My lost patience chapter-10 (contd..)(manmarziyan ff)


Arjun was getting restless of thinking about radhika …she left all of a sudden .without telling anything. .he decided to talk to her … he pulled his car and headed towards her home ….arjun entered with his car …the mesmesrising beauty of her lawn …was just making him calm. …
Myra greeted arjun …she told him ..that radhika is busy with Mr kapoor …so its not good to disturb them …. arjun didn’t like the tone Myra is using. …he just barged in …and saw her dining with anirudh …all smlilng and laughing …..
That site was enough to make him hell angry ..he clenched his fist ….and saw her hugging him ….he closed his eyes …for two reasons ..first to control his anger not to kill anirudh and second was he cannot see her hugging someone else ……
Anirudh left …arjun hidded ..behind the pillar ….radhika ordered her staff to leave as she don’t allow anyone to stay in her house after 9:00 pm …..Myra who just got busy in some call left from there without informing radhika . Radhika after locking her house …treaded her steps towards her room ….she got inside …and started opening the strip ..on her shoulder …she was busy ..when she felt someone’s hot breath on her back ….she turned and was shocked to see arjun ….his eyes were blood shot ..and his exposed chest from his shirt was stiffened showing his anger….before radhika could understand anything …arjun pulled her closer and open the strips of her shoulders and closed his eyes…in a minute radhika’s dress was on floor ….leaving her in only in undergarments …she saw him ..his eyes were closed .. and her dress on the floor .. she quickly pulled the curtain almost tearing it from top …and wrapped herself in it … but of no use …because her skin was very much visible in that light coloured curtain………….
Arjun opened his eyes….and saw in her curtain ..he moved backward and rested his back on the wall …and was looking her from top to bottom ….radhika was now trying more to cover her she pulled her bed sheet and wrapped it too.

Arjun’s gaze got intense seeing on her …he moved forward and picked her dress …pulled all her dresses from the closet which she wore in her parties …put them on the floor and burn all of them … radhika was watching them burned in horror …arjun spoked …”I don’t like anybody’s else scent on you we need to remove it ..”
Radhika shouted …”wtf …get the hell out of here . How dare you barged in my house .. I will call my security … ”
“Make a move towards your phone. .and I will remove all your covers leaving you naked …”arjun said in a warning tone ….
Radhika clutched her dress to her more closer ..
Arjun opened the bottle of champagne and ordered …”go and take shower now ..I don’t want anyone’s else scent on your body …” radhika who was now lost in seeing him gulping the liquor down his throat came back to her senses .she quickly went inside the washroom .
Within few minutes the water started calming her nerves …for the first time she was scared of him …she know that anirudh had just come to discuss about his marriage with shaina …radhika who is the owner of gulmohar beside Neil ….anirudh was discussing about outfits for functions …but arjun had taken this meet as something else ….she came out wrapping in curtains ….he had opened the window …and the room was now dark ..only moonlight …but enough to fill the room .. few aroma candles had filled the room with a soothing scent ..she rushed towards her wardrobe …to take her night dress …but she didn’t found any …he ordered without looking back ….”wear my shirt ..I want my scent on you …” …radhika was about to retailate ..but he cutter her off…”don’t you dare …deny it …I will rip that thin cloth on your body ”
Radhika gulped and wore his shirt …he was only on his jeans …radhika was about to seek out. .but before she can move out ..he pulled her in his arms …her wet hair fall on his face.. she pressed her lips …the moon light falling on her face …making her face more glow …radhika was blushing heavily realising his stare on her …her palm was on his chest ….his breath full of alcohol ..was falling on her …radhika know that he was drunk completely ..not in his senses anymore …radhika tried to pushed him …arjun tucked her hair behind her ear …she looked in his eyes.. his eyes was filled with tears ….

“Why don’t you understand …I will kill any guy if I found with someone else …babe I don’t want to hurt you ..but damn this possessive mind ..I can’t see you with anyone else …you know when you hug that bastard …I want to chop him into pieces….you know what my most important work aim …my passion …my dream…my everything related with you. .the first time I saw you …my heart beat never got stable in your presence . …your scent is enough to grab my attention ….trust me for once …I will never trouble you ..” arjun hugged her …his grip was getting more tight …radhika was now facing difficulty in breathing ….
Arjun who now almost slept on her standing …. radhika made him lie on the bed …he got awake and pulled her ..radhika fall on him …she was on top of him .. and he was smiling ..”I want to talk to you …idont want to sleep…” he quickly turned and now he was on top of her …his weight was unbearable for her .. but she didn’t want him to deatach from her …”what you want you tell …” she asked him in a curious tone ….
Arjun smiled like a cute child .. .”Arjun is only made for radhika ….without her there is no use of arjun…sometimes I think death is more easier destination….than bearing your hatred ..but I don’t want to die before making you confess that you love me .. ” his tears were falling on her cheeks… he stood up ..and stumbled …started searching …something ….
“What are you searching… ..”radhika ..asked. .
“My brushes …canvas. .” He replied and stumbled ….
Radhika realised that he is not in his senses anymore … she took out a white cloth …and hand him her lipsticks ..and a khol ….
“Paint something good. …” she asked ….
Arjun closed his eyes ..tears were still on his cheeks ….he started playing ….and after half an hour …he made something that made radhika gasped ….arjun throw her lipsticks he was now feeling sleepy ..and fall down on bed …in a minute he was in deep slumber ………
Radhika sit on her knees on the floor …seeing what he had drawn ….she cried her whole night . Seeing the painting ……
The painting was sadistic…and why did he draw that ….she keeping a red rose on his grave .. arjun mehra inscriped in it …..radhika was now much more realising his madness …she was not sure but she was understanding little that if he lost the hope of being with her …he will kill himself. ….radhika was more surprised ..his eyes were closed but still he painted her so beautiful …she looked towards him …he was in his slumber. . .radhika cannot take it more .. she just wear her night clothes …and left the room she was not in her senses …she wanted to hug Neil …and cry ..but she know that may be this was not the right time …she sit on her counch …and laid on it. ..thinking about arjun his anger. .his confession she understood the meaning of puzzle given by sudha aunty ….open your eyes…means open your heart .. become the old one ..means become the same old dectative radhika .. and find the truth …..
Radhika looked towards her room and after few minutes she also slept …..

