My lost patience chapter-11(contd..) (manmarziyan ff)

Chapter – 11( contd) (mixture of scents)

The car was breaking all the traffic signals on its route . Neil who badly want to reach his villa had no problem while creating a huge chaos outside his blue wagon . Sam and radhika both had their heads on the window pane with eyes drooped down . Outside the darkness had covered streets early because of clouds. The rain droplets was trickling down the window pane. Neil who was watching Sam from the front mirror had sighed heavily like a frustrated bull. His eyes were observing her face. The hair were open now masking her face . Lips are got clot red colour . Fingers were cold without any warmth landed on her cheeks digging inside them every second making them beatroot pink.

All of sudden the memory got filled with the picture . Arjun and Sam in washroom. He closed his eyes to crush his thoughts . “The damn witch leave no chance to rub her front to her lover ” he cursed. He changed the gear of his car and soon it gain more speed. Radhika woke up and saw him driving silently . The upper two buttons of his shirt were open . She understood the reason behind his anger. “Stop the car” radhika said . “Go to hell …I will not ” he ordered . “Fine iam breaking the window and then I will jump from it ” she snapped back . “Tell me if you need push ” he changed the gear again and took a wild turn on the street . He stopped the car suddenly. Sam stumbled lil but again her head rested back . “What’s wrong ” radhika asked trying to look in his eyes . “I don’t know ” he replied looking forward . “The hell you know” she said raising her voice . “I said I don’t know ..I don’t care if she sleep with someone else …or many men at one time” he replied back . His nostrils expand . The chest muscles were showing contraction and expansion to gather more air to fill his lungs . He gritted his teeth .” Watch your are talking about Sam” radhika replied irritated . “Yeah iam talking about Sam …Samaira khanna …the town sl*t” he barked but words died in his throat . He just looked towards radhika . She was getting out of car . “Where are you going ….now ” he asked curiously . “I will took the cab …your villa is near ..I am not in a mood to sip juice in your hell” she said and closed the door . She turned back and spoked “Don’t show your frustration over her …and don’t forget that at one time a year before they were engaged ….so feelings don’t die easily” she smiled and looked towards Sam .

Neil drove off from her sight within a minute . Radhika turned and saw a camero approaching towards her . Arjun stopped the car . She got inside . “So what’s the update” he asked . “Well today I do many bang up task ….starting with kissing a billionaire ex-husband and ending my day time by making my rumoured boyfriend burn in jealousy ” she laughed at her messed up life . Arjun pushed the accerelator and turned his car and entered the other lane to move towards her mansion ignoring her witty replies.
Neil stopped his car . The rains were now becoming harsh on the car . He was not scared seeing the low storm outside . The tornado in his heart beats had badly pressurize his nerves that he can’t think something diiferent leaving the effect of her scent behind . The continous horn of the car make open her eyes. “We reached home” she said . She expected some taunt or some stern reply from him but only a sigh came in return .Her eyes widened lil . He got down without looking back . Crap . Arrogant . Jerk .idiot . Egoistic .Bull. Pig . She cursed him. One of the servants open umbrella and he entered his villa . He parked his car lil away from the house . She quickly covered her head and run trying not to slip and loose her front teeths. But still she got wet . The clothes stick to her body . Luckily she was wearing dark coloured jacket otherwise her white shirt must have flaunt her bra and her yellow skin to every men near her . She run after him . “Don’t know he will be angry with me ” she pressed her lips trying to remove her fear . She slowly entered in his room . He was not there . Sam was bewildered . She saw him coming here. She opened the closer to take a warm shower . Her hands stopped when she felt someone”s hot air near her neck . She turned and saw him . He was without his shirt . She lowered her eyes. The water droplets were moving down from his chest and abs. The hair got sticked among themselves and few strands got on his forehead touching his eyes. He pulled the jacket from her body which she had wrapped . Sam who badly wanted to run from his room moved her one step but he put his arm on the closet . Her face collide with his arm . Her Lips shivered when accidently touched his tanned bicep. She look into his eyes. His gaze was scanning her from top to bottom . He moved more closer to her . Sam got straight on the closed closet to create a space . Neil hold her arms and locked it above her head . He bend down to her eye level and muttered.” From now you are going to sleep with me in my bed and if I saw your curves in arms of any random man then I will ruin your night like a bad man do with his woman …moving his fingers on her naked body every second . ” he saw her lips and her eyes which more open listening his words . ” Clean my room” he moved back and ordered .
Sam gasped listening him. “But the room is so clean ” she snapped back . He didn’t replied back . Sam cursed him again. He moved towards washroom .

