Lost Memories (Part 4)

hey guyss back wid my ff “Lost Memories”
hope u enjoy todays part too

rudra comes running to shivaye and says
rudy – bhaaiya come fast see media is creating havoc outside plzz go and tell everbody
that patient is our ANIKA BHABHI plzz bhaiya aaj koi tadi nahi
shivaye – what ?? he reminces his words of khoon khaandan saying to anika but then he does his signature step and
says shivaye singh oberoi does ‘nt worry for this reportes ..
om interuppts in between and says
om – aaj anika ki yeh haalat srf teri vajah se hai shivaye toh plzz for got sake shivaye aaj shivaye singh oberoi
ban k nahi anika ka shivaye ban k answer de plzz shivaye
shivaye comes out
media questions
shivaye – today i shivaye singh oberoi wants to declare that anika actually mrs. anika shivaye singh oberoi is
my wife
media person – but how ???
shivaye – i think it is none of ur buisness to interfere in my personal life how i felt to inform u i did but
no more comments

shivaye in anika room

shivaye sits near anika
shivaye holding his hand and says
shivaye- anika u were always saying that i can’t introduce to world see i did it now plzz get up anika

his tears fall on anika ‘s cheek and she gets up
putting her hand on her head a bit confused and she starts thinking who she is and suddenly our rudy enters
and says
rudy – bhaiya arey dekho anika bhabhi ko hosh aa gya kha behoshi mai aap kho gye

anika – phail gya raita mujhe kuch yaad hi nhi aara ki mai kon hu mai kaha hu
rudy – bhabhi aap kitte achhe se filmy dilogues bol leti hai
shivaye – just wait rudra …. anika hii i m shivaye singh oberoi tum hospital mai ho
plz try to recollect
anika- but i m remembering anything
… one min what my name is ??
rrudy – ur name is billi … billu ki billi
anika surprised – yeh kaisa cheepda naam hai billi toh ek dum khidkitod naam h but
billu yukkk
shivaye- come on its not that bad
anika kyu its ur name ???
shivaye – ok just now be quiet anika tumhra naam anika hai
plzz try to recollec ur ” LOST MEMORY”
rudy- arey ur name is anika spelling is “anka”
om comes and says
om – mr dumb oberoi its anika
rudy – woh i was hungry si ate a u know a for apple so just

shiv om together
sivaye looks at her and caresess her and says
shi- god is punishing me anika and i m ready to bear it as i have done mistake
and i will crrct it i will make everything fine
all dispersed from her room while shivaye is with her
he gets a call from MR. Raj
shivaye- yes mr. raj ??
raj- we had an imp meeting u r still not here shivaye ??
shivaye- we can’t meet today sorry my wife is hospitalised
raj- look shivaye even u know and even i know that this deal is final just thing left is signature on paper
so it will be ok for me to come tomorrow and meet u and ur wife in hospital and just get paper signed
what says??
shi- yaa sure why not..
raj ok meet u tomorrow dear ..

outside thje room that man hears shivaye talking and says
man- chingari lag bas kal dhamaka hoga
i ‘ll not let u foget tomorrows date shivaye singh oberoi he smirks..

tomorrow outside the hospital raj meeting same man
man- i thougt u will never agree to me to help me in this work
raj- no dear humari itti purani dosti khatir
man – thanks and hug him ………….

in anika room

anika gets up while she sees shivaye holding her hand
anika – oh hello what r u doing haath chodo mera
what do u think i m alone i m not remembering anything so u will trick me
dare u try that i ‘ll call police

meanwhile raj enters
raj – what s the need when i m there .. u don’t worry he ‘ll not anything bad with u
trust me
ania gets a bit influential with his word and
anika- i was waiting for u only now.. se mr billu my husband will not spare u
shivaye and raj gets shocked
shivaye says- no anika he is not ur husband
anika – no he is my husband
raj- haa m ur hsband dear

shivaye gets shocked as well as jealous
and says – no but he is
meanwhile rudy comes and take him out by saying
rudy- shivaye bhaiya let’s give privacy to husband and wife u come out wid me come come
hivaye- but..
rudy just take him out and says
rudy- bhaiya just let bhabhi think whatever she wants as her will get worsen if we
will force her
shivaye – but ..
rudra goes

shivaye to himself – how can i let anika go with him like this she is my wife
no i wont bear her with someone else ……………………
what the wahck shivaye singh oberoi is jealous
for anika and he just tries to hide his blushing smile

here man again says
man- look shivye now my puppet will rule ur heart anika



next morning

at anika ‘s room

shivaye comes and sees raj holding anika ‘s hand
and he shouts how dare u touch her although she consider u as her husband
but she is my wife and i want u to be seen here anymore move

anika get’s up and says

anika- how dare u ?? talk to my husband like

shivaye – just shut up anika not a word more

this much for today …..

will be back again

and wanted to know ur opnion on jealosy track plzz let me know about it through ur comments
according to u all i ‘ll continue this track or will end it by nxt episode

plzz do comment

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