My lost patience chapter-13 ( continued part -1) ( manmarziyan ff )

Last one week (past)

“So you all did this to separate me from Arjun sir and to separate Neil and Sam …why prerna aunty ..why …???” . Radhika asked . Words died in her mouth when her sobs filled the room .

“No ..” . Prerna replied with a stern expression on her face.

“I did this only for my son ….Neil ..and it’s not wrong ..if i want a girl like you for him …who is solved and so soft by heart.” . Prerna turned and cleared her ‘view’ on radhika’s accusations.

“But the fact is …Neil loves Sam ….oh iam so sorry for you ..but no one can change it ..not even you ” . Prerna looked at Radhika after hearing what she said . The girl was mocking on her attempts , where she tried to separate her son from that Girl . Sam . Samaira khanna.

“A mother only wants her son’s happiness ..tell me a single day …My Neil smiled fully when he confessed his love to that girl” . Prerna asked radhika . Her eyes werr filled with tears. Her tone softened little . But the expressions were still showing the hidden coldness of her eyes . Thanks to the tears too which were helping them to hide properly.

Radhika stiffened. No doubt . She was devoid of answers today . She looked prerna . Pity. Only one thing strike her mind . But for whom . Prerna . Neil . Arjun . Sam . Or she herself.

“He was happy ..that atleast Sam is there infront of him all smiling ” . Radhika snapped.

Prerna burst out in laughing . Tears were still on her cheeks . Radhika smiled meekly . A slap was on her face again . No usgae of hand by anyone today. The laugh for a minute blogged her senses.

“Happy …Radhika ..happy ….i saw him waking up at night …screaming ..shouting her name …it was me who caressed his hair when he used to come and put his head in my lap …with a fake smile on his face ….for your kind information Radhika Mishra … Neil have everything …in him …atleast he was not a criminal like your Arjunnn..and i hate both of them ” prerna said pouring out her anger from her words.

“Enough ..Mrs Malhotra ..not a word agasint Sir ….let me remind you ..he is my husband ” Radhika shouted and banged her fist on the chair . It started bleeding .

“You are divorced ..Radhika ..come out of that world …the vermillion you hiding on your head ..and the locket ..that mangalsutra ..which you cannot wear on your neck ..but you wearing it on your wrist as a bracelet ……will not change the fact ..that your husband was never yours ” . The venomous words slapped Radhika’s soul again .

‘ he was never yours ‘ . ‘He was……never ….yours’ . God …’is he was never…..’

She tried to compose herself , but failed miserably. Everytime . Everyday . All poisonous, negative energies are conquering her love .Defeating her soul badly. But this time . She will win . Her love will deafeat . Everyone . The war was not outside . It was inside . Brain vs heart. Soul (trust) vs hatred.

Her trance got broken. Prerna said something again . The question. One more question. She smiled . A fake one . Today was her unlucky day. Answers had humiliated her by showing their absence , when she needs them most.

“What if some day realised that Arjun is smiling , laughing ..but it is not for you ..but for someone else….what will you do Radhika???”
Prerna asked her this question.

Her answer was her action . Radhika stumbled . Her eyes widened when she saw a satisfactory smirk on prerna’s face. A smirk that was showing that she was satisfied with her actions. what she was accepting from radhika And that was Radhika gave her too.

“I will die” . Radhika replied honestly .

” Think about Neil” prerna said further.

” i will die …Mrs Malhotra ..if Arjun say someday that all his feelings…all his love that he was showering on me was fake … i will die on that day ..Mrs Malhotra ..if someday Arjun take vows with someone else my marrige alter….i will die ..Mrs prerna Malhotra … if my best friend left me saying ..that i am not worth for anyone’s affection” Radhika snapped .

She took a sigh and then smirked. “Think about Sam” . She said further which left prerna shocked.

“You are choosing ‘Her’ over my son” prerna asked softly .

“No …i am choosing ‘NESAM’ over….Neil” she replied curtly.

