped . She decided to not to tell him what happened with her in Arjun’s barn . “ he will get fine soon ..don’t worry” said Radhika .

“ and yeah you are leaving not now , let’s do what we both do always whenever we both are happy or either sad ..” said Radhika and dragged Neil with her. They both entered in some room .

Neil took off his jacket and put it on the bed . He then get in the bed . Radhika too get in the bed.

There gaze were fixed on the LCD fixed on the wall . After a minute the screen flashed a title in red color ’Mortal combat’ and Neil and radhika both started got engrossed in playing the game.

after ten minutes …the whole house was filled with Radhika’s scream . The staff members halted but then they understood what’s wrong . They started working again. Neil opened the door of the room . He fall down and saw radhika was taking off her heels .

“ chashni …” he shouted and get up quickly. Neil was running now. He ran towards the hall.

“ Neil dare you dare you cheated ??” said Radhika and throw her heels towards him . She jumped when one hit his head and danced happily when hit his shoulder.

“ you loser..i didn’t do any cheating” said Neil and throw cushions towards her.

Arjun who was awake because of hearing her scream ..saw both of them fighting like nursery kids.

“ chashni ..once I kept your name chashni…you never lost weight after that” said Neil and laughed.

Radhika fumed in anger. She rushed towards Neil . Arjun banged his head on the pillar. He quickly went down when they both started pulling each other’s hair.

“ I will kill you ..minion” shouted Neil .

“ I will kill you too ….dwarf cheater” replied radhika .

“ will you guys ..stop it” interrupted Arjun.

“ NO” ..they both shouted together and then looked towards each other. They both took a sigh and then burst out in laughing. Arjun rolled his eyes at their impossible nature.

“ okay ..i need to leave now” said Neil and looked towards Arjun. Arjun hold him . “ Stay for at least one more hour” asked Arjun.

Neil smiled . “ some other day” he replied and left.

Arjun then remembered about his meeting. He was confused how he slept . He looked towards radhika .

Radhika told him everything how she gave him a medicine which make him fall sleep and how she handled his meeting .

“ I just wanted you to take rest” said Radhika.

Arjun was overwhelmed seeing her care. He kissed on her left cheek and mumbled “ thank you” in her ear. Radhika blushed .


Neil returned his home. He was tired and haggard. Sam looked towards him .

His hair was dishelleved and shirt were out of his pants, few top buttons were opened .

She rushed towards him and hugged him tightly. “ I was waiting for you” said Sam . She took a deep breath to inhale his scent , but got tensed when she inhaled the scent of ladies perfume from his shirt.

Neil detached himself from her and without saying anything he moved forward.

“ Sir ..Dinner” .asked one of the kitchen staff member.

Neil denied and replied.. “ I already have with a good friend” . He then started climbing the stairs. A tear escaped from the left eye of both of them .

precap:- wildness, love confession
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