My lost patience chapter-11 (manmarziyan ff)


Chapter – 11 ( the king and the queen )
After 1 week :-
He was signing few contracts .The words throw the light towards him but his mind had a foul game with him . Sam Sam Sam .The fist was on his head with few hair strands in its clutches. Neil looked towards his wrist . He looked forward and make a call . After 30 minutes . His palm was on the steering wheel and one on side gear . Radhika was seating beside him dressed in purple crop top and white jeggings . He adjusted his front and rear view mirror . Sam who was busy in some papers looked up . They both exchange soft glances from the mirror . Sam again got immersed again in her work and ignored him . He banged his fist on the wheel .Radhika who was tab in her tab deliberately ignore their world . Hot and cold . Sam was sitting at the back . The formal dress of black ironed shiny skirt exposing her fair knees and white shirt with black blazer already show their work on her . Extreme seducing waves thrown by her confident looks . The lipgloss of orange pink mixture were marking the perfect curves of her lips . The hair tied in a lose bun and a wide frame glasses had stupendously hided her dark circles and pale shade of her face . She adjust her skirt and buried her face in papers . Radhika smiled a lil seeing his action of accerlating car and frequent change of gear in a minute to control himself . His clenched jaw had signalled radhika to not to interuppt in his anger burning world . Sam was badly ignoring him for a week .

They were heading towards the AR buissness group of architectures . The man who always represent himself as a face was Mr Aranay Singhania . The man carry a strong built physic at the age of mid – 60s and the arrogant one too. However it was rumoured that the old man is not related to ownership of that architecture company . Neil had keen interest in this field . So he desperately want to collaborate one of the biggest associations for the huge investment in the new project of his newly formed company . They want the meeting at the farmhouse so Radhika also accompanied him for his new project as a share holder and Sam who personally assisting him in his project. The wheels rotated widely on the streets broking the silent slumber near by . They reached the farmhouse . “Are you sure you want to step in this new buisssness ” radhika asked and put her glares on the cleft of her tunic . “Dont know but If anything goes beyond my dream line then we will made them back off ” he said put his palm in his pocket stuck to his thigh . Sam pressed her lips . Radhika didn’t chat with her . So she also dont want to irritate her . While moving forward her foot got bumped with radhika . She stumbled and fall . The files as usual landed on the ground . Except her. The eyelashes allowed the light to enter in her lenses which after few minutes make her pupil expand more leading to stretching of muscles . The delicate body of her was handled carefully by him . All of a sudden the pull made her face more closer to him . Her hands were swinging in the air. The green passionate eyes was mingling its gaze with black wide ones . Eyes have their own accent of conversation . The cells were set on flame . His touch had aroused the female tingling fantasies inside her . To be loved all the time by her mate filling the environment with lots of feelings . Sam didn’t blink . She felt secured in his arms . His mind had already cursed him trillion times . The lungs were filled of her scent . The heart roared and mind howled to throw her on the bonnet of his car and sucked the damn priceless virginity out of her making her blue black completely . The smile increased more on his lusty mind who was hungry to take what all that is belonged to him in her wildest moan too . He pressed his lips not to laugh badly . The androgens had viled his thoughts . He make her stand on her foot . Radhika spoked to end the embrassing situation . As she herself felt uncomfortable to be there as stupid intruder who had just broke their romantic dream world . Sam nervously tucked her strands behind her ears . The files were on the ground . She quickly picked up and he without glaring back move forward . The trio were greeted by Mr khatri . He took them all inside the huge farm house .There attention shifted by a voice . The black shining armour of the barn had been just broken his silent patience .” The horses are now days are messing badly with us . Mian mood swings had really pissed everyone ” . Mr khatri smiled . Neil’s eyes captured the image of the black breed huge roaring horse . Mian . Almost more dozen of workers were trying to calm him . Few had got broken their limbs but the beast just blurting its madness on the poor lads . He smiled and took off his blazer . The hand got back giving a command to hold it . Sam quickly hold his blazer . She and radhika both were bewildered seeing the mood swings of the buissness man . He pulled his sleeves up . Neil crossed the wodden white painted fence and his feet treaded in that direction . “Sir Mian really don’t appreciate tresspassers in his reign”

