My lost patience chapter-13 ( continued) ( manmarziyan ff)


first of all everyone is allowed to kill me …no consummation today but something interesting …guys only 13 chapters are now passed of my story ..and everyone is wanting things so fast naughty readers pls have some patience ..this ff will have only 15 chapters …and same with lost story too…okay now enjoy
After one week:-

Her eyelashes blinked when the sun rays fell on them. She slowly opened her eyes little and started rubbing them with her knuckles.

The curtains moved little and it hindered the path of rays coming towards her . She smiled and closed her eyes again.

The rays peeped inside again and she murmured few curses. The cool breeze entered from the window and moved the curtains more.
She finally gave up.

Her eyes were opened now. She turned to her opposite side. Unknowingly a smile was glued on her bruised lips.

Her eyes were excepting him on her side in his large bed. But her face frowned when she didn’t found him.Sam quickly get up .

she hissed when her wrist get touched with her pillow. Sam slowly pulled up the sleeve of the shirt which had covered her whole small hand

The wrist was reddened because of the little dried blood . Her gaze was glued on it . ‘Love bite’ . Sam closed her eyes .

“ Move” “No” “ Sam I said ..move” “ No” .

She opened her eyes and gasped.

Her eyes wanted to see his face after the stormy night.

Sam rubbed her palm on the side of her neck. She again hissed.

Her fingers then touched slowly touched the area which was paining little.

While touching the neck, her gaze fell on her bare thighs.

She realized that she was in his shirt. When she inhaled his scent deeply , reminiscing what happened last night, she quickly jumped out of the bed.

Sam slowly started opening the button of the shirt. She was standing in his washroom in front of the mirror.

She nodded in negative. But then gathered her little strength and took a sigh and opened her shirt.

The shirt was on floor after a second . She looked herself in mirror. Her fingers started touching the place where she got kiss marks. They were red and the blood was dried.

“ he must be feeling guilty…in this week so much happened…and now we both without confessing our feelings to each other had already took our relation to another level…a level where man and woman just barged in each other’s space….and complete each other for ever. “ Sam spoke while staring her naked body in the mirror.

“ you are beautiful” he whispered. She closed her eyes . Her cheeks turned crimson red. She can easily feel his intense stare on her naked bosoms. .

Sam’s trance got broken and she come out of her thoughts when the cold water passes from the marks of her body.

After taking shower she wore a full sleeved long green top with white palazzo.

To hide the mark on her neck she wrapped a white stole around it .

Today was Sunday and he never allowed anyone inside his villa on weekends. No one was there in the villa.

Sam moved downstairs expecting him to be in kitchen. She frowned when she found kitchen empty.

Her stomach growls. “ No breakfast, then where is he??” she mumbled.

Sam moved outside . She took a sigh of relief when she spotted the driver of his car.

“ Kaka, where is Neil??..i mean Neil Sir” asked Sam .

“ Son , baba was all dressed in white suit and took his favorite vintage car..may be he went office” replied the driver.

Sam hold her head. “ now where to spot this idiot??” . Then something strikes in her mind .

She quickly unlocked her phone and then looked up .

Neil was sitting on the bench of some park . He opened the Skype to chat with her best friend ..chashni was Sam’s best friend’s too…but then he closed it , his facial expressions were clearly expressing the guilt which is now making him restless.

He didn’t have strength to face Sam after feasting on her body for the whole night like a maniac.

Though according to him it was love he showered yet the way he showed his wildness, one can easily deny his point of view.

He remembered that it was one sided love shower, Sam didn’t get chance to dominate …not even for once.

Her moan and loud screams, her sobs too didn’t affected him, when he remove all clothes from her and loved her for the whole long night.

After some time His phone beeped and he opened it to see the message.

‘ I know you don’t love me… it’s better I should leave you alone…I love you ..goodbye..i am leaving this world’. He was numb for few seconds after reading the message .

“ F**k Sam “ he muttered angrily.

Neil rushed towards his car. He quickly opened the door and get inside.

“ Shit ..babe pls pick up the call” . His voice was trembling , broken.

Sam was on the terrace. She rejected his calls. Sam started playing bubble game on her phone. She was waiting for him.

He reached his house. He took out his coat and throw it in air. Neil’s heart was pumping fast. The sweat from his forehead had started trickling down from his face.