“My son will never choose Sam over me ” prerna gave a winning look to Radhika.

Radhika chuckled.

“He will …..choose love over hatred….he will never leave Sam …because the Neil ..i know …and what your cheat has made …is really possessive …..for his ‘Girl’ ” . Radhika chuckled again after replying.

Prerna glared Radhika. They both were looking each other. Silently.

“I lied that Arjun and Sam are together again. , when Neil was in hospital …i lied to both of you ..that they both especially Sam is not bothered about his health…..and then i got what i wanted…..the seed of hatred had began it’s journey ….the roots of venom ..was filling your veins….sucking the water of love from it …..” prerna told Radhika and turned. She started looking outside the window. Prerna continued.

” when you had returned the money Arjun with interest …..i send a flower bouquet with a note ..for him ….”money for Money …. and life for life… saved my life from saral ..i saved yours from Nandini… decide who did the favour on whom???….me or you ….are not meant to be together. ..” .

Radhika cupped her mouth. She remembered how she get the burned flowers in a parcel sent by Arjun . Yeah she too sent him a bouquet with a note “thank you” . But she never know that prerna too had sent a bouquet from her name.

Radhika was lost again. How much he must have felt bad . She can easily imagine the intensity of his anger when he had red that note.

” i brutally insulted piyali that party ..dragging the name which she hated most …’NANDINI’ ….”
Prerna said while rolling the chair near her.

Radhika reminisces her meet with teji .
(Meet with teji ) ( past)

“Radhika prerna aunty accused piyali mam to spoil Neil’s life ” Teji said and looked at bonnie . They both looked towards Radhika then.

“Tell me word by word” Raddhika asked further.

Teji nodded. Bonnie get up and hugged Radhika.

“What makes you think Piyali khanna …that my son is so interested in your daughter. .don’t you Mrs khanna ….Neil had a bad habit of flirting with beautiful woman’s ….mariage could you think of that even …it is the thing that happened between the families sharing same status …and by the way Neil is happy with Radhika …..he had already thrown Sam out of his life …my son had already got the diamond like him” prerna said and smiled . A dangerous one .

Piyali was shocked. She looked towards Radhika and Neil who were greeting people all smiling.

“And by the way ..i think your daughter had still not given up ..on her love ” . Prerna said and pointed towards Sam who was stopping Arjun to have a drink .

” i know prerna are upset with Sam ..but Neil and Sam both loved each other…so i think…” . Piyali stopped when Prerna indicated her to .

” the great Miss piyali khanna” prerna said . Her voice was louder than before .

Sam and Arjun looked at each other and then they both moved towards piyali.

“You are asking my son for your daughter ….a girl who was rejected by her groom on the day of her marriage … son have some respect in this society ….and really what makes you think that i will get married my son to a girl whose father had an extra martial affair….may be you guys don’t have any respect in society ..but for me it matters a lot ..” . Prerna’s words left piyali shocked . Arjun and Sam were shocked too. Samrat after hearing those words was broken more from inside.

Prerna didn’t stopped there. ” and one more thing ..i know Radhika is a divorced woman ..but not to forget ..that it was her desicion to leave Arjun for Sam …not Arjun’s. ”

Arjun came forward . He folded his hands and joined his palms together infront of Prerna .

“It’s all my fault aunty ..don’t blame Sam for any problems ” . He said softly . Sam was surprised to see Arjun apologising. She smiled meekly . It was effect of Radhika on him.

Prerna laughed . A fake smile again conquered her lips. “Welll ….A criminal is apologising ……now Arjun ….i am thinking ….why everyone left you …first your parents ….then your own sister Nandini ditched you ….your own wife ….donated you to her best friend ..and that best friend …your ex- fiance is now so not interested in you any more because you are always a piece of trash ……which no one wanted to keep with them ” . Prerna had spited those words without thinking once .

