My lost patience chapter-12 continued ( manmarziyan ff )


As you all demanding a chappy so i quickly write something which striked in my tiny brain. i need one more update to write full ardhika scenes and after that i will write Nesam’s consummation , till then enjoy reading and keep smiling .
Chapter – 12 ( contd) ( the love blossoms)

Her foots were crushing the tender water laiden grass . She herself was tired and haggard. After spending a night tossing on the bed ,staring things of the room had lessened the gleam of her eyes.

Her face was looking pale. Observation. The word had knocked some patience from her. Stupidity. Another term which was defining her acts. Selfishness . Responsibility. Her life was messed up keeping these things in her mind.

Radhika was reminiscing her past deeds . Gaze on the front and mind on the back. She herself wanted to kill some moments. Moments where she accused him for making everyone’s life hell.

A sad smile played on her lips. All the time she wanted to mend things in her way. She knew that this life was deliberately chosen by her.

To get married to Arjun was the most beautiful decision which she had taken ever in her sweet , sour , bitter life.

Radhika was heading inside his barn .

Last time she wanted to stay more but to fulfill her wishes keeping Neil and Arjun under the same roof is still not the option for her .

. As usual she wanted to explore his farmhouse again with him, but now a days he was hardly showing his face to her.

Business meetings, Art galleries, house chores, orphanage works all she know he was badly engrossed in his work for last week.

Her trance got broken when the atmosphere near her got filled with a neigh. Her cheeks regained the pink tinge when she smiled parting her lips.

She took some grains in her fist. Her throat went dry when she realized that she was few meters away from the creature who was master in making people go on their knees. “

Stubborn king his brother” she murmured. Radhika moved towards Zack. She extended her hand towards him . She slowly opened her clenched fist.

“ hey Zack, its me Radhika…” mumbled she. Zack reared high in the air . He moved back.

“ everything is not gained by force ..sometimes we need to bend to mend things in our way”. A familiar voice was heard by Radhika from her behind. She turned back.

“ I didn’t get anything..Mr Khatri” said Radhika.

“ Master always say that one can win anything until he made his mind to lose” said khatri.

“ because if you think that you will lose , then you will twist things to increase your carve …the carve to win”. He completed . Radhika was stunned.

“ May be you don’t know one thing ,Mr Khatri ..your Master was defeated by me” said Radhika showing a proud smirk on her small face.

“ Really but I don’t think that he is defeated alone…one can easily tell by looking you that after winning too, you are yearning to taste his defeat..well Master is little different .. Aim sure he must have let you defeat him otherwise ..its impossible for his involuntary muscles too to go against him” said khatri and showed his winning Smirk.

Radhika looked towards Zack . She slowly moved towards him again. “ will you be my friend” said radhika.

Zack looked the grains on her palm. He quickly started eating them . Radhika chuckled all lost in his antics.

“ Mam , you should come back are not supposed to go further..its not safe for you” . Requested Mr Khatri .

Radhika started caressing the horse’s back . With the help of lead , she sat on Zack . All were shocked seeing Zack’s calmness.

“ lets go for a drive” . Said Radhika and patted on his body. Zack reared up again in the air and they both left everyone behind

Mr khatri took out his cell phone and make a call .
With the cool freeze her hair were flowing , instigating her to reminisce about the things happened with her last week .

“ I was so stupid, so dumb .. Dadaji your choti failed to recognize her own husband… “ mumbled Radhika. She was tired .

Being awake for the whole night didn’t fill energy in the muscles. The last week was not easy for her. Her world turned upside down, spinned left to right and now this spinning and turning is still giving her headache.

Her state of mind was not normal . She didn’t even required an EEG machine to prove the random movement of electric impulse.

He was always right. She thought. The trance of her silence , her passionate thoughts didn’t got broken even the weather had already lost it’s patience seeing her losing all her chirpiness, her state of calmness.

Clouds covered the sky to hide the pain of an innocent angel from his creator. She asked herself the same question for the third time, Why she never slapped him for hiding things , things which include his golden heart , heart where he had hidden a treasure , treasure where is the priceless diamond, diamond on which her name is carved, ……long time ago.

“ why do you love me so much Arjun, why ??” she asked while staring her open palms.

Tears fall on the back of Zack . He halted .

“ your brother is so possessive , that his thoughts are enough to rise all emotions in me… its you who cannot know speak Zack yet your silence is answering my all questions …but your stubborn brother after having a big mouth will never speak .. In turn will mask his emotions…..Will never share his pain ….pain on which I had also equal right like him….such an introvert King is your brother.. Just know how to gulp and hide his goodness….but today I am letting my ego propel and I am accepting that he is the only man ..,who make me feel proud that I am born as a woman …who aroused the new shyness inside me and make my soul to meet with new feelings…. Desperation, possession, and the most beautiful unconditional love.” said Radhika who was now sobbing .

