My lost patience chapter-12 ( manmarziyan ff )


Chapter – ( the fragrance of his sweetness -her intriguining embrassment )
It was 8:00 on the clock . Neil put his sipper on the table and climbed the stairs . Jogging in the morning was one of his favourite job and for the teenage girls who just wantred to have a close glimpse of him . To see the angelic sleeping face of his lady love ,he quickly climbed the stairs gathering all his strength. For a moment he halted and sighed heavily ,he laughed at his own curiousity to feel her warmness agasint his own sweat. Neil entered in his room but his eyebrows raised up when he found his bed empty . Well Neil just wiped his face with his towel only to make believe that Sam was really awake before ten. His veins flexed when a thought run on his mind . “Did she run away from here ” he looked outside his window only to check his security . Everything outside was calm like before . He barged inside the washroom but frozen seeing a site . His inner ear vibrated listening a soothing humming of his love . She was in her bathtub covered with pink foam up to her neck . The drops of sweat moved down on his back . His lips parted seeing her in the tub . She was breaking those soapy bubbles near her from her nails. Cute . He smiled and his eyes gleamed more . Neil was very much aware that it is ethically wrong to see a woman without clothes without her permission. But Neil brushed his thoughts and his didn’t averted his gaze as it was good that she was covered from foam from neck to bottom. He rested on the door listening her giggles and chuckles while she was busy in the bubbles . One bubble burst on colliding with her nose and she laughed heartily covering her mouth . Neil closed his eyes to control his rising hormones . It was becoming difficult for him to handle himself after having the enchanting view of her white-yellowish skin . He deliberately coughed to gain her attention. Sam smiled seeing his smiling face . But then a scream escaped from her mouth when she realised that she was in the bathtub all naked . Sam quickly opened her hair to cover herself. Her long thick hair also now got drenched but still that was not helpful enough . She collected more foam near her chest . Sam had now turned crimson red . She felt numb and litte dizzy . Her body shivered and now for her the water was extremely cold. He was still resting on the door shamelessly looking at her . “You are breath-taking Sam , how could I just miss this side of yours … my Cleopatra is just ” he stopped in between and laughed closing his eyes . Sam blushed and lowered her gaze . She was still holding the foam and now all her confidence propell from her body . She gasped more when she saw him approaching towards her . Her eyelashes blinked several times and she screamed softly
“Neil ” . Neil smiled again and spoked ” Babe my eyes are closed “. She gulped and bite her lower lip . It was difficult for her to hide her tears . She herself was confused why her eyes filled with tears . It was embrassing for her . Sam wasn’t in this condition to express her emotions . Mixed emotions of happiness , shyness , were running on her face . She saw him bending and sitting on his knees holding tub . He brought his face closer to her and opened his eyes . Things were not normal between them for few weeks and now after this morning everything will be complicated or solved they themselves dont know about that . Neil saw her wetting her lower lip because of the sudden proximity between them. Her eyes closed when he brought his face more closer to her . His breaths were warm and the warmness was entering inside her through the invisible pores of her skin . Neil smiled little sensing her nervousness . He looked towards her lips but move more forwards attaching his left cheek with her . The foam on her cheek got divided unequally and now that was on his cheek . “Next time bolt the door ” he spoked softly in her ears .She opened her eyes when he moved back little . Quickly he got up and turned . Neil pulled the curtains and moved out of the washroom . Sam smiled and covered her face with her palms . She took a lots of foam in her palm and blow it away .