He reached the terrace and saw her munching chocolate. She was licking her fingers.

Her cheeks , lips were smeared with melted chocolate.

Sam was so busy in playing bubble game that she didn’t notice his presence.

“ ahh when this idiot will come ..did he really wanted me to commit suicide…” said Sam frustrated.

She quickly took the chocolate from someone when her first got finished.

She smiled . Her favorite chocolate . “ thanks buddy” said Sam and looked up.

Her head started spinning when she saw Neil.

She was shocked to see Neil’s condition. Disheveled hair, face covered with sweat, lips dried, he was still panting.

Sam gulped. She was expecting at least three slaps from him. Her stupid plan had landed her again in problem.

“ Neil..i..ii” she stammered.
Sam bend her head down. He moved towards her. Sam was scared. She moved back little. For five minutes she can only hear his heavy breaths

He didn’t utter a word .

“ lizard ..on your shoulder” he said calmly.

Sam looked towards him. She was frozen. “ lizard” she asked. He only nodded.

When he nodded with a look of ‘ blo*dy yes’ that was enough for her to scream loudly.

Sam screamed and jumped on Neil.

He stumbled when she landed on him, but he didn’t tried to balance himself. Both fell on the ground .

Sam was still muttering with her eyes closed. “idiot..idiot me ..she will eat me”.

Neil was hearing her cute scolding’s. While falling , her top was lifted little up and now his palm was on her bare waist.

Sam’s face was buried in his neck. She was clutching his shirt tightly.

Neil can easily feel her heart beats which were now getting normal. Sam slowly moved little up and looked him.

“ Sorry” mumbled she and licked the chocolate on lower lip. Her gaze then fell on the marks on his exposed chest. There were like scratches given by long nails.

Sam unknowingly moved her fingers on them. “ it must be stinging” she said while touching them.

“ Last night…by you” he said softly.

Sam averted her gaze when she heard the words ‘last night’ .

She then looked at his hand which was now wrapped around her. She opened her mouth when his warm fingers moved on her waist.

It was now started raining heavily. He turned and get on top of her.

“ you scared me” said Neil . Sam who was blinking like an idiot didn’t get anything.

Neil continued “ I am sorry babe…what happened was my mistake….” .

Sam clenched her fist , when she heard the word ‘Mistake’ from his mouth.

Yesterday, they make love with each other.and it’s not wrong for those two persons who are heavily in love with each other,

it can only be a mistake when if for one of them it is only a physical thing .

“ did you ever loved me ..ever for once” asked Sam . Her eyes were already brimmed with tears.

Neil wasn’t expecting this kind of question. “ look Sam ….i “ stammered Neil .

He gathered some confidence and then spoke clearly .” I know you don’t love me …and you can never …..but the mistake which I did ..i am ready to bear any punishment…given by you”.

Sam was shattered now from inside. She wanted to shout and cry but after knowing his point of view ..she controlled herself.

“ you are right?? How can i love a guy like you ….you want punishment right ??…fine “ said Sam and she tried to get up.

Neil was expecting, that she will oppose his statement ..she will say ‘it was not a mistake’ but now he was feeling guilty for imposing himself on her for all the time and last night he had crossed all the limits.

He moved from top of her and stood up. He extended his hand to offer help.

Sam looked at his hand and then looked him . Her anger was at peak.

Slowly she stood on her feet.

“ Mr Neil Malhotra …your punishment is that…. Wait can I give a punishment a rich guy like you ..i am so small in front you …your are a billionaire business man…and I am just a small employee of a small ad agency…how could I forgot that ….for guys like you spoil brat ..we girls have only one place in your life…. naked beneath in you your soft king-size bed”. said Sam fiercely.

Neil was stunned listening her words.

He clutched her right arm tightly.

“ how dare you accused me like this ..i am not a douchebag …and why is it affecting you ..oh now I get it must be thinking will you get Arjun back Miss Samiara …if you had any plans to snatch Arjun from Radhika again ..then let me tell you ..this time I will not let you separate them ….because I know Arjun truly loves Radhika’s you who is so desperate for him… how could I failed to identify you …I think Samaira khanna were always like this …wanting rich guys like me to beg for you” said Neil coyly.