Teji was standing there . He was looking all of them . Prerna aunty, piyali mam, samrat sir , Arjun sir , Sam.

“And Sam … you … easily get bored of Arjun …that you need my son now ” . Prerna said coyly.

Piyali clenched her fist. “Enough Mrs Malhotra. .not a word agasint my Sam …” .

Neil who was informed by someone about the chaos created , quickly excused himself and went there.

” i can’t believe. .you can fall so low …. i know only one thing ….you don’t have any right to drag me and my husband’s personal stuff here…..even i can also do that ..but…” piyali halted when she heard a heavy commanding voice.

“Enough Mrs Khanna …” . The guests moved little from their place . They saw Neil .

“The nerve of anyone talk my mother in this manner ” . He scowled.

Sam smiled . She was once again silently admiring the love of her life . She bite her lower lips . After many months she get the chance to look him so closely. He was dressed to kill . The girls can die for his single glance .on his one indication , all teenager girls will throw herself on him. She frowned when he didn’t bothered to look at her. Teji noticed and understood everything from Sam’s expressions. After all he was having a girlfriend now , so he can understand the state of sam’s mind.

“What the hell …they are doing in my party ” . He asked Prerna.

Prerna answered softly ” i called them to sort out our misunderstandings ….but i think ..few things are not meant to be sorted out ” .

All were shocked again. Prerna was simply increasing the misunderstanding.

” i just don’t wanted to do something ..which can spoil my party ….i am requesting you guys ….to leave …pls leave from here …. ” . Neil said gritting his teeths.

“Listen Neil ….we need to talk ” sam moved forward and hold his hand. Prerna fumed in anger.

Neil had enough of her. He quickly jerked her.
” i will not go before talking to you ..” Sam shouted.

He glared her . She flinched when she looked in his green eyes. “Security …Aryaan ..” . Neil shouted. “Throw Miss khanna out of the party ” he ordered.

The security moves towards Sam . But stopped when Arjun punched one of them .

“This is so not needed Mr Malhotra ” Arjun snapped.

He hold Sam’ s hand. But then he saw something which left him shocked too.

Radhika had just arrived there. She was in maroon coloured silk gown . He saw her gaze on the hand of sam which was held by Arjun.

Her gaze then shifted to Arjun . They both looked each other. Their eyes were filled with tears.

Neil looked towards Arjun and then Radhika. He wrapped his arm around her waist . Sam saw this and a tear fall on her cheek. Arjun clenched his fist . His grip got tighten on sam’s hand and he dragged her away from that party . Sam while leaving was only looking at Neil .

Neil hugged Radhika and smiled . Prerna smirked. Teji took a sigh and moved after piyali and Samrat.

“Sorry mom ” Neil cupped prerna’s face.

“They insulted me …honey ..not you..come both of you ” . She said and hugged both Neil and Radhika .

“Stay blessed and Stay together. .always” she said while caressing radhika’s head and patting Neil’s shoulder.

Radhika come out of her thoughts. She saw prerna was still looking outside the window.

“I was not alone ….in the plans to separate you and Arjun …..your father Dilip Bhai ….helped me too” . Prerna’s words were another shock for Radhika.

“What ???” . She asked still trying to come out of the shock she got a second ago.

“Yeah ..your Dad …he had too insulted Arjun when he visited Rishikesh ……..that was another blow on your relationship ” Prerna eyes softened this time . Sympathy . That was she had for Radhika now.

“What happened exactly ??” . Radhika asked her.

“I don’t know ..but Arjun can tell you ….” prerna sighed . She sit on the chair. Radhika moved out of the room.

“Arjun ..will not tell me anything …but bhai ,maa or dadaji can help me ” . She thought.

“Sam will never become a Malhotra. ….Radhika” prerna mumbled.
Radhika was crying vigorously. She wiped her tears from her sleeves . She was not looking up while moving in the corridor.

She lost her balance when she bumped with someone . Arjun’s file fall down . He bend diwn to pick up the papers without looking at the person .

