My lost patience chapter-13( continued…part-2) ( manmarziyan ff)

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Recap:- Arjun and Radhika went to London. Story moved after on after one week. Manya showing some fake video to Neil about Sam . Prerna’s truth revealed in one week (past) . Nesam fight (present). Arjun reveled his truth (present) .

Chapter – 13 ( continued part- 2) Neil and Sam and Sam and Neil (past )
Sam was going through some papers. Last night, Neil not only come home late, but ignored her too. Sam was trying everything , in all possible ways to win his heart, to get back her Neil, but the tunnel of her life was too dark to avoid stones on the smooth path.

She opened her laptop. After opening the PowerPoint, she put all papers aside. “Quote of ‘NEILDAY’ is …..” Sam spoke while typing frantically.

“ Blank slide is like my Neil, New slide is like my Radhika, title place is for Arjun and fonts are me”. A soft smile played on her lips. She laughed when she failed to understand the meaning of the lines created by her.

“ I am blank slide ….can you explain me?…”. He whispered in her ears .

Sam clutched her stole , when she felt his breath on her skin. His mesmerizing scent was driving her crazy. Her back got straightened in a second , and she looked at him .

Their eyes met for two short seconds and their faces were just an inch apart. “ Sammy ….i never knew that you had weird interest in writing”. He said and gave her a smug look. Sam’s eyes flickered to his lips for a second and then she looked back up afraid to be caught by him.

“ Her luscious brown locks and full lips ….Neil what the f**k are you thinking ….”. Neil was cursing himself inwardly leading to aversion of his gaze on her laptop. ‘ Why in this world is so difficult to blink while looking in her eyes?” . He mumbled, asking himself.

“ Writing is not a weird interest Neil….it is so not …”. Sam bit back breaking the awkward silence.

“it is …when you start writing shit….and here it is ….you can’t even explain your own lines …..slides and life connection …what is that supposed to be mean…explain me Sammy”.
Neil snapped in a sardonic tone while looking intently at the laptop.

Sam took a sigh and looked at her lines. “ Jerk”. She muttered and nodded in negative pressing backspace. “ Stop ……don’t……”. He said and looked at her eyes again searching something oblivious to her.

Sam felt butterflies in her stomach and her legs feels wobbly because of his scrutinizing gaze on her. She quickly sat up even more straighter this time.

Neil looked at her lips. Their eye lock was interrupted when someone called Neil from behind. Sam gasped and was shocked more than surprised seeing Manya there.

“ Manya ……”. Sam said loudly while getting up . She opened her arms to hug her sister After three seconds her smile faded when Manya hugged Neil perfectly burying herself in his arms. Neil felt uncomfortable but chuckled when Manya squealed like teenagers.

“ Manya … didn’t tell me that you are coming to meet me”. Sam questioned her, getting their attention .
Manya smirked innocently and cupped sam’s face.

“ Sam ….today I am here for Neil ……we will catch up soon at some other time”. She said and hugged Sam. Neil smiled at the sisters. “ why his face is so glowing …..seeing Manya here” . Sam said inwardly glaring Neil. Manya gave a forced smile to Sam and again moved towards Neil.

“ you both are going somewhere?” Sam asked hastily when she saw both of them moving . She felt little embarrassed too, but her curiosity ignored her ego.

“ Sam ..Neil donated a huge amount to mom’s orphanage …and as you know now a days mom is quite busy I decided ton treat Neil with a hearty lunch at the orphanage, as a new owner of that place”.Manya said and smiled.

She hold Neil’s arm and they both walked out of the house. Sam felt horrible for a moment when Manya said something in his ears and he laughed.

“ A*shole, Jerk ,stupid, Casanova , player, cold hearted, arrogant ….he is a beast..animal” . She yelled and closed her laptop . Tears rolled down from her cheeks.