Neil was struggling with tie and shirt after having a cool shower . Sam come out of the washroom in her bathrobe . She smiled seeing Neil making faces while making a knot of his tie. She pressed her lips and moved towards him . “You are kid right ” she said and turned him towards her . Sam arranged buttons of his shirt properly and started working on his tie. He didn’t touched her infact his palms were inside the pockets of his pants . He was amused seeing her lost in her own world . All this time he was totally observing her . The water from her hair were getting absorbed in her bathrobe .
“Perfect” Sam spoked and looked towards him . Again goosebumps arise on her skin and she become nervous . Slowly gathering her confidence she asked him “what ” . He rolled his eyes and wrapped his arm around her waist . Sam was startled but she felt good in his strong arms. “I will never let u go ” he hugged her tightly and Sam got lifted little up on her toes . For every passing minute the hug was getting more tight . Sam can easily feel the warmth of his body . Unknowingly her palm landed on his bare chest when they moved apart . Her eyes narrowed . “Neil …you are hot ” she said and her palm was still on her chest . “I know ,babe iam hot and trust me iam se*y in the bed too ” he replied and smirked too . Sam was now tensed and angry too . “Idiot …iam talking about your body temperature ” she said and touched his forehead . “May be because of meds ” he said and turned to pick his file. “What kind of medicines ..Neil ” she asked him curiously . Neil halted while leaving the room . He was not in the mood to share his bad past at least not today. He also know that Sam will catch his lie so he turned around and replied sternly ” stay out of my buissness ” . He throw these words at her face and he also know that she will shed lots of tears but he just don’t want to share few things now . Sam saw his servants too his stuff from his room . She was arranging his T-shirts in the closet when her eyes fall on some folder .

She took out that and saw few prescribtions . Sam quickly wiped her tears and started looking it properly . Few reports are tored off from it . Her gaze felt on some with recent dates . Last week one she took out and saw the medicines .
“Doctor handwriting sucks ” she muttered scratching her head . But somehow she was able to figure out one spelling of one of those prescribed medicine clearly . Sam took her laptop and search it . The results come but her fingers were frozen . A few websites regarding drug addiction and few therapies is also suggested with medicine’s detail . Sam gulped and put the screen down with the thud . Her eyes were started brimming with tears again . Gathering all her strenghth she opened and clicked on wikipedia . The whole detail regarding that medicine were now infront of her eyes . Few words were written in blue that got her attention . Worst drug addict . Tears were now on her cheek . Few memories of last ten month started striked her mind . His mood swings when she was getting engaged to Arjun. After that his fight with media.Sam remembered how he beated Arjun a month ago . She was still in shock . Sam put on her denim jeans and pink -coloured T-shirt and moved out of his villa.
“Mam we cannot allow you to leave alone …you must take driver with you ..” one of the security guard asked her . “No I will manage .” She replied . “Sorry mam ..we cannot deny our boss orders ..we cannot let you leave alone ” again that man stood on her way . “Fine ” Sam spoked gritting her teeths.
Arjun entered in her bungalow . His fingers were frantic on his tab . He was in purple shirt and white pant with white waist coat . The sleeves if his shirt were upto his elbow showing his lower arm .He was coming to her house after attending his meeting at early morning . Still Arjun was engrossed in his work . A bag was hanging on his sides with its strips looping around his shoulder . The staff was frozen seeing him . All the womens were mesmerised and the breath knocked out of their lungs . He was looking hell handsome and they were really wanted to grab his attention . Arjun halted and looked back . All the girls averted their gaze . He smiled and come back . “Hello girlfriend ” he chuckled at own way of greeting with someone.
“No iam not …yesterday you told me that you will bring chocolate for me …see I know you must have forgotten ” Aniksha turned her face and replied back making a pout face . Ameena who around 66 is only friend of Arjun in her house . She is the one who is advicing Arjun many ways to impress radhika . Aniksha had lost her son few years back . In these few days Arjun started loving her like his own mother . He was happy to get pampered by her . Aniksha also loved him like his own son .
“Hmm ..I was thinking .now who will eat this ” he took out the chocolate and chuckled . She quickly took the chocolates and started munching it . “Don’t tease her..she is already very much angry with you ” she told him .