“ I hate you Arjun.. I hate you for not coming in my life before… I hate you for filling my soul with new desires.. I hate you for not stopping me when I was falling in love .. In love with you ..after knowing that iam scared ..i am afraid to fall. …..i hate you for becoming my angel …..i hate you for making me desperate for you…I hate you for letting me to get attracted towards your isolate tiny dark world…” she shouted and covered her face crying badly.

she came out of her thoughts when her gaze fall on something. They were near stable. She lowered her eyes and blushed profusely after seeing the site which make her smiled .

Mating between a horse and his mare. Mian was with a white mare.

“ your enemy is really so romantic ..don’t you have anyone” asked Radhika to Zack . She giggled hearing his neigh.

There was a small pond where the most beautiful mare of the barn was standing silently admiring the weather. “ really I didn’t get it …that’s means you and Zeeva…man she is really beautiful” said radhika and laughed heartily. Zack neighed again.

She spoke further “ so stubborn like your brother…you are also an introvert king”.

She patted on his back and Zack gained the speed.

The weather was pleasant and so her mood now. All of a sudden winds gained their speed. Zack started running more fast .

Radhika smiled meekly. After a minute she lost her control on the horse.

“ Zack ..control yourself” said Radhika and patted on his body. The horse gained its speed and leaped over the puddle entering in dense woods.

“ Help ..somebody help” screamed Radhika. She was shivering .

Radhika was now shouting more which was making Zack to pace his speed more. She closed her eyes and started thinking about her family , Sam’s hug, Neil’s dimpled smile and Arjun’s face.

Radhika opened her eyes and was frozen seeing the site infront of her. Deep more dense woods with lots of puddles. She had covered kilometers away from his barn .

She decided to jump from the horse. She then gave up her idea as she was sure that if she fall then she will not be able to see him again. Him . Her Arjun. She wanted to remain alive . For him.

She can’t give him pain anymore by separating herself from him, specially after getting her all answers.

“ Radhika .. Be strong” murmured Radhika and finally gathering all her strength she decided to jump.

Radhika closed her eyes . she saw the open field now. She gulped , screamed and propel from the horse.


Everything went silent after that.

She felt the warmth around her. His nostrils alerted her senses when they inhaled a male cologne.

Radhika flinched in his arms when realization strike her hard . In this huge world too she can easily recognized his scent.

She sighed and opened her eyes listening a scowl.

“ geez woman ….your squeaky voice my ears are bleeding” .

Radhika still blinked many times to make herself believe that he was here. She was on the ground . Not exactly on the ground , but was on top of him. Him

. Her eyes widened more. How come he landed here.

“ if I am in heaven??” she asked him.

“ can’t you keep quiet for a second ….one can call you beautiful too if you close your mouth” said Arjun and pressed his lips to control his pain.

She stared him for a minute. “ you hold me in the nick of time the air…how come you know that I am here??” asked Radhika.

Radhika remembered how she was held from her waist by a pair of strong arms and they both dragged on the ground .while She was on the top of him .

“ are you alright” asked Arjun. Her trance got broken when she heard his voice again.

He took out her pendant and showed a mini chip on it. “ all your ornaments have this mini chip ..i can trace you easily with it …and Mr Khatri too called me when you left with Zack” . Said Arjun.

She was shocked . His eyes was drooping down .

“ Arjun” she mumbled.

“ yeah “ he replied meekly trying to open his eyes .

Radhika saw his right arm was slowly getting away from her waist. He was wincing in pain and getting unconscious too.

“ Arjun” she shouted.

His eyes were now completely closed.
Radhika was shouting but he didn’t utter a word.

“ there is no wound visible …then what’s wrong” mumbled she .

Radhika turned Arjun to check his wounds. Her eyes got widened in shock .

His shirt got tore completely on the back and his whole back was covered with blood.

Twenty to twenty five leeches were sucking his blood while sticking on his back .

She tried to make him get up but he was totally unconscious.

“ Master “ a familiar voice filled some confidence in radhika.

“ Mr khatri the doctor” . Radhika shouted. She was again crying badly. Mr khatri nodded.

They all take him back to the farmhouse.


He was slowly gaining consciousness after two hours.

“ Radhika” he murmured. Radhika who was sitting near him planted a kiss on his fingers. She caressed his hair. “ I am here ..Sir” she replied calmly.

“ Call me Arjun…A-R-JUN.. I have such a sweet and a short name” said Arjun and smiled.

She didn’t say anything . He tried to get up and that was enough for her to open her mouth again.

“ can’t you stay at one place for a minute, doctor said that you need complete rest” said Radhika. Arjun was first confused but then he was happy on getting scolded by her.

“ Sir …don’t you dare move from here and you are not working for at least a month need to take care of yourself….and I will be sticking with you all the time don’t try to get smart with me” said Radhika. He was pressing his lips to control his laugh .

Precap:- Ardhika continued….

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