My lost patience chapter-10 (contd..part-2)(manmarziyan ff)

His footsteps were creating a tapping sound on the floor ..his conscious mind was filled with a mixture …mixture of the manipulating thoughts ..Neil was in the hall downstairs ..looked towards his room …his gaze was penetrating enough to have a look on Sam …Amaal his office assistant entered the house ..he was tensed knowing the fluctuating moods of his superboss…and now this the paper he was carrying ..was a proof of his travel loving skull ..
Neil saw his Amaal …and halted …without turning back ..he got the papers in his hand ..and signalled him move out ..amaal quietly kept the brand new phone for him he smiled sarcastically …and with lil proud that his super boss will surely named a record in guineas book for deteroing the expenses phones more than anyone else in the lil world ..he moved out of the hall ..sighed ..adjusted his suit ..and thanked god to reach out of his hell safely .
The papers were now on the table ..and he smiled ..the victory gleam ..was letting the old antiques in the hall to enjoy his surprising and breathtaking looks …he muttered ..”Congratulations Sam you will be soon the Queen of hell..Welcome to my hell babe permenantely ” ..his fingers tapped on his new phone …he change the settings ..the smiling Sam appeared as his wallpaper …and he moved his fingers on it ….
Arjun was on standing near window remembering ..or trying to remember …what he did last night ..he was lost in his thoughts ..outside the beauty …was startled and jealous for not being that capable to distract his mind from his lady love …and play it for few minutes .
Arjun felt someone ‘s presence ..he smiled ..and spoked …”Long time .I thought you also left me”
His radhika ..the imagination of his emptied heart …had come to confront his mind …again ..everytime in its own way to comfort him provoke him …to play with him …his radhika was a badass player now …a player who loved to play with emotions ..whether it is imagination or the one real …these thoughts sometimes raise his level …on real one ..but imaginary knows how to crush it ..she smiled in return to his question ..and looked outside like him.
“You are tensed ..honey calm down ” radhika spoked resting on his shoulder …
“Do you think that I did something last night …that will lead to a good result after few months …” he smiled wanting her to understand the meaning ..
“If you had done something ..then do you considered it as a fault ..or a big mistake ..” she asked in a curious tone ..and rested her head on his shoulder …the gush of air strike their faces.
“To have you for the whole night…..a chance to see those looks on your face …realising my hungry gaze all over you skin ..without any barrier …the immense blush …on you ..our bodies attached …me cuddling you ..romancing you all those hours .. that can’t be a error or fault for me ” he said and put his fist …on the window ..she smiled lil leads to chuckling …
“Do you think I would have let you done anything me without any confession ” she answered his question..and looked towards him
“The day ..I lose my control …you will not be able to walk properly for a month ” he chuckled .
They both looked each other …and then he closed his eyes ..and looked outside again ..he know that its time for her to get invisible .
Radhika rubbed her eyes …strecthed her arms and saw arjun staring her …she sat on the counch …lil startled ..and shouted ..”What the… you jerk …what are you doing here ”
Arjun smiled and replied …”Accept that love me …” ..her eyes widened ..and she throw a pillow ..on him ..he bumped …and pillow fall down ..”okay had a ocean of lust for me ..” she was now hell angry ..and screamed at the top of her voice ..”Arjun” …and her eyes open was her dream ..but this one was weird …she looks here and there ..and saw that she was in her room …and a man half naked is watching the serene beauty outside ..she tucked her hair strand …and got down …
“I want to unite Sam and Neil …and I need your help ..” he turned around …she was still in his shirt …arjun looked her from top to bottom ..she had kept her palm ..on her head ..leading to the shirt more to expose her thigh…and her one hand was on her waist …she was lost somewhere ….his gaze got intensed on her …he smiled ..and cover the distance .
“Iam talking to you ..” he said ..and stand close to her ..radhika who was now looking arjun fact many arjun and there taking it as her wild dream ..decided to wake her up ..she spoked to herself …”kiss him ..if he replied back then real ..else a mind screwing dream”