Mr khatri shouted from behind. He took off his gold cufflings from another sleeve and pulled it up . Neil signalled all the workers to leave him and his newly found friend alone . Sam rushed towards him . She had started sweating badly . Neil had unnecessarily invited his own stinging problems . Mr khatri hold Sam and signalled her that its too late . Neil stretched his arms and hold the slacked rope tied to his neck . The horse swing more in air trying to scared the stranger proving his rule on the ground. The grip was tight and after few attempts the horse had pushed Neil . Neil stumbled . His shirt had got the soil mark of mian’s perfectly carved hoofs . His gaze got on the near plank which was kept at good height . Neil run from the opposite side of plank . Everyone were just confused seeing his moves . He run over the plank and jumped on her horse . Sam closed her eyes . Her patience was gone . She cursed Neil now more for inviting his death . Neil at once got on the horse . The horse roared more . He jumped more high almost trying to get perpendicular . Neil tighten the rope around his neck and patted the back of friendly animal to calm him . Mian calm down after getting soothing pats and a warm caring touch on his back . Everyone just clapped . Neil was on the horse and smiled . The white shirt had got brown patches . The red jeans had also got spoiled with his boots .Sam smiled too . She was still scared. Radhika was irritated badly and want to kill Neil . Neil got down from the Mian and spoked ” Hey Mian …iam Neil Arav Malhotra …glad to meet you ” . He rub bed his palm on its head .Mian bowed his head with due respect . He chuckled seeing the response . “We are friends from now ” he added further .
All of a sudden there were thudding sound come a cross the barns . “What’s wrong ” Neil barked . Mr khatri started sweating badly . He shouted at the top of his voice . ” Mr Malhotra pls come back move from that way ” . The security of the house just collected their with the guns . “What happened Mr Khatri ” radhika got worried . Mr khatri shouted ” Take Mr Malhotra away from there now ” he ordered his security . Soon the problem had its image . A wild huge white horse was pacing up towards the field . One push and stoke of him was enough to crush the Man under his feet . The hoofs just accerlating the speed of him with the wind . Neil who was holding Mian was really appreciating that newcomer . “Back off Mr Malhotra .. u can’t control him ” Mr khatri screamed . He asked and radhika and Sam to call him back . ” Mam the horse got free with our mistake …he can be only controlled by Mr AR our MD .. no one else can have command on him” Mr khatri pleaded them . He didn’t want his guest to receive a marvellous death at his boss arena . The horse come closer . Neil moved forward to halt the ferocious speed of the beast.

The white devil attacked and sprang on Neil to crush ego of the latter under his foot . At once Neil got pushed . But the hoofs didn’t crashed on muddy ground . A Tall guy had just hold the violent hoofs in air in his ironic grip .The eye contact had unpredictable results . The alpha cologne agasint the mute one . The man had a black ink tattoo somw thing written in italics in his lower arm . The palms in a minute started showing its flesh . The blood got collected on the ground . The sleeves had just started getting stained with red alkaline blood . “Zack calm down ” the man ordered in soft voice . He was now got on the ground . The one knee started digging the mud . The other one had just folded to resume his power and stand again . The site was a new different world . The limb agasint limb . The alpha egoistic male agasint the alpha male look alike of Greek god .

Neil hold Mian and his eyes got narrowed seeing the mind blogging tussle . Mr khatri ordered the security to use dart . The man scowled and put the deathly glare on his assistant . “Get your f**king guns off here ..a single scratch on him ..and I will ripped your arms from your shoulders ….. not a single dart on Zack ” . “Master he will crush you beneath him ” khatri wiped the salt droplets on his head .