Sam stumbled on seeing a small winning smirk on his face. His accusations were roaming in her mind .

Suddenly she wanted to rip the skin from her body which was touched by him last night.

“ why don’t you call it on my face..that I am worst than some pr*stitute…I am a complete whore…..or I am a sweet sl*t ….or a seductress “ stammered Sam .

Her voice was trembling because of her filled throat. “ I hate you Neil Malhotra …I hate you ….” shouted Sam and throw the chocolate , given by him on the floor.

She rushed downstairs. Neil muttered few curses and shouted too.

Sam was packing her bags . She was throwing her dress in her bag.

After a minute he entered in his room. He was shocked when he saw her packing her luggage. His bile rose up .

“ what are you doing??” asked Neil sternly.

“ leaving you …forever” replied Sam sternly.

Neil stiffened. He didn’t liked the tone in which she replied. “ the heck ..she needs to know who is the boss” muttered Neil angrily.

Sam shouted again. She challenged him. “ and one more thing ..i will take my birdsong back …by fighting the end it I will snatch it from you..i don’t want your favors anymore” .

Neil smirked and started laughing . “ Challenge … Samaira …not bad ..but … now you will do what I will say ..and you are not allowed to move outside my house” said Neil coyly , lying back more on the couch.

Sam fumed in anger more. “ let me also see ..what you will do ..i am leaving now” said Sam and started moving outside the room picking her luggage.

“ hello Neil are you ??”

Sam stopped on hearing a familiar voice from her behind .

“ Manya ..i want to meet you” said Neil . He called Manya when Sam was about to leave and put his phone on speaker.

Sam was little shocked . She looked at the glass table in the centre of which , his phone was kept.

“ okay …. Neil …where you want ..i will come” replied Manya .

Sam was worried . She can sensed easily how excited is Manya , to meet him.

“ well ..Manya ..i wanted to spend some time alone with you …Can we meet at some hotel?? “ asked Neil and showed his thumbs up to Sam.

“ off course…I am all yours” answered Manya quickly.

Sam was stunned . Neil showed his winning smirk.

Manya quickly corrected her reply . “ I mean …my time is all yours Neil” said Manya.

Sam clenched her fist. She glared Neil angrily. “ Actually Manya ..i remember ..i have some important meeting ..can we meet some other day” said Neil and rolled his eyes.

Manya’s voice was now devoid of excitement. She replied slowly “ yeah …sure’s ok is more important” .

“ Bye sweet heart …and take care of your precious are so important for me” said Neil further.

Manya jumped after hearing his words. She replied in her seducing voice.“ Bye Neil ..and you too take care of yourself”.

The call was disconnected .

Neil stretched his arms. “ oh god …you khanna sisters…don’t you think you both are turning desperate day by day…one slept with me to save my life… another one is ready to sleep with me for making her own life…” . Neil throw his words on Sam .

“ I can’t believe can stoop so low ..Neil ..Manya is my sister” said Sam loudly.

“ yeah …who is so desperate for me ..that if I will put the condition that I will f**k her without using any precaution..she will still not deny to sleep with me… it’s your choice …if you will leave my bedroom ..then she will occupy the place on my bed instead of you …now you decide who will stay here. …you or her” retorted Neil quickly .

Her clutch on her bag got loosened. She quietly entered inside the room and opened her bag.

He smiled meekly. At last he win in forcing her to stay with him.

“ you are a monster” .said Sam meekly.

“ thanks for the compliment” replied Neil sarcastically.

Neil get some call and he moved outside the room . He stopped near the door and without turning he ordered her. “ I want you to prepare dinner for me today…you should know how to cook ….because I want to eat something made by my would be wife” .

“ I will never get married to you” answered Sam fiercely.

He laughed loudly and moved out. She throw the pillow towards him.

“ yes Mom….” . Neil spoke after picking up the call.

“ is she is with you ….now??” asked Prerna suspiciously.

Neil sighed . He knew there was no use of lying .

“ Yeah mom ..Sam is with me” he replied curtly.

“ Honey are not that old Neil ..who was a mere employee of Birdsong …now you are counted among the richest people in India… you can’t just bring some garbage in our house…and by the way I got to know that you invested your hard earned money saving that piece of shit …your lovely Birdsong….don’t you think Neil that it will harm your respect ..if you roam with any girl” said Prerna in her saccharine voice.