She quickly picked her phone and dialed Radhika’s number. But before it can connect , she disconnected the call and hold her head. Her life was a mess for ten months, but now it is terrible. Sam chuckled while crying , she now understood the meaning of her lines. She laughed through the tears streaming down her face.

“ you are blank slide Neil …..because the slide left deliberately blank …for only one good reason …….to fill it with something worthy …..your fate is also like it only….only someone special can be the part of it …not everyone….”. Sam mumbled while wiping her tears.

Neil sighed loudly getting inside the car. Manya was so happy to be with Neil that she was trying to stop herself from grinning in front of him.

Manya cringed when she found Neil lost while driving. Anger rose in her veins and her smile fell.

“ what are you thinking? Neil..” She intruded his thoughts.

“ Sam” . Neil replied instantly without thinking.

Manya gritted her teethes. “ Stop the car”. She said loudly.

Neil applied brakes and the car was now stopped .

“ Sam …Sam…Sam …all the time Sam ….what’s wrong with you Neil?…..” Manya said locking her eyes with him.

“ She is a f**king b*t*h” . She continued when she saw Neil all quiet.

Neil straightened up on hearing the harsh words and looked her dead in the eye.

“ Get out of the car” . Neil said in a low yet dangerous voce. He removed the seat belts and got down.

“ what the hell” Said Manya facing Neil. Neil didn’t said anything. He slapped her hard , making her kissed the ground.

Manya looked up all scared, holding her left cheek. Neil bend on his knees and hold her hair tightly. “ you are lucky that she is your sister ..otherwise I would have killed you for using such filthy words against Sam …..”. He warned her and glared her with blood shot red eyes.

Hearing Sam’s name Manya lost her senses. She hold Neil’s collar and smashed her lips on his. She bitted his bottom lip , trying to open his mouth. Neil tried to push her. She broke the two upper buttons of his shirt and kissed on his naked chest.

Neil was on the ground and she was on top of him.

“ what the hell are you doing? Manya stop it.” Neil shouted and hold her hands.

Manya had a dangerous grin on her face. She bend her face down and said in a weird voice “ Making love with you ….in the middle of lonely road”. She said and removed her hair pin.

Neil pushed her hard this time and stood up. “ you are insane”. He shouted and get inside his car. Manya was smiling like a maniac when Neil drove off. She touched her swollen lips with thumb and then licked her thumb.

Neil was panting while driving. He pulled his hair and adjusted the front mirror.

After 6 days:-

Sam was worried about Neil . She was holding her head and was walking from one end of the room to the other. An abrupt change in Neil’s behavior in the last four days was making her insane. Dr shrishti was out of town and Sam was not able to connect with her too.

“ don’t know what’s wrong with him …..”. She said when she saw Neil shouting on some servant. Sam pitied on him.

“ enough …I need to confront him”. She sighed and went downstairs.

Neil didn’t bothered to look at her. He was quiet with his eyes glued on his laptop. “ I find the meaning of my own lines” . Sam said hesitatingly and then cursed herself for sounding so stupid.

Neil looked at her sharply. Sam stiffened and gulped. “ the one who will come in my life …is lucky ….and tell me one good reason why you think like that”. He asked her. Sam was surprised . How come he know what’s going on my mind. Are my thoughts can be heard?. Sam was asking herself inwardly many questions.

“ I can hear and read things well , Sam” Neil said with his gaze fixed on his laptop. Sam’s lips parted. She cleared her throat and then asked confidently. “ are you pregnant? Because your mood swings are really unbearable”.

His fingers stopped typing and he closed his laptop. He looked at her with his eyebrows raised. Sam felt embarrassed . Neil found her all flushed and smirked. “ No…but I made a woman pregnant ….i think …it’s her effect on me”. He replied coyly and shrugged his shoulders.