“Common Zack stop embraasing your brother later your masculinity …right now you are scaring my lovely guest ” he barked and now his body was getting laid on the ground . His spinal cord was pressurized badly . The cord was shivering as now the situation was getting worse . “Zack .. hold your hormones man ….stop behaving like a ditched woman .. look in my eyes …see here is me your AR calm down ” the eye contact was made and the horse backed off . Radhika hold her head tightly as she felt a heavy weight over her and her body stumbled . She was about to fall but Sam hold her . Radhika got unconscious . Her eyelashes dropped down . Neil got on Mian and moved towards the girls . The one pair was still gazing the trio . ” Master AR .. pls let us take Zake back to outhouse ” Mr khatri pleaded . His boss ordered all security to leave . “Let’s go Zack ” he got on Zack and rubbed his back softly . The man can be seen wearing short shirt and brown prince style trousers. He moved towards the trio . Zack put his front limb on the ground and now the horse paced his speed . They both teared the grunting wind and moved forward . Mian and Zack both lead their riders towards the girl . Sam poured some water on Radhika . She coughed and open her eyes . She looked towards Sam .Sam smiled . She got up and looked towards the black one . Neil had come back with Mian . He was while.controlling the horse. Zack come after a min and halted creating a deep pit on muddy ground . “So you are the secret MD of AR group of assosiations .
Arjun smiled and pressed his lips . He nodded and looked towards the gasping white faces of Sam and Radhika . “From Five years …since when I made it all alone ” he added further . “I like Mian .” ..Neil said and smirked . “Even Mian also like your company …why don’t you have a ride with him … I mean you and your girlfriend ” he looked and raised his left brow at his witty reply . “I will show my kingdom to Sam …with my Zack ” he continued . Neil clutched the rope tightly . The pervert mind of him want to break the mouth of Arjun . His eyes narrowed . The bile rose up inside him . The horse moved and in a minute Sam was pulled up . Sam got startled . In a minute she was in air and then on the horse . Neil had grappled her bicep tightly . She was sure that they surely got his fingerprints later . Sam was scared . She clutched his shirt on the back . He caged her more in his arms . Both his palm hold the string.

Her legs are on one side .He throw a winning look towards Arjun . Arjun just showed his shiny pearls of his mouth in return . ” Take of yourself” he said . “”Common Mian …time for flying ” he pulled Sam more closer . Mian rubbed his hoof on the ground and in a minute he gained his ferocious speed . Sam rested her head on his shoulder . Her eyes were closed . He laughed . Arjun sighed . Radhika took her handkerchief and tied in his palm . She took off his red cloth which had wrapped his neck and tied on his other wounded palm . “Sorry we scared you ” arjun said and patted on Zack’s back . She just nodded . “Come its time to know my few special secrets and yeah meet my best brother and my best friend Zack ” . The horse bend his neck . He closed his eyes in pleasure when arjun caressed his face . Radhika moved back . “Actually iam scared of horses ” she stammered . “What ..since when …don’t worry he is my brother .. he will not hurt you ..look at him how handsome he is .like his elder brother..don’t be a wuss”.

Radhika remembered well . The horse was really well built . The flowing white hair of him with air when he was approaching Neil had really knocked breath out of her lungs . She would really mesmerised by the beauty of both brothers . Arjun and Zack . She smiled little . One look like a brooding prince angel of god’s heaven and one his unicorn . Arjun observe her silence and then lifted her . She at once was on the horse . Her both legs were on opposite sides . He also got back and hold the strings . “Zack common dude we have to show our kingdom to our queen ” he smiled . Her back got attached with his chest. His woody cologne entered in her body . The horse started moving in other direction where Mian had left . He was slowly carrying both of them. “You deliberately forced Neil to take Sam ” she asked . He laughed . “Yeah …we are on a mission ” NESAM” ….so I think this might help them more ” . She looked around . “Nandini di never told me that you had ” she asked in a curious tone . His face frowned and lost the gleam in his eyes . He locked her tightly from back more . “Because she also never know this ” he replied in a robotic tone . She didn’t ask the reason . He was enjoying the ride . She don’t want to spoil his mood . “So you spend your Sunday here ” she asked again . “Not exactly ” he replied . “Recently AR group had decided to make few restraunts owned by Mr Desai to make them tax free as I bought few of them .” Arjun continued . “Are you some kind of a king …having property worth of billions ..and people calling your master …I don’t know my husband was billionaire …trillionaire ..tetrallionaire …” she smiled . He kissed on her cheeks from behind planting the kiss on her ears . “Hey ..don’t touch me ” radhika was hell nervous realising their closeness . “Not my problem …you are increasing my thirst day by day radhika ..iam scared that I will defeat infront of it and then I have snatch everything of yours brutally …that’s why I pleading you to forgive me and accept me soon ” he said and inhale her scent planting wet kissesss on her shoulder . “Arjun iam not comfortable” she said trying to release herself from his cage but failed . “Its OK babe all these things are new for you …don’t worry you will be habituated soon ” he replied and the horse paced his speed . “So they must be having a good time ” arjun replied back .