Arjun and radhika both were lost in their own world . Arjun who was busy in preparation of dinner had a Bluetooth device on his ear . The kitchen staff was listening his heated arguments and curses when he was preparing some stuff while chatting .The palms were bandaged properly. Radhika who was in the hall ask everyone to leave . She stood beside and saw him messing up the things . She lifted her toe to take few things for her soup but her feet stumbled and she fall on him . Both were on the floor . Their eyes widdened . Her lips landed on him when she fall on him . He quickly wrapped his arm around her .Arjun captured her lips in a perfect lip lock. His palm moved inside her T-shirt . They both come back from heavenly world when he touched her bra . Radhika shivered. Brute . Rude . Opportunist .She mutttered . She can still feel his warm fingers on her skin. Arjun again got busy in his work. Radhika throw her angry daggers more . “Mannerless brute ..he will not apologise too” she screamed in her thoughts . “Well I will not apologise for touching my wife sensously ” he said while arranging some Crockery. Her jaw dropped. Crap. Did I speak so loud she thought.

Radhika was astonished . He was preparing some dishes following the recipe . The hot aroma of risotto had started watering her mouth . She opened the refrigerator . Her eyes gleamed seeing her favourite dessert. Red valvate cake. “It will help you to gain more layer on your body ” . She heard him . Her eyes blinked rapidly . Radhika moved towards him . “Are you calling me fat ?? ” she fold her arms on her chest . He turned his gaze towards her . She bend her head down . His hawk eyes were scanning her top to bottom . The beetroot pinkish tinge appeared on her curved perfect flesh filled cheeks . “What are you doing ” her voice comes out broken . He again started doing his work . She fumed more . Stupid .fool. jackass. She cursed him inside her skull. “Stop cursing woman more curse and I will undress you right here right now .” He spoked irritated . The bandages were little got wet . But his attention was on his dough. She gasped and started searching something to hit him . He smiled seeing her nose which had turned red because of continuous rubbing them from her fingers . He pulled her . “What’s wrong jerry ” he tucked her hair behind her ears . Jerry . Iam some kind of short mouse for him .She thought.

“Stop calling me that ” she remove his palm from her face . “Really ..your fault ..who ask you to be damn cute ..the tom inside me is eager for your flesh …to eat you …in my way ” he chuckled.
Her fist landed on his arm with a force . He didn’t flinched a little .”what are you made of …rocks” she asked touching his toned bicep lil pressing them . He just observe her curious expressions on her face . His gaze got glued on the cleft visible from her top . He rolled his eyes and put her stole down from her neck . Radhika looked towards him and then down on her chest
She quickly run out of the kitchen . He saw her climbing stairs quickly . Radhika reached her room and closed her eyes. She pulled her top little and looked herself in mirror . Her fingers rubbed that place where he touched her. She smiled and bend her head down . Her palm closed her eyes and she avoid to look herself in mirror . She jumped on her bed . The soft toys got punched . Arjun who came after her was frozen seeing her state. His eyes narrowed on her completely . Her curves were doing eye captivating moves. He closed the door and moved in the corridor. Arjun smiled .

Sam was tired . Her legs were aching . She wiped her sweat and took out the t- shirt and capree . She dragged her steps towards washroom . After having some good time inside she was feeling relaxed . She moved out of her room to have dinner . Her body badly need a nap but her stomach was growling . Her steps halted seeing him with a new girl . He was politely having dinner with her. Sam narrowed her gaze and put some pressure on her brain. Niti kapoor . The young Bollywood diva . Sam remembered well how she misbehaved with her once during an ad shoot . Her bile rose up . She didn’t moved a step . “She is prerna mam friend’s daughter …always trying to lure our boss ” racheal one of the member of staff told Sam . Sam who wanted to break Neil’s all 32 white teeths had already clenched her fist . She moved back and locked the room . Neil was irritated with the uninvited guest . Niti was badly tired of trying ways to seduce him with her sugary words . He was just playing with his fork bit irritated . After two hours ,he just barged in his room with a force . “” he stopped seeing the site . Neil whose fist was clenched got open seeing her in deep slumber . His anger rose again . He was feeling guilt to make her work so hard . He changed his clothes and got inside the blanket with her . He didn’t failed to realise that for a week she is not having her meals properly . Last night too she skipped her dinner . He woke her up . Sam hold his hand in her slumber and pull the blanket up muttering few curses. He smiled . The food was served on the glass table. He pulled her up . Sam who just pulled by her one arm rubbed her eyes and saw Neil . She opened her eyes. Sam was surprised to see him . He made her sit on the bed . She hold him and looked towards his grim face.
“You should have your dinner “he showed the table . Sam put her palm on her tummy.She looked towards him . He moved to his counch and opened his computer. She thought about niti . Is she gone . Is he done dining with her . Sam badly wanted to concentrate on the food but she failed. He saw her laying back on the bed and closing her eyes. Dammit . She don’t get things cleared at first time . “Get up “he barked. Sam sit on the bed and looked towards him . “Finish your dinner or else ” he was cutted off by her . “Or else what you will do” she asked lil louder. He looked at her . “Or else I will make you starve for the next two days ..and I really mean it “he completed and picked his phone.
Sam gulped . Starve . Two days . These words were roaming in her mind . She quickly got down and started eating without breathing . Sam close her eyes and felt the taste of food. The jackfruit curry and rice soup she ate it without looking here and there. At last the plates were polished by her spoon still digging in her mouth . Neil coughed to bring her back to his room from her dreamy world . She felt embrassed . Oh geez . I eat like a baby elephant.