She wrapped her arms around his neck …got on her toes …and landed her lips …on him and slowly kissed him ..he replied and her eyes widened ..she understood it was not all her dream ..and now she can’t back off ..he had already wrapped his arm around her …so she closed her eyes to live this moment …the morning kiss was soothing and they both know that they need it after a wild night ..she broke the kiss ..and looked in his eyes …”you were saying something .” ..she asked moving her thumb on his lips …and moving the fingers of other hand .in his hair …her focus was now on his lips ..her mood want to have it again ..Arjun pressed his lips ..and turned his gaze to brush his thoughts of having physical pleasure …with her …as they need to clean few mess ..
“This kiss …do you behave like this ..with the any guest in your house ..” he asked in a sarcastic tone ..she smiled ..and come more closer to his face …attaching her front to his intentionally …”No I was just trying to seduce you …so tell me is this worked …but I know it must be better than Sam” she added further ..
Arjun got out of her grip ..he was hurted …”she is still on the same note …Sam and me could she think like that ” ..he throw the glass outside the window …and turned around ..
Radhika smiled …”Yeah iam still on the same note …and sorry for being a blo*dy telepathic ..and you are also on the same note ..the possessive arjun mehra for his toys …last night proved it …and that painting …since we are divorced ..I don’t care about your previous ass ”
Arjun smiled ..”really don’t care …”
She nodded ..and smirked ..Arjun took out the lighter from his pocket of his jeans ..and put the other palm over its flames ..Radhika composes herself ..and she was shocked ..a scream filled the room …and she rushed towards him …throw the lighter ..and slapped him hard …
He was expecting this and he laughed too …she took him to the washroom ..and opened the tap ..the water started ..soothing his palm a stinging pain ..she kept her fingers in mid lower the speed of water reaching to his wound ..she looked towards him ..he was causually resting on the wall ..and humming something the tears were on her cheeks ..and there the romantic side of arjun was on peak …
She kicked on his foot ..and hold his collar …”dont do this again …I will kill you with my own hands ..for playing with me like this Arjun Sir .” She jerked his wounded hand ..the crashed on the wall .and he close his eyes in pain …
“I want you to help me to unite Neil and Sam ..they love each other ” he said from behind …
Radhika who was dumbstruk ..turned around …she was startled listening his so called help ..the first come to her mind ..the drug attack ..and the second thing Sam ‘s confession the restraunt …and the last thing Prerna aunty.
She looked towards him …and her heart for the time brushed her all thoughts and unknowingly become selfish …the only thing that screamed inside her …”get your arjun back ..the only way to distract him from other womans ..”
She was bowled at that intense moment …and replied …”only on one condition” …
Arjun answered back fully confident .”accepted”
Radhika smiled ..that spread to her ears …
Neil headed towards his room ..Sam was awake ..and was sipping the coffee …he halted seeing her bare back…in that top …which only covered her half back …and her hair was now on front ..all wet . She saw sipping her coffee …and was holding the magazine …Womaniser …having the face of the year …Neil its front ..and shaily the random model with him …he entered but still her attention was on that magazine …
Neil narrowed his eyes ….and stand behind her …filling his lungs ..with the lilac scent of her ..he badly want to kiss her now …like a crazy …hungry lion ..on its prey …..he brushed his thoughts …and saw her doing something weird .
He hold his tummy after that what he saw …Sam had painted the face of that shaily in magazine …and caressing his picture muttering some curses to the model .
“Are you done ” he asked her and she turned around …all of a sudden Sam have a close encounter with him so she lost her balance ..and fall on him …he moved back lil handle both of them …and the her lips landed on his cheeks kissing him …her eyes widened and at the next moment Neil pinned her to the cupboard …he was in his senses ..because of his focus on the papers …he sighed and asked her to open her eyes ….”sign these papers…..”
Sam opened ..her eyes and took the papers from him …he moved back …and sat on the counch …
After few minutes …Sam got fainted …and was on the floor now …the papers were tored into pieces …and Neil was smoking get his mind distracted ..

Precap :- the videos …the dirtiest contract …the condition ..funny result …and the extreme hotness ..the jealous ..the burning rage ..arjun’s accident by the old enemy in new shoes …

So guy sorry for late update ..and bear the short update

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