My lost patience chapter-10 (contd..part-3)(manmarziyan ff)

Chapter -11 ( the conditions )
His eyes was fixed on the posture lying unconcious on the floor .The fumes of smoke flowing with the air were mingling with the scent of him .The ocean of thoughts halted when he finish with the one .A memory blown in his skull where radhika once scolded him for having a new addiction of cigrattes .The tored crumbled pieces of the contract were lying along with his life .Both his fist were clenched leading him to move towards her .In a minute Sam was in his arms and he put her on the bed .

After few minutes she got her senses back and saw him . He was working on his laptop .She got down slowly and her sight fall on on ashtry
“Cigratte since when” she muttered .and then her gaze landed on crumbled papers .All of a sudden a spark run through her spinal cord .Her eyes were blinking rapidly to control herself as heart was forcing to pour all her emotions out .She was cursing her senses that were making her more vulnerable and wanting to cry like a kid.” I will not sign these papers ” she said sternly .”You have to ” he retroted back .Her phone buzzed .She found something fishy and her brows were get closer seeing the name flashed “Mom” she said softly .”Sam I don’t know what the hell is wrong with Neil ,all of a sudden he had decided take his shares back as he is the 70% share holder if this happen then a big lock will hanged on the door of birdsong .Sam we need to do something I will beg him not to do this ” piyali coughed little holding her breath ..”Mom don’t worry nothing will happen I will talk to you later “.She looked towards Neil with a murderous gaze and treaded her steps towards him .He sensed her coming towards him and closed his laptop .She was about to hit him when he hold her hand in the fraction of seconds .He throw her on himself and remove her hair giving her a strong bite on her neck nape .Sam’s eyes got filled and she clutched his shirt almost strecting it to the extent that if she further proceed then the part of that area will be in her fist. Her lower got blood as she herself dug her teeth in it to not fill the roam with a loud scream ,a moan having his name .

The painful session was not halted there as now his palm got entered in her top heading towards breaking the dam of her thoughts which was carving for his touch ,a touch in the way a man touched his woman She can sense his palm over cup shaped pink bra .Her eyes popped out when his palm open the hooks of her bra on the back .
Inside her boss*ms eject out more because of loosening of tight hold on them .Her lower body fell something that was normal for any alpha male’s response at that situation .She blushed profusely and cursed more herself for melting at this weak situation . She gathered all her strength and pushed him hard .The result was not very much appreciating as she wasn’t out of his cage after putting so many efforts .

He grunted like an animal for disturbing his pleasure with his meal .Her face was red showing lots of anger ,lil blush and suffocation.

He stared her for few minutes and then pushed her away . Neil took his white blazer from his closet and moved out of his room .Sam followed him and he halted and turned back
“Clean my study till evening an important guest will be there and if I found a layer of dust on any shelf or floor I will make you mop the whole terrace for the whole night take it as a work for birdsong” he flung the words at her face and moved out of his house .Sam didn’t have strength to fight with him her body is also fragile especially now a days first the wound on shoulder and then the love bite had a deep mark on her shoulder and on her soul too.She sighed .Neil who opened the door of the car banged it and hold his air . The staff was already furious though red colour is the sign of danger and extreme anger but when Neil is in his white blazer things don’t go well with the surrounded people near him . He took out the rod from the back of his car and break the glass of front window . The car can be viewed as a junk waste it was smashed badly and the sleeves of white had turned red .His mind was demanding some immense cool breeze and he picked up his bike .The security wasn’t in the mood to leave him alone but no one dare to show the courage to stop him .He rode off without glancing back .

Arjun had already accepted the condition and now he was in her kitchen .Third time the surrounding staff giggled Arjun had burned the dish and now he dumped in the bin .She was in her room and after few minutes according to her rules the breakfast should be on the table all prepared and stuffed nicely .Radhika had arjun her personal assistant that means he had to follow some rules .Arjun was pink shirt and white trousers according to the rule of her villa.
He is the only male in her house staff as rest of the staff were hot females .The collision session of girls was at peak as they badly want to but still it is impossible to take your eyes off arjun mehra and when he is in some kinky pink colour shirt then one should think about their IQ if they want to do something else rather than drooling over him. No doubt the temperature was rising in the environment according to his mood swings .Radhika who come out of her room looked towards her staff .The girls were busy in their mean gossips and staring him from the corner of their eyes. Arjun was about to wipe his sweat with his sleeve when a teenager offered him her hand towel . The rude buissness is literally dump when it comes to the dangerous topic of the world ‘Womens’. He nodded and took the towel and wiped his face .
The girl was watching him all mesmerized and his attention was engrapsed in breakfast .Finally he had made something after the true hard work of two hours the freaking Veg Sandwiches .He smiled and patted his shoulder.