She thought .Radhika was retired to her bed . Her eyes drooped down . The whole day had started flashing in her dreams . Her body shivered remembering Zack and arjun’s tussle . She woke up in mid night . Her eyes widened seeing arjun standing near the window . He was stating her only . She tucked her hair behind .and was nervous too seeing him there. “I was not feeling sleepy “he told her . Radhika didn’t say anything . Arjun pressed his lips and turn his gaze again looking outside the window . The sleep was already gone from her eyes.She cannot sleep in his presence . Outside thundering had broken all deep silence in air . He just feeling few drops on him . The rain drops . She coughed continuously to get his attention . She smiled when succeeded . He moved towards her and sit on the floor resting his hand on her side of bed. Radhika spoked and lower her gaze to avoid to look in his black eyes. “Stay here ” she muttterd . He closed his eyes to sleep . She was watching him with mixture of emotions in her heart . First she want to find out the truth for Neil only now she want to know the truth for herself too . “To know the truth only one man can help me ” she thought .
Sam who slept staring Neil had a nightmare . She started screaming badly . Neil who was arranging few files rushed towards her . Sam woke up with tears in her eyes . She quickly jumped on him and taking him in her embrace tightly . He stumbled lil but rub her back but she didn’t stop . Neil lift her in his arms and lay down on bed with her. Sam hugged Neil tightly .
In a minute she was in a slumber again . Neil whose heart paced up feeling her so close tried to sleep . His nerves were shivering . He don’t know how to respond she had buried her face in his chest . After few minutes the tiredness hover his mind and his eyes drooped down .

Radhika shifted in bed and turned in his direction . She keep her head close to him . His breath was now falling on her face . She looked towards his lips and smiled . Her mind didn’t stop there . She carefully moved lil forward and rested her lips on his . He unknowingly curled his lips inside after the kiss . She chuckled softly at his reaction . ” I don’t know that iam your obession or love …but I am love with you arjun sir ” her words echoed in her mind . Soon she also fall in deep slumber . They all got their scents mingled up through their immense beautiful love . The night is now indeed beautiful .

Precap :- Radhika and Arjun …together …Sam and Neil ….fight and love …Nandini and Samrat showdown . One death . One game . Two players.

So here we go . Don’t know now a days I badly want to write my lost patience . Something is wrong he he . Well I want to tell one thing that dead patient had only 4 updates pending after that it will be finished . But dont worry I had one more short story . “The dirtiest week ” . Actually I want to write it but then I had my more stories left to write . The engagement ring I will post it on Thursday . You guys like desperate silence . Well it will be also a dirty game in it . Conditions reverse is full of emotions a days mysteek is really on a holiday . I think you remember my manmarziyan don’t miss this story . Well I will change its plot fully now . It will be a story with 8 main leads Arjun ,Sam,Radhika ,Neil , Jai ., Ankush , Manya and Aishwarya . I will write it too . About horror I will complete it on Saturday and Sunday . And window love my favourite plot it will be after I finish all my ffs …which will be possible next year . So I blabber a lot and sorry last chappy had many mistakes typed in a hurry . You guyz like Zack and Mian …I like them too .
Song dedication .:- Tu zaroori sa hai mujhko zinda rehne ke liye ..from the movie Zid .

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