Sam was stunned. She felt like someone put hot wax in her ear. She was frozen for a minute. Neil started laughing. Sam’s trance was broken. “I was kidding …look at your face….”. He said and laughed heartily.

she felt relieved but then she stared him. She smiled when she looked at his dimples and his hazel eyes glimmering. She found his smile more attractive than any other thing of this world, one that was reaching his eyes.

Neil stopped laughing and sighed heavily. He looked at Sam.

“ my mood swings are none of your business ….you take care of your stuff Sam”. He said in a sardonic tone with the same old flat stare.

She rolled her eyes . “ Bipolar” muttered Sam.

After three hours:-

Neil was rushing towards his room . He climbed the stairs quickly. Sam saw him running upstairs. She followed him. Neil took out the needle to inject himself. Sam opened the door of his room and was shocked to drugs. It was already 10:00 P.M., so all servants were gone.

She took two long steps and snatched the needle from him. Neil’s eyes were red. He glared her.

“ Sammy not now …..give me needle back”. He said in a dangerous voice. Sam crushed the needle from her foot, breaking it completely. “ Neil you are taking drugs again …how ..when ..what happened….let me call Dr shristhi”. She said and took out her phone.

Neil quickly snatched the phone from her and threw it on wall. The phone broke in two pieces. “ get the hell out of my room …no need to call anyone”. He shouted and took out another bottle and needle. Sam clenched her fist and she pushed Neil with all her strength.

She picked up the whole packet of drugs and rushed towards washroom. Neil lost his mind completely. He started banging the door.

“ Sam open it and give me back….give me back”. He shouted making Sam more scared. She opened all the packets and flushed the drugs. After five seconds, the banging on door stopped. Sam bite her lower lip.

She opened the door and saw Neil wearing his jacket . She realized that he was going out of the house.

“ right now ..he need drugs …if I will distract him…may distraction can work”. She thought and hold his arm to stop him. “ I will not let you go’’ Sam said closing the door. “ move away ….from my way”. He warned her.

His jaw was clenched and muscles tensed. Sam nodded in negative. She cupped his face and kissed him. Neil was shocked first but then he pulled her more closer from her waist accessing her mouth fully. He started removing her clothes . She took off his t- shirt. He put her on bed.

Neil was on top of Sam . He was kissing her she was some feast. He was exploring her body , sometimes sweetly or sometimes little harshly. Sam was moaning loudly , holding the pillow tightly. Her touches on his body was making him shudder.

“ you are so beautiful, Sam” . He touched her bosoms , caressing her gently. Sam gasped and her head was reeling wildly.

She grasped the bed sheets tightly and screamed when he entered inside her. He then moved on top of her and kissed on her lips. Sam had tears in her eyes because of the pain but she never felt such an intense heavenly pleasure. They both slept when they got tired. Sam looked more beautiful like a woman loved by her man in the moonlight falling on her from the window.

They both break all barriers between them completing each other for a night. Ignoring the outcome of their wild step, they both cuddle each other while sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms.

She didn’t stopped after hearing howls, hissing of snakes, and moved inside the woods. Her eyes were searching him, following the marks of his footsteps left on wet soil. She sighed when she found those marks fresh, but frowned after seeing the dense forest.

“ Run away from here……..”. A familiar voice startled her. She whirl back and saw Neil. He was holding his stomach and the fist was red . She gasped and lifted her eyebrows in confusion because she was seeing another Neil too at some good distance from her feeding something to Mian .

“ Run away from ……here”. Another familiar voice warned her and she turned and saw Sam. Radhika moved two steps back seeing Sam in pathetic state. She was in a mess and too skinny. Sam moved towards her extending her hand to touch her but then someone shot her and she fell on the floor.

“ Sammm…..” . Radhika shouted . She looked at Sam lying on the floor , lifeless.

“ Run away from ……us”. Radhika stiffened when she heard ‘his’ voice. She quickly turned and saw Arjun. He was dressed in black shirt and white pants. A little boy was holding his hand. Radhika breathed heavily when she saw the boy. He was looking exactly same like the Arjun when he was at that boy’s age.

