Lost Memories (Part 7)

Hey guys … as u all told me to continue my ff so i m continuing it….
hope u njoy ….

As shivika confess their love and are happy staying together ..

ff begins

dadi-I M HAPPY as finally my billu realized what ishqbaazi is … but i m more happy
that he did ishqbaazi with anika…
rudy- imagine dadi if bhaiy awould had married lady baba then what would have happened
om- nothing much only our oberoi mansion would had turned a reiki centre but reiki of pain
hate sepration as she just wanted money of shivaye
rudy- first time om first time …. i understood ur philosophical talk
om dadi – wow rudra u became intelligent
anika- yes dadai, om today two oberoi sons have became sensible…
shivaye – who two
anika- biggest cry baby and great great tadibaaz billu
rudra- bhabhi u showed me toady that u love fat people more ….and makes puppy eyes ]
shivaye – don’t call me that ok u paanika
anika makes faces
shiv- i think we shud end this illogical topic over here only
rudy – lets make this moment as obro moment but bhabhi also came
dadi- so let it be oberoi moment only and says dil bole
altogether they say – obroi

at night…
near swimming pool

shivaye comes from back and hugs her from back
anika- what are u doing shivaye
shiv- shhh.. be quite .. i have a surprise for u

and he puts his hand on anika ‘s eyes so that she can’t see

in their room

anika- shivaye what are u doing??
shivaye – just a min …….. now open ur eyes

she sees their photos from firstmeeting till confession hanged over there so beautifully
anika- wow shivaye .. u brought all are meetings at one wall
shivaye – now they will be with us .. so that our MEMIORIES will never be LOST
anika- but from where did u brought all this
shiv- u don’t think about that u just saty did u like that
anika – yes but in this pic m looking fat and i in this m looking dull and she just
pin point every issues over her pics
shivaye just kisses her lips to make her quite
anika is surprised and was blushing ….

this night became most beautiful night as they consummated their marrige…..



rumya , ishkara. were married

anika sleeping on bed so innocently

shivaye saw her and wiped his hands over her hair
and smiled while watching her lovingly he told
shiv- anika … get up its morning
anika- plzz two mins shivaye
shiv- anika u r crazy….. u know if u sleep late u don’t get up on time in morning ..
who told u to watch that fukat raja part 5 til late night with somya and ishaana
anika – u r very bad u dont even let me sleep properly
shiv – uff anika not ur melodrama again .. get up fast .. as daily i m going to cook breakfast for u
anika- ok .. she smilingly says i love u shivaye
shiv- love u too darling

at dinning table

shivomru together comes and says
shiv – today obros thought to cook favorite food for obahus
omru- yes
ishana- what obros had cooked
sumo- haa bhaiya and bade baal wale bhaiya what hav u cooked
rudy- even i helped them
shivom-by splitting all salt on floor and burning 5 parathas
all laugh ..

all obahus does tareef but anika in between says
anika- what are ur guys views about adding one more member to oberoi family …


for today it ends here
will come back tommorow soon
hope u liked it plzz do comment ….

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  1. Vincy

    Waiting for next episode

    1. Ahaana

      i ‘ll try posting it soon dear…

  2. Fantastic….wow I think anika is pregnant

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    Cute ???

  5. Awesome i think anika is pregnant

  6. Who is tat one more member waiting…. Superb dear…..

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  8. Archisha

    Love this ff. Awesome episode

  9. Superb…Fabulous..Keep Going on dear want to see new member and happy family

  10. haha…It was lively…fukat raja part-5…made me laught aloud….nice one….

  11. I am happy that you have not stop this ff.. It is awesome dear……. Lots of love dear.

  12. Loved it

  13. Awesome epi

  14. Chanya

    Fab dear..waiting for next part..

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    Superb sweety…
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    just amazing yaar….
    sorry for not commenting on previous episodes…
    i was just little disturbed hence i was on only read mode…
    but i have read each part of ur ff…
    and u r just fantastic yaar…
    loved ur ff to the core….
    hope u will understand about not commenting on previous one’s….

    and I’m late latif so u will always found my comments late…

    1. Ahaana

      it’s ok dear and thanks and yes i ‘ve posted nxt part also

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