Lost Memories (Part 5)

Hey guys m back with ff
here it begins. …

anika- how dare u talk to my husband like this
(she holds raj hand and looks angrily towards shivaye )
shivaye- stop it anika enough is enough (and shivaye separate anika and raj ‘ s hand )
Maine kaha na anika tum meri wife ho that means u r wife of shivaye singh oberoi
anika – accha u r telling ki m ur wife but let me tell u when i woke up i found raj near to me holding my hand and he asked me how r u darling i was so scared for u u know na i love u so much
it means raj is my husband becoz u never told me I LOVE YOU
shivaye – no i can tell that i…. i actually i… love. …. omru
i mean omru came see
they came
ru- bhaiya aap itte excited kyu hore ho hume dekh k
shivaye- no actually
anika – ek i love u bolne mai aapko nani yaad aa gyi … aaye bade apne aapko mere pati bolne wale
shivaye – ok i can say that … u r just again again distracting me otherwise i would have said that
anika – rehne dijiye.. accha mai aapko 24hrs ka time deti hu proof ki jiye ki aap mere pati hai…. manjoor hai
Shivaye- ok done .. shivaye singh oberoi ko challenges pasand hai aur …
anika interrupting
anika – and anika shivaye singh oberoi ko challenges jitna pasnad hai
shivaye -what did u say
anika – i said according to u
shivaye – whatever
… now let’s go home

shivaye ‘s room

shivaye – anika this is our room
anika- first attempt failed this can’t be my room i like colours not blue white ..curtains dekh kr mujhe
michmichi hori h uffff!!!
shivaye – ok just stop it if u r not liking it then u can just change it according to u … happy? ?
anika – ok i will see
shivaye – fine
(anika looking at saira bano i mean espresso )
anika – what is this ??
shivaye – it is espresso
anika – can i taste
shivaye -ok
anika while tasting doesn’t like it and splits to shivaye ‘s shirt
shivaye angrily
shivaye to himself – control shivaye control
and moves from there
while the same man looking from outside to shivika
and saying
man – shivaye singh till when will u run …
then man enters to room and says oh hii anika bhabhi
i must say aap kya khidki todh acting krti ho bhaiya toh i love u bolne hi wale the but mai om aa gye sorry
anika- rudy why are feeling sorry
mai tumhare bina yh sab kr pati kya

( flash back is shown
when anika was falling rudy just arranged mattress and she falls on that and he just spread red color to show blo*dy look
and then he was talking to doctor to give anika behoshi ka injection so that she doesn’t blink her eyes and how he leaked formalities paper and shivika pictures to make world know the truth and he was talking to raj to make shivaye jealous so he accept that he loves anika )
anika – ThAnks rudra if u were not here i would not have done anything to make that stupid singh oberoi realise how much he loves me and how much i love him
both anika amd rudra
gives hi5 and says
now billu will know what we are
and they give thumbs up to each other

shivaye makes aaloo puri for her
and serves her
shivaye – it’s for u taste and tell me how is it ??
anika – i won’t eat it kya pata aapne usmai kuch milaya ho toh
and she run away from there
shivaye – yh ladki b na mad just mad
and runs behind her
anika goes to shivaye ‘s room
and locks it from inside
shivaye – anika don’t act silly just open the door
anika – nahi aapne mere khane mai kuch milaya hai aur aap mere saath jabardasti kr te ho u r not my husband i will call raj my husband
he will take me from here
she pretends to call
while shiv interrupts
shivaye ( being emotional on hearing jabardasti word as he recollect all his torture what he did with anika )- ok anika fine

i agree ki maine humesha tumhare saath bura kiya
i always called u road trash , blo*dy poor , girl with no surname, and what not
but plzz anika don’t do this to me .. i know i pushed u and all ur condition is becoz of me and it is justified that i m bearing pain of separation from u
but trust me anika whenever i fight with u argue with u on silly things i just feel as simple shivaye i forget all my stress tensions and even my ego u make my fun but i m not able to say anything to u becoz i like when u make my fun
humesha phle dadi kehti thi ki
koi meri life mai aayegi aur ishqbaazi kab shuru ho jayegi mujhe pata hi nhi chlega
aur mujhe sach mai pata hi nahi chla
om humesha kehta tha jab mujhe kisi se pyar hoga toh chot use lgegi dard mujhe hoga ..
hua mujhe dard
jab roegi woh aansu mere aayege
jab b i saw u crying i too cried
and saasen uski rukegi dam mera ghutega and it happened jab u were half dead becoz of daksh i too felt suffocating ..
first time shivaye singh oberoi ko maut se dar laga
that simply indicates that shivaye singh oberoi is in love
yes i love u anika
i really love u and can’t see u with anyone else plzz accept my love plzz
anika opens the door and comes running to shivaye
but she just
slap him hard
shivaye looks shocked

this much for today
hope u like and plzz do comment and let me know u liked it or not plzz

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