My lost patience chapter 1


‘Arjun’ radhika shouted ;screamed at the top of her voice .Outside the world was as usual busy in their work The rain water was trickling down from the window but inside everything her room her drawer her mind everything around was totally messed up.

Her room or her world for atleast 6 hours where she can shout ; laugh or dance like a …….but whatever she know one thing that her world will always revolve around one person or one name ‘Arjun’ ….Radhika as usual walk out of her room .Her step or her mind which were controlling her falling steps head her towards her favourite place in her grand villa …DRINKS COUNTER .she signalled the man standing there arranging the bottles that its time to leave her alone with her sweetheart or sweethearts correctly if she say ….she took a bottle in her hand and smell it .and a painful smile appear on her

‘Radhika mishra a divorcee’ that was she heard when she was moving out with her boyfriend out of a shop .Ah yes she came back to present my boyfriend ;yes boyfriend for the world and best friend for her Neil malhotra the dark brooding prince …….Radhika who now had become a top model of india after 10 months of her divorce opened the vodka threw away the cork and gulped it down fully .She recalled how she exposed nandini infront of arjun ; a smile full of proud confidence was really making her more smoking hot in that dim light enviroment .A large mirror was there in the room she looked her self from top to bottom and move her fingers in her hair and smiled more this time showing her pearl white teeth Radhika mishra is the gorgeous she muttered while looking at the mirror.Her thoughts were interrupted when her phone vibrated on the counter …….a ringtone admiring her beauty or one can say that a song dedicated to her beauty filled the room .she saw the name flashed on the screen …. BF .she smiled and swipe in the screen and speak in her sweet but emotionless voice ……Hello JAAN ….after saying she listened a scowl in return from her best friend oe in short bf.after exchanging few words she put the phone down touch her screen having wallpaper of her in a se*y gown and the charming prince of course her neil .

Neil Malhotra she thought and few thing started running in her pretty small head .the memories- neil falling in love with samaira khanna; neil giving her a nickname chashni ; neil smiling like an idiot when samaira khanna pulled his cheeks; neil getting alret on arrival of arjun mehra ; neil’s shocked face on knowing that samaira khanna is in love with arjun mehra ; neil more surprised expressions more on knowing arjun ‘ s intentions .Radhika came back to present Her body stiffened she also not when her eyes or beautiful eyes full of khol filled with tears .her grip got tightened on the wine glass .she threw away the glass and the poor glass got scattered lifelessly on the floor .she took a broken piece in between her thumb and forefinger and muttered like a maniac ” the revenge is on arjun mehra and samaira khanna ” by saying this she pressed the glass pieces in her hand and laughed a loud .outside the storm was already calm but inside………the blood was flowing from her hand already starting dropping from her hand ….blood the pure blood of mishra clan had already collected on the floor.she went back towards her room .the walls were filled with arjun ‘s smiling pictures she moved towards one caressed it and then head towards bed……fall down and slept.

Morning the sun had already took its position she moved towards the curtain and looked outside the aroma after every rainy night filled her lungs .just then she heard a knock on the door .she got lil irritated but the asked her to come inside.a beautiful lady wearing a pink sleeveless shirt and white skirt come inside with a coffe mug .radhika ordered her to put on the table near her bed .she smiled and said in a sweet sacchrine voice ” radz mam samaira khanna is desperately wants to meet you .she want u to fix a meeting with her ” radhika smiled listening this .it was 5 am in the morning radhika always an early riser already know that samaira khanna never start her day before 10 .she asked her assistant to make a call ………. to samaira khanna ….now.her assistant already knew this that radhika mishra is completely ……..a a a ABNORMAL HUMAN or a complete loon alien or a beautiful manaic .her assistant chuckled little and said ” mam NOW” .radkika throw the coffee on her dress by not even looking back .assiastant for sure got her answer she called samaira khanna . Radhika told her to inform samaira khanna that she is ready to meet her but on one condition ……..arjun mehra will also be the part of their meeting .her assistant informed samaira without saying any formal ‘ hello’ and ‘ bye’ .her assistant was about to leave when she turned back and asked radhika “mam who is chashni” sounds like a really ….downmarket saying this she chuckled again .radhika threw the mug towards her which got broken near her foot or foot with beautiful heels and screamed at the top of her voice….
A Dead Friend…saying this she laughed again but a very dangerous one.assistant just muttered sorry and ran out of the room to save her ugly a*s…..:…………

So guyz here is the chapter one of my ff and yeah my name or nickname is sammy .i know i have written totally rubbish but plz give ur comments good bad doesnt matter .iam new to this site actually i was a silent reader till know but i used to read all mmz fanfics all are my favourite so really requesting all silent readers too to comment plz and iam a teenager so plz spare for writing a waste and i will try to update it daily actually it will be a short series only bcoz its my first ff .
So do comment plz

Credit to: Sammy

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  1. Sammy its not at all rubbish..its good…pls keep it going πŸ™‚ love u

  2. Arey sammy this is awesome yaar… I loved it a total different character of radhu.. Really great! How can you say its not good???? Seem you didnt read it after completing !!!(giggles) πŸ˜€
    I wil wait for the next…
    Something is there which always draws me to the mmz fanfics!!! πŸ™‚

  3. it is awesome. .plz continue

  4. I love it. Please update soon.

  5. A hifi from my side…..then a huggg… i hold ur hands and we jump togethrt…….omg….i love this…..yrss i want sam and arjun to plea her….nd neil…..a strong man……lv u…nd m here to support u

  6. Hi it’s nice. Pls continue.. I think it’s a continuation from d original series though I guess with bitter radz.

  7. Oh dear its really awesome n different perception πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ pls go with flow n with request pls don’t stop in between babe πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ after two work days it’s really a good treat πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ take care πŸ™‚ waiting for next ff πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. Sammy completely new n different extension….its very very interesting…plz update soon n regularly also….give the deserved punishment to Sam n Arjun ??

  9. sammy dear its not rubbish…….. it is very nice I like ur concept……..m waiting for 1 part

  10. Awesome sammy.pls continue:-)

  11. Hi sammy its really nice..this plot is a new one.pls go on…

  12. Thanks for u support all of u .will try to update regularly.

  13. Wow Sammy dear…its just osm…radhika character totally different… Loving it…pls continue…love u.. tc..all the best…

  14. What are u saying Sammy this is not rubbish at all this is so good. Eagerly waiting for the next one post soon pls.

  15. Awesome episode , please continue. πŸ™‚

  16. amazing episode yaar ………….

  17. Very awesoooooome start…rads is very different n Neil always her good support best friend forever. ..revange on arjun n sam….wowwww. ..what’s in rads mind for these two….loved it dear n it’s really superbbbb. please continue n keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

  18. Sammy this is really superb its not at all rubbish… U r doing very nyc keep it up…. Loved it.. Now going to read the nxt ones now only..

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