The farm house was indeed big and so is kingdom . She gasped seeing small shops and food stalls there. “All these are for orphan kids ..they visit here on every Sunday ” he said . “Radhika do you hate me ” arjun asked unknowingly . She was frozen at this sudden question . Her mind and heart were engaged in a war . She stammered “no …I mean yes …no why ” she sighed heavily . “Because 11 months back on this day only you slit your wrist because you don’t want to come back to me didn’t want to see my face ” he lifted her hand . His thumb rubbed at her wrist and he just gulped to hide his pain . Radhika was now having a feeling of knives stabbing her inside . She was numb . She put her legs on one side aand turned her face towards him . Her eyes widened seeing his eyes little wet . He was crying . Her heart break more seeing this site . She cannot handle what he just said . “Who told you that I slit my wrist because of you ” she asked in a curious tone . Her mind screamed not to slap him hard for believing rumours

“Thank god prerna aunty stopped me on right time …if I would forcibly dragg you with me ..don’t know your hatred had created how much mess in future ” he replied . He was looking forward avoiding the eye contact with her . If he had done that he would have again blame for doing something weird . His muscles and clenched jaw had really realise radhika that now he was angry . But radhika was now startled.

“Prerna aunty know the truth that I slit my wrist because of Neil not because of arjun sir then why did she lied him ” she closed her eyes and remembered the hints which is given by Sudha at their meet . “May be there is something which had polluted our minds” she gasped to take long breath . “As far as I. know prerna aunty told me that arjun sir and Sam had denied to come as they are busy in some pending work of birdsong” she was chatting and doing calculations in her mind . She know how Neil got angry like a bull . How he cried blaming them as selfish money minded leeches. This is the turning point where he turned a complete stone hearted buissness man . Radhika rested her head on Arjun’s shoulder . He smiled and locked her more in his arms .

“So never do these kind of stupid things .again if you enjoy these kind of things with me next time ..okay least you should be alive to water the plants near my grave ” he laughed and looked at her . Her expressions were changed . “I wish iam also with you inside your grave ” she snapped back . The smile had just faded lil and he cannot think how to react .She came out of her world and blinked many times looking in his black brown eyes . She mover her lips closer to him . “Don’t respond back …remember that you are my assistant ” she said . He didn’t get the meaning . His brows raised up when she landed her lips on his soflty . Very slowly without opening of her mouth she kissed him lightly . He was about to wrap his arms around her when she moved back . Radhika giggled seeing his folded arms in air and his eyes closed . “Its done ” she said softly . Arjun come out of the world and looked towards her . “You have turned a brat shameless woman right ..all time just seeking a chance using your mind blogging reasons to kiss me and tease me ” he said . “I don’t trust you ” she replied sternly . “I will gain it soon ” he pulled the strings and Zack paced his speed . Neil was watching the farm house . A sarcastic smile glued on his lips . ” Sir I think we should go back ..” she said adjusting her skirt . ” what You should think I should do any buissness with Arjun mehra ” he asked curtly . Sam really want to run up to hills just to avoid his round questions . The Mian was scaring her with his moves. She unknowingly tighten her grip on his shirt . Her lips touched his neck and she moved back . He smiled and lifted her hand . Sam was shocked seeing his actions. He put her palm over his exposed naked chest . “Now see the effect of your touch ..scent …on me ” . Sam shivered when she found his heart beating so rapidly and then her fingers also have a burning sensation when she feel his skin . She blushed and quickly moved away lil from him . “You should go ahead if it make you earn a huge amount of profit ” she answered back quickly . His mood was now changed . He didnt like her always revolving her world near Arjun . He moved his palm near her waist .took off the tucked shirt and dug his fingers on her bare waist . “Neil its paining ” she gave her a pleading look . “Good ” he replied back . Sam know how he make her do household works these days. Claeaning ,dusting ,mopping ,cooking ,stitching too in ohe week . She had already sign those papers . The wound on her shoulder was left with a scar . She looked that and closes her eyes in the mirror sometimes . His evenings with his se*y beautiful female colleagues who are all bound to be lay for him on his single approach had really pissed her off badly . She was ignored by him badly for a week. All of these seven days her mind her soul got badly stabbed million times on spotting a girl all smiling showing her perfect curves and rubbing their chest agasint him in his arms .Sam hided her tears and pressed her lips to hide her pain . She touched the hair of horse aand smiled little . “I like him too ” she said lil smiling . He didn’t reply and he didn’t smiled back …not even a playful one . Arjun and radhika both are lost in their own world . “So now what will be the next move to unite them ” he asked . “Simple ..make him over obsessed ” she snapped back . “And this what you women’s do best ..manipulate our heart and try to provoke the animal inside us ” he smiled and turned his face . “What nandini did ..there is no fault of yours in it ” she replied softly . “That doesn’t mean that you were not at all guilty of anything ” she continued .