Sam was waiting for Neil …he had gone to some late night meeting … there was no one in the house as the staff was not allowed to stay after 9:00 .pm .. he entered all tired …but his state is different …his shirt was out of his pants. And tie was touching the floor ..jacket was in his hand…and he was typing something in his phone ..a sarcastic smile was on his phone ….
She saw a red lipstick mark on his shirt …and was frozen …”he was now with some girl …” she thought …and stumbled ….little Neil hold her .
Her eyes are filled with tears ….and Neil spoked .”I told you to take rest ..why are you still awake ….I informed you that I had to go for a meeting.”
Sam who now was broken …she realised …”how I could I forget he is not my idiot any more he is a player Neil Malhotra. .” She pushed him with full force …and shouted..”don’t you dare lie to me …that mark that you enjoyed your meeting ….”she run towards his room sobbing ..while climbing the stairs she stumbled too ..almost hurting her ..but she ran away ….
Neil was confused at her sudden outburst and saw the lipstick mark on his shirt ….his mind realised the situation …
“She was pained to see me with someone else ..all of a sudden don’t know what’s wrong with her she is behaving like a possessive wife. ..”
He again saw Sam coming downstairs …she was drunk …she come and hugged Neil hitting him on the lipstick mark ….everything was getting above from his head. .her mood swings are killing him …he lifted her in his arms ..and entered in his room ..all the while she was hitting him …in her half slumber ….he put her on bed …but before he can turned …Sam pull him on the bed and get herself plastered to him . ..she spoked in her slumber ..”give me address of all girls who touched you. .I will kill all of them one by one …you are only mine …I will not share your love with my kids ..too…treat me as a sl*t ..or some obessed posssessive fan of yours …but I will not share you with anyone want your Sammy ..right …iam all yours ..because Sammy is in love with her idiot …” saying she slept ……
Neil was frozen listening her last words ….he cannot move away too ..her grip was strong …she had holded him very tightly ……

Precap …radhika and arjun ..madness ..Sam making Neil crazy ….

Song dedication…Bol do na Zara from the movie arzhar ……

Credit to: Sammy

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    1. You know suupu advice from me ….first of all the worse thing is not to have hope in your life …and second thing if you don’t get the partner who love you that much …then you love him so much in fact that much ..that it is enough for both of you ..for your next birth too …love u a lot sissy will get someone .for sure ..and a hi toh you are a small suppu …don’t worry u will get a nice munda …lol:-) πŸ™‚

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    My story starts wid a girl eloping frm her wedding.She belongs to a rich conservative family of Rishikesh. she is none other than our heroine radhika . She lost her parents when she was 13yrs old then her uncles and bought her to their house . She is pamperd by everyone infact we can say she is an apple of everyones eyes they all take care of as if she is their own daughter. They gave her freedom but their family do not permit love mrgs . So she had to elope frm the wedding . YES she is in luv wid her clg frnd .Currently he stays in Australia Queensland
    Now lwts have a luk at our hero a tall handsome hunk for his luks any girl will fall easily he is our hero Arjun he stays in queensland australia wid his step sister Samira mehra actually arjuns mum died wen she was giving birth to arjun so his father rajiv married nandini and the couple gave birth to samira for namesake nandini and sam are his stepmum and sis tey luv him a lot infact nandini pampers him more than sam yes arjun is mummas boy and sam is dadys girl they are happy family
    Rajiv and Nandini run an add agency in melbourne . They own an add agency named BIRDSONG it is a very successful agency in Australia. Actually BIRDSONG owned by Rajiv and his bestfrnd Raghu . Raghu and Rajiv are best frnds they have 2 branches one in melbourne and the other one in Sydney . Raghu is married to Prerna the couple has a son named Neil . Neil Arjun and SAM stay together in queensland . Both the families meet monthly once in their farmhouse they have a small get togther arneil run an event management company and sam is doing mba while staying wid her bro and her best frnd neil . Children stay away frm there families bczz they want to stand on their own legs . As Sam cannot stay away frm her bro she to shifted wid him by giving a reason to her parents tat she want to do mba so there parents also did not restrict her frm following her dreams.
    Ok now lets go back to radhika she eloped wid her sis help . Wid out her notice radhikas sis keerthi packed lots of money and clothes so that she can trave easily wid out any trouble. Radhika started her journey to australia to meet her bf .
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