Arjun smiled and climbed up the stairs . All girls rolled their eyes seeing their unbreakable bond.
Arjun entered the room and saw her working on her laptop . She was in purple kurti and white leggings . After a long time Arjun was seeing her in her very own long kurti . He was pleased and he moved towards her . Radhika got up and turned but she stumbled . Arjun hold her one arm and pulled her towards him . He hugged her tightly . ” you are ten minutes late …Mr mehra ” radhika moved little back but still it was always difficult for her to get herself free from his arms . Arjun looked towards her and scan her face but his eyes halted at one site . Her hair had something got red colour on it on her front . It was not hided by her perfectly . His gaze shifted and he looked her reflection in the mirror . Her half bare back because of kurti was visible . He quickly opened the knot of her strings of her kurti and caress her bare back . Radhika closed her eyes in response . His warm fingers and his scent had already blogged her senses .
“You still fill your hairline with vermillion… thanks for making me alive again ” he landed his lips on her shoulder . Radhika jumped back from his arms . She quickly look herself in the mirror . Shit . She cursed herself for not hiding it properly . “I really don’t need any explanations from you ” he smiled and blinked to avoid her from getting embrassed . Radhika quickly set her hair properly . She smirked when she remembered something .” Arrange my cupboard ..your punishment for being late ” radhika pointed towards her right . Arjun took off his waistcoat and loosened his tie . “Not a big deal for Arjun Mehra ” he bend down and kissed her left cheek . Radhika smiled and blushed still having butterflies in her stomach .
But her expressions changes more when she heard a scowl from him . “What the …” Arjun looked at the messed up cupboard . Well that was normal he was expecting that she must have messed her cupboard but the things that were messed up blower his mind . “Holy …you want me to do this ” he asked her . “Why are you scared ?? ” radhika asked her back . Arjun gulped and scowled more . That was blo*dy torture for him . She had asked him to arrange her lingeries with her expensive outfit . He turned around and found her all smiling . A devilish one . He corrected himself . “Seriously lingeries ..women ” he asked her again . “Yeah ” she replied back . Radhika was dancing now on his back . She was happy that she blower his mind . Everything was going according to her plan. Her plan to tease and torture him. Well now she was expecting him to run away throwing some curses on her face . Radhika was busy in her own world when she startled listening something . “Alright …I will do it ” he said while heading more close to closet . Her lips parted now . She cursed herself . A new one made by her own . Wife of a douche. She run towards her closet but halted when she listened something more from him . “Radhika .. this one is magenta ..oh heavens man personal favourite …you know what when I was 15 ..I dated an American woman .. what was her name ..ahh…yup Lisa winchester …my god when she flaunt her curves in these perfect magenta ones me my balls …” Arjun turned towards her holding a magenta coloured bra . Radhika’s jaw dropped and she quickly asked him blinking more than ten times..”sir ..your balls ” . “Yeah ..thank god my balls didn’t burst ” . He said and she now saw his gaze on green ones . “Sparkly green …that’s awesome babe. ..I remembered when tung pushed me on bed wearing these ..I was so gone ” Arjun spoked again lost in his own world . “Tung ” radhika asked him widening her eyes more . She was frozen listening all his experiences . “Ahh tung was a pole dancer of Japan ” he replied back and now he picked up the black . She saw his jaw clenched now . “I missed the chance to see bonnie in black ” he smiled all of a sudden . Radhika blinked several times . She woke up from her slumber and now her anger broke all boundaries . She breathed heavily . Her fist clenched and she turned arjun around her . In a moment arjun got deep mark on his cheek as she landed a hard punch on his face .