He then drink some water .While drinking his Adam apple was moving tro and fro beautifully up and down .The women’s in the hall gasped seeing him gulping the water down his throat .
Radhika Coughed to get everyone’s attention .The girls looked above and scared to saw their fuming master .They all started working again .
An eruption of the volcano took inside her and the liquid of jealous filled her veins .She moved down wearing a tank top and long trousers .Her hair were locked in loose bun with few strands curled were hanging down. She looked towards the sandwich .Radhika skip a beat when her gaze shifted on the red mark on his palm .The burn mark dilated her pupils and the smile glued on his face while serving breakfast ignoring his wound rise her anger more .She move in other direction asking her staff to leave the hall .Arjun was startled and his expressions changed as now he face got dull that radhika didn’t look towards the table .He pressed his lips and then saw her coming back .A box is handled delicately between her palms with a sign of crossroads .He muttered “is she alright first aid box ” .Before he can assume anything she made him sit and hold his palm .”Ouch its paining ” he pressed his lips to not to laugh bad at his melodrama .”Are you a chick ” she looked upwards in his eyes .”Well one can say that too seeing me in pink shirt ” he throw the attitude over her face .She chuckled and wrapped the bandage around his palm .”Still you manage to maintain the fainting session of girls by your looks ” she answered back .He Smiled and stiffened lil .For the first time they are talking like old friends they never talked in such informal way even before their marriage .”So you are trying to say that iam hot ” he replied adjusting his collar .The word fill her mind with a memory where Sam once mentioned that she find him a hot and cool guy both and that’s why she loved him .Radhika blinked and come out of her memory .

Now the Sarcastic master had returned and as us usual the things messed up again when she spoked .”Don’t tell me that it was one sided intimacy between you and Sam ..I mean only you admire her she never filled your ears with some hot se*y kind of intimate words ” .The bandaging was done and she closed the box .”So you are on same mode right mam ” he said with pained voice .”Is there any problem with that ” she put her hand on her waist .”Absolutely not but I know how to change your mode ” he got up and took the knife from the fruit basket. “Don’t tell me that iam going to be stabbed ” she answered back .”No its just that whenever you will use these words that will objectify my love towards you then you will watch me getting wounded now its your decision for how long it will be continued ” he completed in one breath .Radhik throw a confused look but her eyes left her socket when she saw him shedding his own blood mercilessly .Arjun put a cut on his palm and grunted .The blood instantly dropped on the table .Her screamed filled the room but this time he didn’t let her touch him .”Sorry Mam I think I have more work pending so I should leave now ” he smashed the words on her pale face and left the hall .He tied his handkerchief on his hand .Radhika was there only frozen she was not able to understand his mood swings .Her stomach boared for any food .She saw sandwiches with a smiling face .The plate was on her hand now and she ate heartily .Arjun remembered about his phone and went back .
He halted seeing the site .Arjun quickly covered his mouth to not to laugh badly over her face .He hided seeing her state and lil worried too.
“God how I can hurt her again she is still a kid ”
Radhika cheeks were expanded as she had nearly filled her mouth with two samdwiched at one time and the sobbing session was also not halted .She got hiccups too but still her eyes were red realising his pain .Her mind warned her not to trust him and his antics but her heart had already turned deaf towards her mind long before .His patience was losing in her cuteness and all he need is forgiveness .

Sam Was all crying remembering the contract or the invitation for permenanent stay at hell or the leery deal without any profit only loss of both side .Now she understood the level of his wounds his frustration and why he is termed as ruthless .The contract will claim Sam as his property forever .Sam had to get married to him within a month if she had to protect the birdsong otherwise the consequences will crush her family she know Neil when it comes to his typical anger one can expect a tornado in his life . But the contract was not only of marriage the contract holds that Sam cannot claim his property after divorce and she is bound to follow his desicions and if he found with some other woman she cannot claim any rights of marriage on him .The weird contract was the dirtiest one ..

Precap :- the secret revealation

Sorry guyz I know its short but now a days my brother is pestering me a lot

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