Soon they both smiled and started running away from her. Their hands were clamped and they both were laughing.

“ Arjun ….” . Radhika groaned and run after them. But soon they both vanished in front of her eyes. She shouted but and rushed back for Neil, but now Sam and Neil were also disappeared.

“ I am alone ….No” . She shouted stretching the last word , kneeling down on ground.

“ wake up Radhika …radhika..wake up” . Arjun said loudly , when he saw radhika screaming in her sleep.

Radhika opened her eyes , and saw Arjun. She quickly hugged him , almost jumping on his lap.

“ pls never leave me …please…”. She said , in groggy voice.

Arjun hugged her more tightly. He didn’t said anything but caressed her hair. Radhika after few minutes fell in deep slumber with her head resting on his shoulder. Arjun pulled the blanket on her and stepped down from the bed.

He stopped when he found radhika holding his index finger. She was in deep sleep , but the idea of letting him go was not in her mind even in her slumber. He smiled and looked at her innocent face.

Arjun slowly freed his finger and adjusted her pillow. He looked at the couch and sighed . That night was long for him.

The next morning ( present)

After having a nasty fight with Neil , Sam was still standing with him confronting media on the photographs of manya and Neil leaked socially.

Neil looked at Sam. He was shocked to see the bracelet ‘NESAM’ on her wrist.

He chuckled . Ten minutes ago they were fighting and now she claimed in front of the whole world that they are ‘ love birds’ of the tinsel town. Sam shivered , her legs wobbled when Neil wrapped his arm around her waist.

But the media was really upset with the fight her picked on with them .


“ these sons of a …” . Arjun stopped when he saw Radhika anxious.

“ Neil …he is such an idiot ..what was the need to fight with reporters” . She said all worried , biting her nails. Mr. khatri too was in the room watching the news.

“ Mr khatri …till now no one know that AR group of associations …CEO is none other than me … revealed this news to the media ….iam sure they will forget about Neil then”. Arjun said making Mr khatri’s eyes popped out.

“ Master’s not safe ….the moment this news will be out …you will not be a famous artist …but a billionaire too for everyone …..the stock market will rise abruptly…..putting you in the top in the hit list of many enemies…I am sorry master don’t do this …..we don’t have that security too near us” . Mr khatri pleaded him , trying to pursue Arjun to take back his words.

Arjun laughed . He bite his bottom lip. “ Mr khatri ….my enemy is only Zack ….as we both compete for attention when we stand together and he already knew that I am the owner of AR enterprises”. He said in an authorative tone and Mr khatri bend accepting his order.

Radhika gasped and rushed at him. “ what you think of yourself …..take back your decision”. She said loudly, holding his hand. “ I don’t take my decisions back Radhika ……and if you press my hand again ….i will kiss you hard”. He said and smirked when she blushed.

Radhika was at loss of words. She glared him and he found his gaze fixed on her lips. All her self confidence propelled from her body , making her little shudder and shy at the same moment.
( India)

Neil felt little good when there was a chaos in the media again. Sam and Neil were confused because it was not regarding them. One reporter shouted “ whoa man …AR group of associations CEO is none other Arjun Mehra ..till now he was representing himself as a mere share holder in the company” .
Neil and Sam looked at each other. “ he always steal the attention that I get”. He muttered and moved with Sam inside.
( London)

Arjun smirked when he saw the chaos on news and social media. Radhika was shocked. Within ten minutes the whole world have a single thing to talk about . Shout for a man standing in front of her and watching a news with a smirk on his face. ARJUN MEHRA. Her man.
She was scrutinizing his face.

For a year she was carving like a teenager to see the ‘bossy’ side of him. The way he was . The way he will be always. A man who acquired a top position in the list of shrewd, arrogant , Business man.

Precap:- Chapter-14 ( accident and accusation)
Song dedication :- jahan tum ho…..wahi main hoon

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