“Why all of a sudden you are helping me to unite them if you trust sam anymore ” he asked and bring her more closer . “May be Iam also playing sone game just like you played few months ago ” she laughed at own reply . Arjun for a second heard the hammer like heart beat . “Well if you are doing this then result will be positive in my favour ” he said confidently . “How ” she asked back . “Actually our scores will be settle then …as you had aalready insulted and make me servant …and after th I will free of this revenge game of yours then I can abduct you ..can mcarry you again and have lots of cute chubby babies from you ” he chuckled seeing her blushing instantly .
“Since when you have started walking on the shameless route ” she hitter on his chest .

“Damn woman …since when you had started kissing me openly”he bite his lower lip to not to laugh bad at his own witty reply .”Be in your limits..iam your boss ” she said making a pout face . He kissed on her ear lobe and said “I love you ..boss ” . Her jaw dropped and the nails gof dug in her fist . She badly want to kiss him again a long one but she brushed her thoughts . “Prerna aunty’s game and her truth ..I will find out soon ” she thought with her soul get more determined .Neil saw Sam lost in her world . Her face got paled . He bend down and touched her lips with his one . Sam whose heart had bruised badly started responding on his touch . She also participate fully . He didn’t stop there the other palm dug the fingers more on her waist . Her eyes were drooped down but the pain made her eyelashes wet . She didn’t want to stop him . This will angered him more and she don’t want to spoil his mood . Neil was feel in restless . The same when had drugs in his body . Someone again given hin somthing and that’s why now a days he is really short tempered and all his anger is thrown on Sam . The scent of him was like raw coffee beans and now kiss Sam was all lost in her mini heaven world . Her lips still can feel his lips and the bite he given from her teeth . The lips were blood red and and the ligloss got smudged on them. “I know you feel disgusting when I touch you ” he muttered . Sam heard that and can eeasily realise coldness in his voice . “I don’t ” she replied back raising her voice . “Huh ..did you say something ” he ignored her reply . “I don’t ” she snapped bak again . “Great ” he sighed understanding her reply very well .

Arjun ad Neil both returned back from their one hour ride . “Generally Mian is really moody iam not shocked he had choosen someone like him as his friend ” Arjun raised his collar . Both the girls were half in slumber resting on the shoulder of their men . “Zack is just like you.. freaking loon head and always after everyone’s life ” he retorted back . “So what about the deal ….I know you will not do any deal with me ” arjun replied cooly . “I will and i have not a single problem to join hands with you in this buissness ” he replied smiling all evilish way .

“Alright timw for us to leave ” Neil continued . Sam and radhika woke up . They found them smiling . Both undestood that the smiles will bring tornado in their lives . Arjun pulled radhika and gave her a bone crushing hug . He muttered in her ears ” What am going to do now ..Don’t interpret something ..its will an act only ….as a part of our plan …don’t get jealous unneccisarily ” he said and moved forward . Arjun pulled Sam who was busy in staring neil when he was sitting in his car . “Hey Sammy are you didn’t call me for few days …and sorry for the wound ” Arjun gave her a hug and Sam here was running out of breath . “Iam fine arjun and thanks for asking” Sam detached herself completely. Radhika turned her face to not to laugh badly at his foolish plan. Neil banged his door and started his engine . He accerelated his car . Radhika quickly got inside . Arjun hold Sam ‘s hand before she got inside the car …” he also love you …don’t give up so easily ” .Sam smiled weakly and got in. Neil drove his car withe full speed . His grip got tightened on the steering wheel .

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