“Honey ..listen ” . Arjun moved backwards . “What listen arjun sir pray to your Lisa ..pun .. bonnie save you from your wife ” radhika looked here and there and lifted a paperweight . Arjun bend backwards to save himself . “Baby not pun ..she was tung ” he replied and got on the bed . “Arjun mehra know what. . you are. are a douchebag ” she throw her Sandals towards him . Arjun jumped here and there to save himself . He started laughing holding his tummy seeing her messed hair . Radhika halted and she was lost in his laugh . Arjun eyes brimmed with tears because of stomach ache as he was laughing so badly . Radhika too started laughing with him . “I was kidding …oh god ..look at your frowned face ” he laughed more . Arjun was tired now and he stopped but now his heart skip a beat seeing her laughing badly . Her tender arms were almost wrapping her tummy and her cheeks had tears because of stomach ache . Her eyed were closed and her white teeth are visible . Arjun got down from his bed and stood infront of her . She holded his shoulder to balance herself . He looked towards his right and smirked seeing her clutch on his shoulder . After a second her mouth was covered by him . Arjun put his one arm on her back to pull her more closer for the kiss . His another arm was around her waist to lift her up . His lips were feeling the one that belong to the only love of his life . He was slow cherishing every second with her . He parted after a minute and attached his nose with her . Radhika didn’t look in his eyes . Her desires and her love can now easily can be read by anyone from her hazel eyes . “Once we got remarried ,I will make you wear all those infront of me ” he brushed his lips again on her and slowly not by turning back he left the room . Radhika touched her lips . Her lips and cheeks still were under the effect of his soft juicy lips . She got on her bed . It was difficult for her to ignore her love for him . She know that now if again she will lose him she will not be able to live after that . Radhika called someone .
Sam reached the posh apartment that was newly made near her birdsong . She told driver that she is going to meet her friend . Sam entered in the lift . She was worried about Neil . Sam reached on flat no 21 . Her gaze felt on the carving on the knob . The two fishes arranged in some old japensese design . A lady opened the door . The security downstairs already informed her about the arrival of some lady . “How can I help you ,sister ” a woman around in mid -30s greeted her with smile . Sam smiled little listening the word sister . It was soothing for her bruised heart . “Iam samaira ” Sam extended her hand . The lady looked down towards her extended hand . After a minute she spoked lil hesitantly ” you mean samaira khanna ” she asked her curiously . Sam was lil shocked but then she replied softly . “Yeah ” . Sam opened her mouth to ask further but stopped when listening the word from that doctor . “Get in ” . She heard and treaded her steps inside her three BHK flat . “Dr Shrishthi do you know my name ” Sam asked her when she shut the door . “Go slow sweetheart , because your hot boyfriend is still my patient ” Shristhi smiled and headed towards the kitchen .
“Coffee ” she asked Sam .
“A strong ,black one ” Sam replied looking towards her .
“So ..I hope my dream hunk is alright ” Shristhi chuckled at her own question .
Sam laughed little . “You too ..bowled by his charm” she asked her curiously .
“Yuppp too ” she said while pouring the coffee in the mugs . Shristhi and Sam both sit on the counch and started talking width each other .
“So Neil was a drug addict ” Sam asked moving her thumb of her other on her mug .
“A se*y one ” shristhi replied and took a sip .
“To see the one taking poison with whom you feel some connection .will always a torture for any human ” shristhi spoked looking down.
” I like him. .no I was heavily attracted to him ..because I never met a lover like him ..” she continued . Sam’s eyes were now brimmed with tears . “He love you ..a lot ..and iam jealous of you ” shristhi spoked with a naughty smile and offered Sam a tissue paper . Sam chuckled and bite her lower lip . ” do one favour on god Sam ,never leave his angel again ,because this time this human will also not be able to bring him back from those dark tunnels of devil’s purguratory ” shristhi looked towards Sam and hold her palm . ” I don’t have any strength to collide with his any kind of addiction ” shristhi wiped the tears of Sam . “Any kind of addiction ..Dr ..he was the addict of drugs. .rit ” Sam wiped her tears and asked her glueing her eyes on the face of the one sitting in front of her .
“No ..the wild hunk was had one more addiction .. creepy addiction ” shristhi laughed seeing Sam’s curiousity.
Sam blushed and lowered her eyes to avoid more embrassment . Sam remembered something and took one medicine out of her bag . “This bottle got empty iam thinking we would change or continue this medicine only ” Sam forwarded the empty small bottle on shristhi’s hand . Shristhi looked the bottle and her eyes popped out . After a minute that bottle dropped from her hand . Sam got shocked but then looked towards shristhi’s surprised facial expressions . “Drugs ” she muttered .

Precap :- the consummation

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