“Eyes … minion ….don’t you have” . He said and then he saw the drops of blood on the paper.

He looked at the hand which was covered with blood and then looked at the face of the person with whom he bumped.

“Panoti…” . He said . “Radhika ” . This time he cupped her face. He looked at her wound then .

“Leave me alone ” . She said while sobbing.

“Nice idea” . Arjun said and lifted her in his arms.

“My hand is wounded ..not my feet” she said and wriggled .

” shut up ….” . He snapped.

He asked the servants to call the doctor and entered in some room .

” Radhika ..if you think ..that ..testing my patience ..will make you win medals ….then trust me ..a pissed off dragon will burn your medals ..all he needs to open his mouth ”
Arjun said and took a bowl . He filled water in it .

Radhika chuckled . He had really a bad sense of humour . Well . Pathetic. Will be appropriate to define his humour skills .

“Let me clean it ” ..he said while taking a cotton in his hand .

” Arjun ……i will be with you ..even .if you will turn in some devil too ” . She said looking at him . They both realised after a second that she didn’t used ‘ sir’ .

“Really ….but if i turned ,some day, in some ogre ….or some stinking monster ..with horns on my head …then …what ???”. He asked her in a teasing tone.

“Then also “. She replied but didn’t smile. Arjun’s smile was now faded.

“Radhika ….tell me ..what’s wrong..someone said anythng to you ???” .Arjun asked her seriously.

He started cleaning her wound. ” Nandini di , Me , Prerna Aunty , Dad ….Neil …we all insulted you …your love …your honesty …your sacrifices ….your care…..and you were silently bearing all this for me …” . She asked him. He nodded in negative .

“For us ..Radhika ….For Ardhika …..leave this ..i can even die too …and trust me …if the death embrace me in your lap ..then this Arjun Mehra will always be indepted to it ” . Arjun said with tears in his eyes.

She hissed when his fingers touched the place where glass pierced her skin.

” what’s there in me …King Arjun Mehra ..that you are so bound to twist the fate ” . She asked him and smiled little . Arjun gave her an impossible look . Here she is wounded but still her brain is asking all weird questions. He thought.

” well …a King will fight ….for two things ….kingdom and for his ….queen ” Arjun replied and smiled seeing the cute smile on her lips .

” i am a commoner ….not a queen ” . Radhika retorted .

“Then become mine ….and become a queen” . Arjun too retorted.

She blushed profusely. He indeed was capable of dominating always around her.

She didn’t say anything . But he broke the silence .

“I told Ankush ..not to tell anything. .but seems like ..he is like his sister….weak in keeping secrets ” . Arjun said while keeping glass pieces aside.

Radhika eyes got narrowed. “That means bhai knows everything. ..” . She was lost in her own calculations.

“Dad was not wrong Radhika …he is just concerned about you ” . He said futher .

“Dad ??” She asked innocently.

“Yeah ..your dad will be my dad too right ..i will not call him Dad -in -law ” . He replied calmly.

She was surprised and she felt proud of him. He was only for her and she know that they would have met in worse conditions only even if there was no ‘nandini’ too. Because it was the hatred which make them fall for each other.

They both looked each other.

Precap :- Neil and Sam …Sam and Neil

Okay ….i have typed ..don’t know …something is wrong with me now adays …..what i am typing ……me myself feeling so bored . Okay …one more thing …about dead patient ..well i update it on 1st october ..probably the last chapter of it ..and the conditions by monday …well one more thing …if anyone is hete ek duje ke vaste …serial fan ..then you can read my story ..Immemse secret attraction. On that page …love u all ????and typos mistake ke liye maaf kar dena ..

Last news ..i am planning a surprise for one mmz writer will be there in lost story …but after 2 updates of it . ..keep guessing. And gauri di get well soon ….typhoid ki aap band baja do bas ….me in talkative mood today ….okay bye good night …sweet dreams .??

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