Neil bite his lower lip. “ Mom ..i thought you will ask about me …and by the way ..i am glad that you insisted Arjun to stay at your villa …in London…I am impressed with your hospitality towards Arjun.. Thanks for doing this for Radhika” said Neil calmly.

Prerna looked towards Radhika who was in garden with Arjun.

She felt little uneasy after reminiscing something.

“ I want you to get married with Alisha…my friend Minal’s daughter” said Prerna.

“ not again Mom ..i am bored of handling many chicks….i am not getting married to anyone” said Neil frustrated.

“ fine …but remember one thing…Sam will not become the part of your life … throw her out as soon as possible” . Prerna disconnected the call after giving a cold warning to Neil.

Neil moved little and then he sat on the stairs . This was his way to relax .

Sitting on stairs and looking around. Kaka who saw Neil sitting on the stairs, offered him coffee after few minutes

“ thanks kaka …” . He took the cup and started sipping his coffee.

The coffee little spilled out and fell on his wrist. He winced in pain and then saw the mark on his wrist. He touched it .

Mark formed when she dug her nails last night.

He was reminiscing many things at the same time.

Time when he always used to do all stupid things just for her one smile, one punch.

Neil was lost in his memory , when he heard some sound.

He saw kaka was running towards him. “ What the hell” he scowled and put the mug aside.

“ Neil baba….media is gathered outside the villa…” . Kaka spoke in shivering voice.

He quickly switched on the television in the hall. Neil was shocked .

All channels were showing his photograph with Manya where he was hugging and kissing her forehead.

He rushed outside pushing his security guards , which were trying to stop him.

“ Mr Malhotra … it true that you and manya are in relationship??” asked one reporter.

Neil clenched his fist. He was now hell angry. But the rocks slide when another asked a lewd one.

“ After dating Radhika Mishra and Samaira khanna ….you are with another new girl …not anyone else but your ex-girlfriend’s younger sister Manya khanna …how you able to manage so many at one time”

Neil who was controlling himself now , after hearing Radhika and Sam’s name took two long steps and grab the reporter from collar. He broke his camera , threw the mike and started beating that person.

“ you ..bastard…how dare you took their names from your gutter mouth..I will kill you” shouted Neil and kicked that reporter.

All the other reporters dragged him away from that person.

“ Mr Neil Malhotra will not be spared..” said one of them in threatening tone.

“ enough” shouted Sam and moved towards Neil. She held his one arm tightly and stood beside her.

Neil was stunned after seeing her. Her face was glowing . “ good work of Makeup’ he thought.

She was dressed in violet colored tunic which was up to her knees.

Her hair were open and a long chain with a heart shape pendant was completing her looks.

His gaze then shifted on his hand which was hold by her.

He was shocked more when he saw the bracelet ‘NESAM’ on her wrist.

“ you have no right to ask questions from my boyfriend that what he was doing with my sister…it is only my right …and by the way Neil can only love me ..he will never choose anyone above me….we both love each other a lot ..and about these photographs …..I was there when Neil was hugging Manya …..their share a pure relation which you guys will never understand “ said Sam and pulled Neil closer to herself.

She was smiling and her eyes were filled with attitude.

Neil was only staring her .

Ten minutes ago ..they were fighting and now she claimed in front of the whole world ..that they are ‘ love birds’ of the tinsel town. He smiled little.

Neil gained some confidence. He wrapped his arm around Sam’s waist and smirked.

Sam little shivered when he did that .

She then continued. “ you guys must be thinking…that I am trying to save our reputation ..then let me give you another other breaking news…..Neil had named Birdsong on me … he is so good ..first he saved my dad’s company from getting closed ..and then he returned it to us ..just because he loves me so much that he cannot bear a single drop of tears in my eyes….now you tell me will you get any boyfriend like him” said Sam and give Neil a winning smirk .

Neil was still smiling . His eyes were filled with tears now.

She stood for him …that was enough to sooth his pain..he wasn’t bothered about the reason behind her this bold step …

After a minute there was some chaos in media . Sam and Neil were confused because it was not regarding them .

One shouted….” whoa Man …..AR group of associations is owned by non other than ARJUN MEHRA…..”

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